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I'm sleepy & have already been on my computer for too long (blame Text Twist & the neverending about-to-end fic of doom), so this entry will be quick:

-Psych )

-Community )

-Parks & Rec )

-I feel like I have more things to say, but again with the sleepyness. I had an appointment with my counselor today, which I'll probably talk more about later. For now, I'll leave y'all with a Vid of the Day. This one's by Jarisafia:

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1. Just made a rice protein smoothie with those blueberries I bought at the Farmers Market, plus added rasberries, bananas, honey, & a combo of rice & almond milk. It was pretty much the biggity biggity bomb. Just so y'all know.

2. It's about time for an icon meme, methinks. Taken from [livejournal.com profile] torigates:

my answers )

3. Since tomorrow is Labor Day, I won't be working. As for today, I worked 6 am - 1 pm instead of the normal 6:35 am - 5:05 pm Sunday shift I would've had. It's amazing how short a seven-hour day feels when you're getting used to ten. Unfortunately, I won't get holiday pay since I don't qualify yet, but I'll be working a full day on Tuesday & a half-day on Wednesday to make up for it. I'll even get something like two hours of overtime pay, technically. I'll probably exhaust myself in the process, but whatevs. I really need money. Currently, I have something like thirty-odd dollars to last me the next two weeks. GOOD TIMES.

4. Speaking of work, behold my favorite customer quote of the day (re: the increasing absence of pay phones on the streets due to everyone getting cell phones): "I mean, where's Superman gonna change his clothes?"

Also, gotta love the 90 year old woman I helped get signed up today, who, when asked if she had an email address, was like, "What's that?" Cue me answering, "Email? You know, on the internet?" And her shouting (they always shout, haha), "Internet?! What?" And me again, like: "Um, internet…like on a computer?" And then her final response of, "OH, I DON'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE. I'M LUCKY IF I CAN FIGURE OUT MY TV, HONEY." Hee!

FYI: I heard yesterday that the oldest customer we have is 106. Apparently he's pretty with it, too. *106* (it bears repeating). I can't even. He would've been three when the Model T came out. And he has a cell phone before I do. Haha.

5. A lot of my flist has been doing this, most recently [livejournal.com profile] keenai, so I'll jump on the bandwagon. Here's my Fall/Winter TV Schedule )

That's all for tonight. For my Vid of the Day, let's celebrate the upcoming return of Community this month (not to mention season 2 coming out on DVD) with some awesome Abed quotes, edited together by tvgirl17:

ETA: I can't resist:

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Random Music Spamming Time--everyone gather 'round.


1. Throwback song I've been listening to all day without knowing why: Uh Oohhhh. *clap clap cla-clap-cla-clap-clap-cla-clap* (don't act like you don't do that too) What the eff. Random.

2. From my pervy brain to yours--a song to prompt/inspire the smut writers out there: Awww yeah.

Also, this lovely song fits nicely for B/B. Not necessarily for a vid (probably too slow), but stuff like this helps me when I'm writing. It puts me in the right mood.

3. Speaking of, here's one of the songs I'm listening to as I prepare to start the next section of my own fic (I've posted it here before, but TOO BAD. Watch me care. Heh): Nothing Can Be Explained.

4. A request for the BSG/Caprica and/or Dollhouse vidders out there. Please to be making one to this song for me. Thank you kindly.

5. I'll never stop campaigning for this one. Since no one has picked up the torch yet--i.e. made me the Brennan vid I asked for--I'll up the ante. You can also use this song as a Tribute to the Women of #46 on this picspam that I created (including River from Firefly if you want, whom I later added here).

This song was freakin' made for them and you know it.

6. One of my favorite songs (just overall) that I was thinking today could work as a Bones vid, specifically dealing with the events at the end of the 3rd, 4th, & 5th seasons: Going For the Gold. Feel free to let me know if you guys have no idea why I chose this one. Ha.

7. A song for our era & the epitome of the American spirit: Center of Attention. It could TOTALLY work as a Booth/Brennan vid too (not just their relationship, but both of them as individuals. While listening to it, I kept seeing them trying to be first through doorways/reaching for things, Booth adjusting his belt buckle, Brennan & her guns, etc). Hahaha.

On a similar note, Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better. It's a fairly standard, cliched choice (been there, done that), but it's perfect. If you're a vidder & you're reading this, take it & run with it.

8. An appropriately POC-tribute-y song for a possible Cam-centric vid: Because there should be more vids for her out there in general. Also, because she's hot. And my Whitey McCrackerson ass likes this song. Just go with it.

9. I first heard this song in an X-Files vid many years ago (like, before YouTube existed-manyyearsago), and it'd be great for B/B as well: Crazy Beautiful.

10. Someone needs to make a scifi vid about any show set in space (don't care which) for Whitey on the Moon. BECAUSE, COME ON. Really. It'd be hilarious.

And I'm done. For now.

*edited to add: No, I'm not. One more: [livejournal.com profile] ima_tv_junkie, if you're still in a Johnny Cash/Booth kinda mood, this one's for you.

-Moving on, I'm supposed to finally go to coffee/tea with my friend tomorrow. My sleep schedule is SO off. Getting up early & managing to both shower & do laundry before meeting her should prove interesting.

I can't even remember the last time I washed my hair. Ehhh.

-In other news, though I'm still not observing the comments at FMM anymore (best for my peace of mind to stay away right now), I did at least decide to keep voting. I want Troy to win the whole thing so badly I can taste it.[/exaggerating]

Okay, so I'm just kidding. But he is fantastic.

-Does anyone know when new episodes of Parenthood start up again? I know its finale is in April, but I can't find info anywhere on how many more new eps we'll get before that. This week was a rerun & next week is supposed to be as well. I DON'T APPRECIATE THESE TYPES OF SHENANIGANS, NBC.

-Lastly, when does Southland come back? Because--honestly? I KINDA NEED IT BACK IN MY LIFE SORTA TOUT DE SUITE. Like, chop chop. Not really down with this whole "hiatus" business.

And for those of you who missed the finale, plz take a moment to observe the promo:


Let's talk about it, shall we? )

My Vid of the Day today comes from [livejournal.com profile] ima_tv_junkie. A good deal of you have probably already watched this (over at [livejournal.com profile] bones_ga), but this is just in case some of you missed it. It is Johnny Cash-TASTIC & Booth-angstalicious, just like I wanted.

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I'm unfortunately not up to a full entry right now (my head is effing *throbbing*, ugh. I'm hoping to do an entry of more substance tomorrow though, if possible), but after Caprica tonight I can't resist stopping in for some drive-by flailing.

flailflailflailflail )

As for how I'm doing in general--again--I'll try to do a longer entry tomorrow if I can, but for now I'll just say I'm mostly okay. Not great, but I seem to have reached a somewhat level (albeit tenuous, I'm sure) place from which I can try to keep going & make things better, and as silly/superficial as it may sound, the new fall TV season is doing wonders for my mood in the meantime as well. Just having something to look forward to either every day, or every few days, really helps. It doesn't fix the problem at the root of course, but it's something to smile about, and get excited over. Right now that's a really important thing for me.

For my Vid of the Day, I've got to go with a Caprica vid (by xqueseraserax) in honor of the show's return tonight. And, as a bonus, this vid features music by one of my new favorite singers! (Jeremy Larson) Don't you feel lucky?

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Did you hear that? That faint do-do-do-do-do-dooooo music in the background? Could that be the X-Files theme song I detect? No, no, it can't be. . .that show's been over for eight years! Unless. . .but no. It's not possible! A rewatch? No way. Too epic. Minds will explode. Fangirls will faint. Shippers & noromos will come to blows. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!



Hee. Not that I'm overdramatic about it or anything. Um, in other words, I'm ready to start this rewatch! I've got my notes all ready, and I'm ready to get my ramble on. In fact I'm actually writing my entry right now. But it's going to probably be a couple hours (seriously, two episodes of the X-Files + one Rachael = LOTS O' WORDS. Like, a WORD-A-PALOOZA, for reals) before it's posted (should be tonight, though), and in the meantime I felt like posting about a couple other quick things too:

1. In the BSG fandom, we debate important things, okay?

Case in point: [livejournal.com profile] treeofstars and I have been locked in a fight to the death since last night debating the following oh-so-crucial questions:

-Which is better: Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi? (Or Coke or Pepsi, whichever)
-Which would Adama & Roslin prefer? (fyi, we have since decided Adama would be a Pepsi man & Roslin would be a Coke girl--wait, that sounds wrong--and that they'd fight over it regularly)
-Did they, or did they not, frak on New Caprica?

Seriously, since like 10:30 last night folks. At this point, we clearly need an impartial outside party to help settle this once & for all. But I feel I must warn you, I maintain that the earthquake in L.A. today was God's punishment against her for disagreeing with me. So you guys had better choose wisely.

[Poll #1547402]

[Poll #1547403]

[Poll #1547404]

2. Somehow in the midst of that fascinating intellectual debate above, I also made time this weekend for a good deal of television watching (not just XF). And so I also wanted to comment a little on Southland & Modern Family.

Re: Southland. I am getting so into this damn show, I'm going to have to create a tag for it soon, I think. I FUCKING LOVE IT. This week's ep made me cry, trufax. It's cop drama-licious. And I'm actually really glad it didn't last on NBC, because it's totally one of those shows that's made for cable. Also, how good did the promo for next week look? Ahhh. Want it now!

Re: Modern Family. "IT'S GO TIME!" Hahaha! Oh, Cam. Thank you for giving me my subject heading today. This show is just so much hilarity-filled happyfaced times. I heart it so much.

3. I need someone to hook me up with some good Caprica screencaps for the Amanda/Clarice scene (you know the one) from 1X07 because I've been bitten by the icon bug. After talking with [livejournal.com profile] scifi_mel, I've decided I need an icon with them that says, "Cockblocked by God" (tm me, ha). Like, I need it in my life like yesterday. And yes, I do realize I am going to get struck by lightning for typing that sentence on Easter. Oh whatever, Jesus, you love it!

4. Speaking of Caprica, while hunting for screencaps that I wouldn't have to download to see (I just want to view them! Argh), I came across this deleted scene from that episode that made my entire day. Why wasn't this on the shoooooooow. WHY?

Best part? "You can be part of the One True God, so uh. . .call me, y'know, and we can. . .mmm, have coffee, yeah? Oh, frak. Just call me, darling! BYE!"

LULZ FOREVER, hahaha. Damn you, Caprica, if you'd had scenes like that all the time, I would've liked you more! You'd better include more shit like that next season, you hear me? MOAR LESBIAN SUBTEXT PLZ. P.S. Don't you even think about not finding a way to bring Amanda back or I will be one angry shipper!

5. And lastly, [livejournal.com profile] lytab5, ye asked & ye shall receive. I found a fic for you today about Brennan reading her latest fanfic book to Angela: clicky clicky. Now, if only [livejournal.com profile] careyleah and I could get our hands on that fic we asked for to continue that final scene! (which I won't say anything more about here, because I don't want to spoil poor British [livejournal.com profile] crystalcazzie, hee)

Okay, and that's all for now because I need to get back to my XF entry. Which will probably take me the rest of the night. Lord help me. Heh. IT'S HARD BEING SO VERBOSE.

I'm skipping a Vid of the Day for this entry because I technically already included a vid with it, and because I already plan to include one with the XF post. So there. *off to do more rambling*
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As my plans to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] 5brokenfingers fell through today (poor thing is sick, so everyone please send her lots of virtual get-well vibes), I spent the afternoon getting started on my Roslin picspam, and then promptly decided I hated what I'd done so far & deleted all of it like the perfectionist that I am. Heh. Productive, yes? Yeah, I have the feeling this thing is not going to be finished this week like I'd hoped. But that's okay because now I see what I did wrong so I can avoid it next time. Aaaand now I can start over. Good times, good times.

I also spent a good part of today chatting back & forth with my flist about the XF rewatch I mentioned last night, which looks like quite a few of you are possibly/hopefully interested in. Once I know the kind of pace Miss [livejournal.com profile] bsg_stardust is looking at setting (since she's the one who inspired this whole thing, I'd like to let her start it if she wants), hopefully we can find a way to get everyone on some kind of schedule. I'm actually really kind of looking forward to it. Especially so I can mess with noromo and known puppy-kicker [livejournal.com profile] bibliodragon during the shippy scenes, and debate first-time sexxings with [livejournal.com profile] teachlikeroslin once we hit the later seasons, hee. Not to mention laugh every other second while spotting all the BSG actors because both shows were filmed in Vancouver. "WTF is Romo Lampkin doing lighting things on fire with his mind?! Why is Elosha acting like Scully's nurse? Why is Cottle a cattle rancher?! Where am I?"

And for those looking for my point (which I wouldn't blame you for, it usually takes me a while to reach one, hee), all this is my way of inviting the rest of you into joining us as well. Don't worry, I'll still be regularly obsessing about my other shows as this rewatch goes on, but it'd be fun for everyone to bond over revisiting the '90s for awhile. Plus it'd give us a heads start on the Fandom Fest of Conversion! Heh. C'mon y'all, giant cell phones, liver-eating mutants, UST, trench coats, autopsies, mytharcs that make you bang your head into a wall, you know you want it!

Also, for my BSG peeps, don't forget RDM would want you to because you know Chris Carter & him are total made-up in my mind BFFs. As can be witnessed by this little convo I wrote for them below while talking to [livejournal.com profile] bibliodragon today, detailing with ~100% historical accuracy~ how they planned their shows together:

Chris Carter: And the tagline will be, "The truth is out there."
Ron Moore: Ooh, that's good. Mine will be, "And they have a plan."
Chris Carter: Awesome, dude!
Ron Moore: But guess what?
Chris Carter: What?
Ron Moore: They won't.
Chris Carter: Ha!
Ron Moore: I mean, not other than "kill everyone," which is an obvious plan anyway if you think about it.
Chris Carter: That's cool. Because you wanna know something?
Ron Moore: Huh?
Chris Carter: The truth isn't really out there. I'm just making it up as I go along.
Ron Moore: Sweet.
Chris Carter: You wanna know how long I'm gonna string 'em along with the bee shit? And then what the end of the Samantha storyline will be? C'mere. . .*whispers in Ron Moore's ear*
Ron Moore: *laughs & laughs* Oh, man, that's rich! But that's nothin' compared to what I've got in store for my people when it comes to PIGEONS! JUST YOU WAIT!

Heeee. I like how I quote my own shit. Whatever, man, I don't care! The mental image made me laugh, so THERE.

Moving on: guess who caught up on the last two episodes of Caprica last night? And guess who was pleasantly surprised by how improved she thought the show actually was by the end of the finale (compared to the rest of the season for sure), particularly in the last ten minutes?

That would be me. So sit down, folks, & let me throw some capslock at you for a minute in celebration )

For my Vid of the Day today, I'll post this one by rogerthealien359 that I came across today. I don't show love to Starbuck on this lj very often, but she's one of my favorite HBICs on that show after Roslin, so I feel like she should get a little time in the spotlight sometimes too. Show 'em how it's down, Kara:

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My subject heading today (and ooh, even the song choice. I'm such a Phile!) is in honor of the X-Files rewatch I committed to today after one of my BSG buddies (*waves at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_stardust*) announced she had finally begun watching the show. While I've watched the show here & there recently (and seen each episode so many times overall I basically have a special part of my brain dedicated to nothing but X-Files knowledge), it's still been several years since I watched the whole thing in its entirety, and even when I did my epic XF/Buffy/Angel marathon with Jen back in '04-'05, we still didn't finish the 9th season. I haven't watched *that* one since it first aired back in '02. Which honestly I'm really okay with. Heh. But the point is, if I do this rewatch you guys had better be ready for X-Phile Rachael to come back with a vengeance, which means lots o' Shipper Flail, ranting at Chris Carter (remember my entries from '02? Hee), and probably some capslock. Just giving a heads-up here. But turnabout's fair play, because my other fandom friends have been dealing with my BSG (and Bones) flailing for the last eight months or so, and Mulder & Scully have started shooting me death glares for not showing them more love lately (especially after my Brutus-like move in the Shipper Showdown, ha). Of course that doesn't mean my BSG love is going anywhere, because that'd be impossible without some form of serious rehab, but it's going to have to scoot over & make room for a little more XF flail is all. It's gonna be a packed house up in here, folks, especially with Bones returning next week (Lord help us all). And I won't be satisifed until all y'all bitches is watchin' the same shows. Haha. (I'm gettin' an early start on that ~Fandom Fest of Conversion~, what can I say?)

P.S. While I'm still on the subject, can I also please add that there's nothing more fun than rewatching a favorite show with someone who's never seen it before? [livejournal.com profile] bsg_stardust is only in season 1 (and seen parts of seasons 5 and 6) and is already like "I can't wait for Mulder & Scully to get together!" I read that and was like, "hahaha, SIT TIGHT, BB. IT'S GONNA BE A MINUTE." *hugs her forever* Heeeee.

Moving on from the XF rambling now though, I caught up a bit on some of my other tv tonight and thought I'd cover that a little too:

Southland: Nothing spoilery to say here, just a general comment I'd like to address to the show overall.

Dear Southland,

Please stop being so fucking wonderful. Seriously, what am I going to do with you? You have a great cast, great acting, great humor, great realism, great direction, and I really kind of adore you. Kind of a lot. So please stop being such a great little show or I'm going to grow attached to you & need to start getting icons for you, and don't you know I already have over 100 icons on this damned journal as it is? Stop being so selfish, show.

Yours truly,

Parks & Recreation: HOW FUNNY WAS LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE? OMG, I laughed so hard. And I know I just said that I didn't like the show being mean to Jerry--and I stand by that--but I have to admit April's "can you photoshop your life?" comment fucking KILLED ME. Hahaha.

Modern Family: I still love you to pieces. Keep on keepin' on, show. Also: Gloria? If you could please never stop talking? That'd be great. Because your accent? Is music to my ears. Just sayin'.

Caprica: I'll spoiler-cut this one just to be safe )

And that's all for tonight, because this Topamax has me feeling tired earlier than I'm used to, and I want to go catch up on a little more tv. For my Vid of the Day, I'm gonna welcome [livejournal.com profile] bsg_stardust into the XF fold--and try to sucker some more of you into this rewatch along with us--by introducing everyone (like you don't already know her, ha) to my first & forever TV Wife, Agent Dana Katherine "I'M A MEDICAL DOCTOR SO DON'T EVEN THINK OF FUCKING WITH ME, I WILL CUT A BITCH WITH MY SCALPEL" Scully:

P.S. I'm pretty sure this vid doesn't need a spoiler warning, because even those of you who haven't watched the show would already know about some of this stuff from the giant picspam I did (which, for those of you who friended me since, I'll link to in case you'd like to see it: 51 Things BSG, Bones, X Files, Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse have in common)--and from simply existing in the freakin' world--but just in case, y'know, here's your warning since this vid does have some spoilery lyrics in it.

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Soooo, here's the thing. When throwing your fangirl dogtags in the ring for a fight, you probably shouldn't publicly announce first that you don't think Adama & Roslin made with the sexytimes on New Caprica. I'm kinda thinking that didn't help sway votes in my favor as it's sort of a minority opinion. Haha. Still, SO MUCH FUN though. And hey, I think I still held my own over there pretty dang well, considering! *shadowboxes*

In other news:

1. I started the Topamax last night and I feel. . .weird. Okay, but weird. )


(P.S. For those of you who are too young to get the reference, do yourself a favor in the interest of hilarity and watch this clip. Just say no, kids!)

3. I'm finally done gathering pictures for my Roslin picspam (I now just need to put them together), and I hope you all appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this! Ha. Okay, so there hasn't really been any blood or sweat. But there have been tears. I mean, hello, I had to go through the finale, guys. I started tearing up on, like, page ONE. Heh. But I actually did have a point here, and that's that I noticed something while looking throught the screencaps for Adama's final scene that I hadn't ever noticed before, and it sorta killed me dead, so I had to see if you guys had noticed it too )

4. While I'm on the subject of television, I caught up on some last night courtesy of my BFF, a.k.a. the DVR. And while I don't have anything real spoilery to say right now, I do want to add a few things:

-Re: Caprica. I'm still two weeks behind, so don't spoil me please, but raise your hand if you're shipping Amanda Graystone & Sister Clarice at all. 'CAUSE YOU BEST BELIEVE I AM RIGHT NOW.

-Re: The Amazing Race. Raise your hand if you experience a moment of pure schadenfreude bliss everytime Miss California "the Iraq and such as" does or says something stupid. When she didn't know who Joan of Arc was the other night? I laughed & laughed. And then was like, "of course you don't."

-Re: Parks & Recreation. Raise your hand if you adore this show, but want to irrationally reach into the tv screen & hug Jerry every other second. STOP BEING SO MEAN TO HIM, SHOW. (((Jerry)))

5. And, lastly, since my sister knew I'd been told to take the rest of the week off (so I had no choice as to whether to return to work today) and she desperately needed someone to watch the kids while she went to the dentist, I babysat briefly for her this morning. And it wasn't for long at all, so I don't have a bunch of cute stories this time, but I do have two things to share )

For our Vid of the Day, we're gonna continue the crack theme I've had going all week and let pennyfeline answer the age-old question, "What happens when you combine 'Married With Children' with BSG?" One word: "Grumblepadama." Hee.

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This entry is going to be super-duper random. This is what happens when I go a few days without updating, sheesh.

1. The song on my playlist just changed from "Reckoning" (see current music selection) to Passacaglia/The Shape of Things To Come from the BSG soundtrack, and I have a question for all of you. Am I the only one who finds it almost impossible to listen to this song without wanting to just close her eyes & focus on nothing else? I think this is what heaven sounds like, for real. Words can't even describe how much I love it. That may just be the nerdy inner child who grew up playing violin in me speaking though.

2. Because I'm special like that (and a cheating cheater, heh), I asked for & received two letters for that meme everyone's doing: "B" from [livejournal.com profile] britishwannabe1 and "N" from [livejournal.com profile] hjddabong. Why did I ask for two letters, you may be asking? Well, to make sure I'd have one I could think of things for, of course. Like I said: cheating cheater. Hee. B is for Best Letter Ever )

3. Who here saw the Bones promos yet that started airing this week? I am frothing at the mouth for new episodes, especially based on the one I saw for the 100th episode. When is that one airing? I know the show returns on April 1st, and that's what most of the promos I've seen are for, but I also saw one that sneaked in a clip for the 100th ep, and started doing cartwheels around the room. Okay, so not REAL cartwheels, but you get the idea. I MISS MY SHOW.

4. My mood is much better today, but for the past several days I have to admit I'd slipped into a bit of a funk. I haven't been able to shake off this cold, I've missed more work than I even care to admit, and I'm really glad I have that appointment with the counselor in a couple days (on Tuesday). At this point it's more than clear to me that I need it. But at least I'm feeling okay today. More okay anyway. Emotionally, I mean. I'm trying to cut myself slack and not stress my "less okay" days, because I'm only human. But I've got to get a grip on it before it affects my life any more than it already has.

5. I found out yesterday that my grandma has to have a biopsy for something they found in one of her breasts. I'm pretty much in denial that she's anything but immortal (she's my only currently living grandparent now, but she's Nanny, a.k.a. Nanny Norny, and therefore cannot die. Because I say so), so I'm just going to tell myself for now it'll be something benign & no big deal. Universe: you have been screwing me around enough lately, so you are hereby ordered for it to be benign, you hear me? THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.

6. Remember how I said recently I had a rant at the Tea Party people & Fox News stored up? Well, I cannot hold it inside any longer. Cut for capslocky rage )

7. Amy randomly left me a comment on Facebook again this week, talking about getting together. I still need to reply back, but felt the need to mention it. I wonder if we'll actually follow through on hanging out this time. I won't lie, there's a part of me that's like "maybe she still likes me, and something could happen between us again?"--which is the same part of me that hasn't dated anyone in three years and omgneedstofuckinggetsome--but then I remember the reasons I broke up with her in the first place & why we decided to go back to just being friends and am like "Shut up, Rachael." Heh. Sigh, I'm just tired of being single though. Tired, tired, tired.

8. The plus side to my crap mood/physical health this week has been that I've had time to watch loads of television, including (but not limited to): Caprica, Parks & Recreation, Modern Family, Community, Southland, and Parenthood. And because I like to subject my friends to my endless rambling love you guys so much, I figured I'd share some of my thoughts on them with you. Head this-a-way for more TV ramblage )

And now for the Vid of the Day. You guys get a two-for-one special this time, because I came across both these vids last night & loved them so much I can't resist posting both. Cut so as not to spam everyone's friends pages with fanviddy goodness )
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I think it's high time that I got back to my tv rambling. This won't be quite the same in-depth rambling as you guys are used to though, but I do have a few things to say about ladies figure skating the other night & the most recent episodes of Caprica, and I figure it's better to say something & get back in the groove of things than keep getting further behind. Plus, once I'm caught up on Caprica, I can finish my thoughts on Dollhouse & then finally get back to BSG. Hopefully before Bones comes back, but this hiatus is passing by quicker than I thought it would and my stupid real life butt its head in & interrupted everything, so there's probably gonna be some overlap. Oh well. There's plenty of fangirling to go around, right?

Real quick before I get to the tv-lovin' though, here's a quick update on the family situation. )

Ladies Figure Skating: Short Program )

Catching up on Caprica )

Vid of the Day: Cylons, gotta love 'em )
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Ahh, I wish I had a three day weekend. I so accomplished nothing today. Well, aside from some quality DVR-time & catching up on Caprica, that is. On the plus side though, that now means you all get to reap the benefits of my non-productiveness via some Real Life Blathering & TV Ramblage.

P.S. I'm using this icon today for no other reason than the fact that it amuses me. Heh. That, and I'll be talking about Adama in this entry so I figured it was appropriate. If Adama really were a Care Bear though, which one do you guys think he'd be? I'm personally voting for Emo Bear. His powers could involve being able to express his inner turmoil with ferocious Care Bear teeth-brushing, book-reading, & paint flailing. Haha. Plus he'd give one hell of a Care Bear slow-clap!

And as for Roslin? Well, that's one obvious: HBIC Bear of course. Because what else would she be? Which, yeah, now that I've said that? I cannot stop imagining her "Blood on the Scales" tirade of rage coming from a cartoon bear, hahaha. Or that scene in "Taking a Break From All Your Worries" when she's playing Bad Cop to Baltar, and is all screaming at him in the hallway, like "TAKE A GOOD LOOK, DOCTOR!" Ahahaha. Fucking WIN. Oh, and P.P.S? Totally random, but in that same scene when Baltar tries to get her attention, and she's like "WHAT? WHAT!", I ALWAYS crack up. Just, you know, fyi. Haha.

ANYWAY THOUGH (heh, ramblerambleramble), onto the entry!

Before I jump into the tv stuff, I also wanted to talk about how the party last night went )

The rest of my thoughts on the Caprica pilot, with some bonus BSG ramblings )

Vid of the Day: Adama & Roslin, they used to rule the world. )
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I had the most hilarious conversation with my sister tonight trying to explain fanfic to her. It pretty much went like this:

Sis: So basically they have no lives?
Me: They have lives! Some of them are really good. Some are writers in real life as well.
Sis: Whatever floats your boat.
Me: Hey, just because you're not ~cool enough~.
Sis: I don't think it's a matter of cool.
Me: Oh, it is. And you can't join our club. Our cool internet club.
Sis: That's okay.
Me: And you're totally not getting invited to the conventions either.
Sis: Damn.

Haha. Also part of the same conversation, btw?

Sis: What do you want for your birthday?
Me: *lists a bunch of things*. . .oh, and any of the BSG soundtracks would be great too!
Sis: What? There are soundtracks?
Me: There are soundtracks.
Sis: What kind of music does it. . .wait, did you just say B-S-G?
Me: Yes.
Sis: *laughs*
Me: Hey, I don't have time to say the whole thing! My time is precious!

Hee. We are like from different planets, I swear. How we both came out of the same womb, I'll never know. It makes it epic fun to mess with her though every year when new TV comes on in the fall, because then I can randomly call & bug her like this:

Sis: What?
Sis: Um, sure.
Me: I said, ARE YOU READY? Are you ready TO ROCK?[/'80s rock band voice]
Sis: Oh my God, what?
Sis: Oh no.

Haha, *it never gets old, yo*. She just could not care less & it makes it that much funnier.

Speaking of TV, I know I still owe everyone a Bones & Dollhouse post--and I still plan to do that at some point this week--but in the meantime I wanted to share some overall thoughts on Caprica, which I watched last night. I actually ended up having a lot of things to say about it, but it's already really late & I need to get to bed, so I'm just gonna give a general review now & will then follow it up with a more detailed response later (i.e. my thoughts on particular scenes etc).

All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again. )

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