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Ah, the joys of having an addict parent. Let's say you go to the doctor for migraines, right? And let's also say you are given a prescription for pain pills to treat said migraines when they get severe. Within two days, you are 100% guaranteed to get a call from your mother asking you to give her some. And when you refuse? She will hang up on you. Good times![/sarcastic]

It's fine though, because while I'm annoyed about it (hence the current mood status), I'm not particularly surprised or upset. It's just irritating is all, so I felt the need to share. Sharing is caring, y'all. Heh.

Moving on, I'm feeling random tonight and think it's about time for one of my Random Posts of Random:

Random Point #1: I finally watched the Dollhouse finale this week and I have one question for all of you:


For serious, people, I may have to go into some kind of DeWitt Rehab Center to deal with the withdrawals (hey, Mom, you have your addiction, I have mine). And. . .clearly I have been single for far too long. Haha. But I need my Adellllllllllle, yo. *is sad*

Cut for more Dollhouse ramblage & spoilers )

Random Point #2: I think the whole world is watching Lost right now. Except for me that is. At work yesterday, one of my neighbors (the same one who kept wishing me a Happy Birthday last week and who also fyi said it to me again yesterday, hee) mentioned that he had to make dinner for his room-mates that night and wanted to know what we considered a "Lost-y" meal in honor of the premiere. Hahaha. You have to admire that kind of batshit fan-devotion. I mean really. Not that it's enough to make me watch the show necessarily, but the fangirl in me appreciates the nuttery nonetheless.

Random Point #3: As noted above, I went to the doctor's this week. I don't think I feel like going into all the details right now (I might at some point in the next few days though, we'll see), but I talked with her about my migraines & stomach problems and the general game-plan consists of the following three things: 1. A low-dose anti-depressant because apparently my issues with stress/tension/anxiety are not totally of the past (or so she believes at least, which to be fair I can understand. Despite how much better I do these days, I have had problems with generalized anxiety my whole life & my life has been especially stressful lately. Jury's still out on whether I completely agree that I need it right now--and how I feel about taking one again in general--but I'm willing to give it a try because my body is just unrelenting fail lately & if anxiety etc is exacerbating that, I need to do something about it), 2. possibly taking Topomax in a month once we know how I react to the anti-depressant (Topomax is a drug that used to be meant for preventing seizures, but is now frequently prescribed to prevent chronic migraines), and 3. Stopping the excedrin for at least 7 days to eliminate rebound headaches from the mix, which should be fun in that impossible & hellish kind of way. I'm going to wait a few days to start that though, just so I can see what effects the anti-depressant does or doesn't have first. And somewhere in that timeframe I'm also going to see if there's some insurance I can afford that would cover prescriptions like Imitrex & Topomax, because I'm not really in the mood to go bankrupt and both of those drugs are mothereffing ridiculously expensive. So yes. On the bright side though, guess who lost seven pounds since she last saw her doctor in November? THAT WOULD BE ME. GO TEAM.

Sidenote: I'm also thinking of going on a gluten-free diet (for health reasons, not to lose weight. Although the losing weight would be a bonus), but I haven't decided on that yet as I need to do more research first. I just felt like mentioning it because one of my other coworkers and I were talking about it today, and it's always been something I've wanted to try. If any of you know anything about it or have actually done it, feel free to chime in with advice/information/etc.

Random Point #4: And finally, because I'm feeling extra random today, who's in the mood for a Roslin/Adama picspam o' cuteness? )

Vid of the Day: History Nerd Edition )
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Three things:

1. Meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] torigates: Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then repost this and spread the love

2. My reactions to Avatar. *puts on analysis hat* )

3. Dollhouse: Getting Closer )

4. Bones: The Dentist in the Ditch )
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So, today was much better. My desk had been decorated with a big "Happy Birthday" banner when I got to work & there was a card waiting for me as well. Then everyone proceeded to tell me Happy Birthday all day long like yesterday never even happened, heh. The best part though was my cubicle neighbor who kept saying it everytime he walked by my desk (and I mean every time, ha), and who randomly would interrupt me in the middle of working/talking to someone to be like, "Hey Rachael?. . .Happy Birthday." Haha. Random shit like that always kills me. And by the 3rd or so time he did it, it was making everyone else around me laugh as well, so that was fun. *loves her coworkers*

Now, as promised, here's some more TV Ramblage for your reading pleasure. I haven't watched tonight's Bones yet (I keep falling behind! I am failtastic), and I still want to finish my thoughts on Caprica, but in the meantime here is my review of Dollhouse's much-talked-about unaired season one ep, "Epitaph 1", as well as a general review of last week's Bones. And I say "general review" because for once in my life I'm going to try to review a Bones episode without the benefit of a rewatch or nerdy note-taking. Check me out, ma! No hands!

Dollhouse: Epitaph 1. ATTENTION JOSS WHEDON: Why could you have not kicked this much ass from day one? )

Bones: The Proof in the Pudding )
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All right, who's in the mood for some TV Ramblage? Because I've got a two-for-one Bones & Dollhouse special for you all today. I actually also wrote up a whole thing for RL/Family stuff too, but now that I look at it I think it'd just be too much to include all in the same entry. So I'll post it in a separate entry right after this. And then you guys can read it or skip it as time allows. Sound good? Good.

Bones: The X in the File )

Dollhouse: The Attic )

Vid of the Day: Sweet dreams are made of these )
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Re: why I'm excited tonight? Three reasons:

1. The girl I've been filling in for at work has finally returned, thus allowing me to return to my normal position and escape from all the shady, lying, whiny non-compliant bitches customers that make me want to bust a cap in someone's ass. Also? It means I can finally start getting caught up on my own work, freeing the perfectionist in me to relax & stop breathing into a metaphorical paper bag everytime I think about how far behind I am. Good times!

2. Bones is back! And I'm particularly excited to watch tonight's ep. ([livejournal.com profile] britishwannabe1, I know you're right there with me on why!)

3. Dollhouse tomorrow night! Hells yes, I CANNOT WAIT. This show has gotten so damn good the last few weeks that I don't know how I'm going to deal with the fact that there are only two episodes left. Gah. To the BSG fans on my flist: you know that scene with Adama & the paint? Right. ~That may be me next Friday~. Haha. Okay, so no, not really. But still. THERE WILL BE POUTING, OH YES.

And speaking of Dollhouse, I finally watched Epitaph One this week and also finished getting caught up with season two, and I am just about bursting at the seams to flail all over the place about it. Seriously. I took notes and everything. And you *know* that's when I mean business with my recaps/reviews. WHEN THERE'S NOTES. Ha.

To make it easier though, I'm only gonna write about one of the episodes tonight ("Stop-Loss"), as I know I'll have A LOT to say about the next few, and while I may type up to 100 words per minute, girlfriend can still only write so much in a single sitting. Heh. Like, cool your jets there, Longwinded McGee.

Oh, and P.S. While I'm at it, I'll also throw in my reactions to last night's Modern Family too. Which I am still loving, btw.

Real quick before I do that though? I thought I'd chime in on ConanGate while I had the time:

Dear NBC,

Stop being such a bag of douche. You're embarassing yourself.

Yours truly,

~That is all~. Heh. And now for the TV Ramblage!

Modern Family )

Dollhouse: Stop-Loss )
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Would it be so wrong to spend the whole evening just lounging around all lazy-like in my pajamas? And, if I ask very nicely, can Dewitt from my icon be there too? With her season 1 hair? I mean, my birthday is coming up and all. Okay, so it's 17 days away, but still! I never did get the Power Wheels car I wanted as a kid; I think the world owes me at this point.

All right, all right, I suppose I should do something productive tonight at least. I've been meaning to sort through my stuff so I can throw things out, and now would be a good time to get started on that. It fits with one of the other New Years resolutions I made too, which I forgot to mention here the other day: spend at least ten minutes everyday doing something positive that will improve my home, health, or overall well-being. That can be anything from cleaning to exercising to cooking (vs. eating out), or even simply to accomplish a task I've been procrastinating. I think it's going to become my main resolution actually, because as [livejournal.com profile] keenai talked about in her journal when discussing resolutions, it's both specific & attainable. I'll still make attending more meetup events a resolution too, as well as trying to perform well at my job, but I really like this one because of how achievable it feels and how it would affect my day-to-day life. Plus, as I learned back in my days of cognitive-behavioral therapy, it's always better to set a goal that can easily be judged objectively, such as "I will clean for at least ten minutes a day," vs. something subjective like "I will keep a cleaner home."

Before I go become Cleaning Gal though, I've got some TV Ramblage to share with you all:

Modern Family )

Dollhouse )

Vid of the Day: Obama Edition )
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I think it's about that time for another installment of TV-rambling, don't you? I'll even throw in a tiny bit of real-life blathering, and a TV Halloween Funtimes Poll! (Except not in *actual* poll format, because I'm full o' fail and haven't taken the time to learn how to make lj polls yet. Heh.)

Real life stuff )

Halloween Poll, low-tech style! )

Dollhouse )

Glee )

So You Think You Can Dance )

Mad Men )

The Daily Show )
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You guys know what's cute? My nephew. Who randomly calls me on the phone now, and who happened to call me tonight to tell me he found a new Cattie (Cattie #1 sadly got squished a few days ago. I know, awww. Let's all have a moment of silence for Cattie! Heh). And who--when I asked him what he learned in school today--replied "you don't really learn anything in 1st grade. You just do the same thing everyday! Math!" Heeeee. I was like "Well, are you learning anything new about math that you didn't know before?" And I couldn't hear everything he said to that unfortunately, but I know it included a rant about "counting" and "not having enough hands". Haha. *squishes him*

Also, you guys know how I went over to carve pumpkins with him this weekend, right? So, at one point we had a question about pumpkins that we didn't know the answer to, and I was like "we'll look it up later." And Jayden's reply? "Yeah, pumpkins.com!" Hahaha. I love six year olds!

And in other nephew/niece-related news, Isabella is no longer a shorty (she's apparently considered tall for her age now! And Jayden's tall too. Man, if this keeps up, there'll be no one to carry on the Oompa Loompa family legacy/curse! Unless I have kids that is. Then I'm sure it'll be bound to carry on. Heh. Sorry, theoretical offspring!). She's also talking up a storm, btw. She knows about a million words now, and babbles pretty much non-stop. IT IS ADORABLE.

Ooh, and one extra cute tidbit before I change subjects: I drew a Halloween picture for Jay while I was there, and the entire time I was doing it Isabella kept grabbing oil pastels & crayons out of his box and handing them to me. Like, over and over to the point where they were falling off my sheet of paper. Ha. It was so cute! I love it when babies are in that stage where they're just starting to *get* things, you know? It always comes up in unexpected ways, like "What are you doing? OH. Okay. When did you learn to do that?!"

Moving on, I've got more tv-rambling for you all. Although it's more like micro-rambling really (for me anyway. i.e. it's probably closer to "full-on rambling" for normal people, ha), as the episodes I watched for this entry didn't really bring out Super Verbose Rach to quite the degree you're all probably used to by now.

On today's plate we've got:

Gossip Girl )
Glee )
So You Think You Can Dance )
Dollhouse )
Amazing Race )
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All right, guys, I've got a mission for this entry. I have exactly one hour before I need to get ready to go shopping with my sister this afternoon, and I'm going to test myself to see if I'm able to finish an entry in that amount of time. I keep writing and deleting what I write lately (hello, perfectionist), causing me to take a million years to finish one silly entry, and it's just gotta stop. So. Today I get one hour, and if this entry has typos or isn't perfect, well then so be it.

Today I'll be delivering the post-Bones squeeage I promised, plus give some quick comments on other shows I watched this week. *sets timer* It's go-time, yo! Hee.

Real quick first though: Have you guys heard that there is going to be a Sweet Valley High movie? I got a little too excited when I heard that, not gonna lie. Ha. I was so into those books as a kid though, like really. Not only did I read the high school ones, I also read the books about them as little kids, and the university series (which I was completely obsessed with, btw). I even watched the short-lived tv show for crying out loud. It was totally Fandom-Crazy Rachael, Version 1.0. And I'd be embarassed by this admission, but I don't have nearly enough shame for that. Heh. Seriously though, who here from their late twenties and older didn't read those books? Everyone I knew as a kid was into them. So yeah, I'm sure the movie will completely suck, but I will totally be at least renting it. Heh. Especially if they set it in the late eighties/early nineties time period it was meant for, so we can all revel in the cheese-tastic Valley Girl drama & fashions. Which they'd better, because I can't imagine my Wakefield twins with cell phones and shit. It just wouldn't be right.

This week in television: Bones, House, Glee, Dollhouse, and Mad Men )

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