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My head hurts, my period is starting, and FMM is getting cranky. Not in the faux-smacktalky way that I expected (i.e. the way that I like, where people are still having fun & laughing/messing *with* one another, not yelling *at* one another), but in an actually semi-personal, wanky/mean/angry, haterade-sippin', fun-killing sorta way. Where people are using capslock because they're all ~pissed off~ at other fans? (it makes me think of the South Park rabble-rabble crowds) Where they start their comments with, "UH." (you know what I'm talking about! With the condescending shit)

Time to booooouuuunce.

I think I got spoiled last year, with the Donna/Dana lovefest. Y'all were like my brothas from another motha'. I already knew it was nicer than normal (by what people said), but now I can really appreciate it. I was given false hopes.

Hey, at least we'll always have Paris.

So, yes. I'm outta there/done with the whole thing. The spirit of it has been flat-out ruined for me. It only took a few things (amidst many great posts/comments, to be fair), but it was enough. I would like to trade in this song for this one. See the difference?

I'm gonna go back to building a virtual bunker to hide in over at [livejournal.com profile] bones_ga, I think. It's nice over there. I need easy fun right now & kind words. Anything too harsh is straying into dangerous territory for me at the moment (I've got too much on my mind as it is--it doesn't take much). Oh, well. Live & learn.

On a positive note, look what I came across today. Number one, hilarious. Number two, it lets me once again (I need to just create a specific tag for this thing, though I guess the "my fandoms have random shit in common" one works too) add to my 51 Things Bones, X-Files, Buffy, Dollhouse, BSG, & Angel Have in Common Picspam, like so:

(note: the pic/macro of Scully below comes from the first link above & is credited to [livejournal.com profile] blackholevalley)

Haha, I couldn't resist. Once I saw it, I was just like, "OMG, COOKIE TIME."

Cheered me up a bit, anyway (which I needed). Hopefully you guys found it entertaining as well.

Since I'm awake & spamming everyone, I'll end this with a Vid of the Day before I go. This one is by racho14luvser and is a tribute to Parenthood--a lovely little show that makes me smile & cry & flail on a weekly basis. It's like a big bowl of mmm-mmm-good every Tuesday night.

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1. I need a rec for a new free photo-uploading site. Photobucket keeps blocking anything with a swear word/anything remotely iffy on it. For instance, I made myself a nice little macro yesterday regarding FMM, right? 'Cause we've got Starbuck up against Buffy, which: OMG HOW ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MY GIRLS LIKE THAT. I mean, really. Aren't there Geneva Convention rules for things like this? So, anyway, I took a screenshot of the poll (visual aid!) & then added a caption of "WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY" to a bitchfacey shot of Kara from "Blood on the Scales." Y'know, as one does. But then Photobucket was all, "HAHA. DENIED," and then I cried. (okay, not really, but that sounded funny)

Why must the internets hate on me? Doesn't everyone love a good "What is this fuckery" macro? Whatever, photobucket! I didn't even like you anyway. *takes her toys & goes home*

"I WAS TO UNDERSTAND THERE WOULD BE PIE & PUNCH!"<--what I'd be yelling as I stomped off, fyi

Yeeeah, I don't know. I'm feeling a little cracky, don't mind me. It probably helps that, out of the last 31 hours, I slept approximately 25. Oh, depression. What fun you are. But, hey, at least I'm up now. And it's, like, morning time! That's sort of normal-ish. Let's see how long I can stay awake today. Aaaaand…GO.

2. For those wondering, I voted for Starbuck. *ducks tomatoes from fellow Buffy fans* HEY, I VOTED & CAMPAIGNED LIKE A CRAZY PERSON FOR THE BUFFSTER LAST YEAR. DON'T YOU GIVE ME THAT LOOK. But, dude, Kara frakkin' Thrace, y'all. I may have done some trash-talkin' when she was up against Roslin last year (Ha. No one puts baby in the corner!), but you know I loves me some Starbuck. Just look at my icons. Of course I love Buffy too (she & Anya own my heart on that show), but GAH. KARA. She just gets to me that tad bit more.

3. I'm not a trekkie, but I do objectively appreciate the Trek 'verse from the little I've seen, and I think it's hilarious how passionate I get whenever Spock competes against someone I deem unworthy in FMM. Particularly right now as he's up against Dean. Oh, hell naw! PAY YOUR FUCKING RESPECTS, FANDOM.

P.S. Slaaaaaash. Heh. Like I said: pay your respects, bitches!

4. I had a dream the other day about Mel Gibson of all people, with lumberjack gear, climbing a tree super fast like a spider monkey. What the hell?

5. My new book ("Half Empty") is good so far. I want to kiss David Rakoff on the mouth. Except he's gay. It would be a platonic kiss anyway though, so maybe he wouldn't mind. Who doesn't enjoy being randomly accosted by four-foot-ten & a half inch tall fans who need stepladders to reach your face? At least that'd give him time to prepare or frantically run away.

6. I still haven't done laundry, cleaned, applied for more jobs, or gone shopping. I am fail incarnate. I did deposit money though at the atm last night and then paid rent. There's that. I've been too busy sleeping to accomplish anything else.

Okay, that's not true. I'm doing the All-or-Nothing thinking error thing there because I'm unhappy with myself. I also finished the first section of my new fic, which may not count on the same level of importance as looking for work, but hey. I'm sure I'll still go back & tweak parts of it (i.e. change a word or two around, add to it if I want after writing subsequent parts)--like I usually do--but as it stands now, it's complete. I can move on to the next section. There's only about 800 words so far, but it's something, right? It involves being awake & not, A. hurting myself, B. staring into nothing, C. mentally listing the reasons my life is meaningless, or D. all of the above.

At least I'm eating cereal right now too. Straight out of the box (I don't have milk), but still. I'd gotten back to eating once a day for a while now, so snacking is good.

7. Speaking of my cereal, sometimes I really hate our culture. On the back of the box there's this whole spiel about the smiley-happy-trim-yoga-chick in the picture being "stronger" & it lists all the ways she does it, right? One of those ways (amidst things that actually make sense & have to do with health & the immune system, etc), and I quote, is "Even shopping for a great new dress makes me stronger." CAN I PLEASE GO BARF NOW?

8. Not sure if anyone actually likes when I do these, but--just for the heck of it: 3 songs I'm listening to today )

9. I wrote back to my friend with a coffee-place-suggestion (per her request) & haven't heard back yet. Oy. Attempting a social life is so exhausting. I want to know what the plan is!

I choose to blame the cell phone culture (you know what I'm talking about--don't act like you don't) for the fact that no one knows how to plan things anymore, just for the record. Everyone is used to texting short messages back & forth about a plan for ten thousand years & doing things spontaneously. It's one of many reasons I've never gotten one, even when I had a fairly active social life & people were constantly bugging me about it. Not having one forces people to get ahold of you *ahead of time* & plan things out/think things through. It also means you're not accessible 24/7. Even if you turn your phone off, if you have a cell phone, people get to be all, "Why was your phone off?" ANNOYING. I just hate the whole premise of them. Ugh. I ALREADY HAVE A PHONE; WHY DO I NEED ANOTHER? WHY MUST I CARRY ONE WITH ME EVERYWHERE I GO? I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU AT THE GROCERY STORE! IF I DID, YOU'D ALREADY BE THERE! YOUR ASS CAN LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ON THIS OLDFANGLED ANSWERING MACHINE, & I WILL CALL YOU BACK WHEN I GET HOME, GOD. The only reason I'd maybe, MAYBE get one eventually would be for emergency purposes, and even that I'm fighting 'til the bitter end. Trust.[/curmudgeon]

Unrelated: this entry had a lot of capslock. Heh. Blame March Madness + the fact that I'm trying to cheer/wake myself up.

10. Today's Vid of the Day comes to you by lafemmeforfemme and is all about my homegizzle, Starbuck. Enjoy the kickassitude:

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Things are already getting heated up inside Rachael's brain, folks. Hee. HOW IS ABED NOT WINNING THE COMMUNITY BRACKET? (I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Troy and all--straight-up adore him, actually--but, but, ABED!)

No, you know what? That's cool. He doesn't even care. He's busy with other things:

HE MAKES YOUR HOLIDAYS BETTER. FOR YOU. HE DOES IT ALL FOR YOU, MULDER. And he hasn't even eaten since 6 o'clock this morning, and all that was was half a cream cheese bagel, and it wasn't even real cream cheese--it was LITE cream cheese.

Don't you think he deserves your vote?

P.S. HAPPY SOUTHLAND/PARENTHOOD DAY! Woot woot. Hee. (I'll probably be back later for a non-crazy entry to talk about the episodes)

I love March Madness.

*edited to add: P.P.S. I totally voted for Donna Noble in the Dr. Who category, despite having only seen maybe two episodes or so of that show, and that was TOTALLY for my homies from the Dana/Donna round last year. ONE LOVE. Haha. Just so y'all know? I'm sad she's not winning right now. I want a rematch!
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Announcement to all Bones fans: get thee over to this post, immediately. It is full of gifs & vids & cracky celebration.

This is what happens when you let XF fans take over. You're welcome.

P.S. That reminds me: MARCH MADNESS. Next month! OMG, can't wait. Is it wrong that part of me hopes I'm still FUNemployed by then, just so I can take the entire week to sit at home & campaign like a crazy person? Ha.

Remember moments like these?

Or those that followed like these? HA. Memmmmorieeeeees! Like the corners of my mind!

We should totally do that Fandom Fest of Conversion this year. I think we could all use another rumble.
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Do you guys ever get the feeling in life that you keep screwing things up, and you can't stop? Cut for whining )

Moving on, I wanted to get your guys' feedback on something. Since the Shipper Showdown was such a blast, I was thinking of planning another type of fandom-related event toward the end of the spring/beginning of summer for my flist, and I wanted to see if it's something you all would enjoy.

Here's the basic idea: You guys submit to me your favorite shows that you think other people should watch over the summer/tv hiatus. We then spend a day with people going buck-wild promoting their shows. Throughout the day, everyone uses a ticky-box poll to select whatever shows they've been convinced to try out because of all the insane fangirly fervor, and at the end of the day we take whatever top 3 shows get the most votes & announce them as the winners. I'm thinking we can call it the ~Fangirl Fest of Conversion~. Or the FFoC for short. Hee. I thought of it because one of the things I loved most about FMM wasn't simply the competing, but also the simple exchange of obsessions. I like sharing my tv-loves with others, and I'm pretty sure a good chunk of you do too (except you, [livejournal.com profile] jasminelily, hee. I know how you feel about people trying to convert you to new shows!). Plus my flist encompasses a pretty decent amount of different (and very dedicated) fandoms, and the idea of a free-for-all where everyone gets to celebrate those fandoms sounds like an unbelievable amount of fun. Especially since no one would be required to choose only one show to campaign for, and I imagine lots of new friendships would probably be made. So, what do you guys think? If we do it toward the end of the current tv season--so all you youngins are finished with your schoolwork and everyone has lots o' free time ahead to check out new shows--would you be interested?

Lastly, I got some pictures developed the other day and I thought I'd share them with you guys. There's a couple I took of the Epic Winter Storm we had a while back (read: the few surprise inches of snow we got that one day that caused all of Portland to FALL THE FUCK APART) as well as some of my nephew, niece, and sister (and one crappy one of me too, heh). Oh yeah, and I added captions to them because I'm addicted to doing that now. I have too much time on my hands. Heh.

Pictures, pictures, get your pictures here )

For our Vid of the Day, we're gonna steal from [livejournal.com profile] sumpta's awesome supply of recommendations from the Shipper Showdown again, because they are cracktasticly wonderful (and because I'm still riding high on the A/R love). This one is by culinarycricket & takes a lol-arious look at one of my favorite scenes from BSG. Enjoy the man!love swagger:

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(yes, I know that's actually Faith. . .shhh)

And congrats to all my other homegirls who made it to the final rounds as well! I was so proud of my Scully, Brennan, Lorelai, & Veronica Mars. They did this fangirl proud. I don't know what I'm going to do with my time now that FMM is over. Well, probably sleep at night, have time to read my friends page, & get some actual work done, but you know what I mean. Heh. That was so much damn fun though (even with the few moments of wankyness & cheating), and exactly what I needed this week to distract me from my fail real life. Plus it reminded me why I love the above characters as much as I do, and it reawakened my inner Buffy/Faith shipper like whoa. (So if any of you know of some good fanfic? HOLLA AT ME, plz & thank you.)

And on top of all that? I also made some new friends! *waves*

So yeah, much love to Fandom March Madness. Can't wait to do it again next year.

I couldn't help thinking though, wouldn't it be fun to do something similar for shipper pairings? I kinda can't resist the idea, and am really tempted to do a one-day Shipper Showdown in my journal. Like I was thinking maybe do a poll with a few pairings (both canon & not) from each of the shows most popular with my flist? And then everyone could duke it out in the comments over which pairing is their favorite. How epic would that be? So much opportunity to convert others to your ships! Hee. But only if people think it would be fun, and there's a day when most people would be free. A Saturday or Sunday is what I'd assume would be best (it's what would work for me at least), but let me know what you guys think & whether it's something I should actually do.

Before I shut up about TV, I'll just throw in one more random non-FMM related thing: Wanna know why I should never be allowed to surf channels on live tv? Because I inevitably end up doing something like watching a marathon of RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo, that's why. Which, by the way, is the most cracktastic thing ever and which I cannot stop watching now. Damn you, reality television! (seriously though, it's like America's Next Top Model, BUT EVEN CAMPIER & GAYER. I didn't even know that was possible.)

But anyway, enough tv talk. I wanted to thank everyone for being so wonderful after my last post. I was having a rough day, but the comments really helped. I did see the counselor this week, and there have been some new developments since then between my mother and I as well (which ended with me telling her she was the "lead captain of the Bullshit Brigade" & that she needed to get her shit together or not contact me again, so that kind of gives you an idea of how it went), but it's late and I'm really tired so I'm going to put off talking about it in more detail until another day. I'm okay though, I promise. And I finally went back to work this week (I'd missed two weeks by the time I returned), so that's good too.

For my Vid of the Day, I'm going to swipe a rec from one of my newly added flistmates ([livejournal.com profile] huh920). When I saw this vid on her journal yesterday, I literally laughed so hard my stomach hurt, I'm not even kidding. I'm going to put it behind a cut though, because I try to be sensitive to spoiling people and the title on the vid could easily be considered a spoiler if you're picky enough (it's about the by now infamous season 4 finale of Bones). All I'll say is that it involves Hitler as one pissed off shipper. Haha. And apparently even HH has seen it! That is so wonderfully win.

Click & enjoy, my friends )
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Friends, I am here to ask for your help. As of right now, an epic battle between Donna of Dr. Who and Scully of The X-Files is waging over at March Madness. Now, from what I can see, Donna looks like a pretty fly character, but look: we're talking about Scully here. SCULLY. And if she makes it past this round, do you know who she's up against next? Buffy. That's right, the Buffster. All the Whedon fans vs. all the XF fans. YOU KNOW YOU WANT A TICKET ON THAT RIDE.

So: do the right thing and rock the vote, people.

And in case you need any extra incentive, here are ten more reasons:

(all right, I'm done spamming you guys now. . .for today. Ha. I heart March Madness!)
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Your vote is needed.

As we all know, Roslin sadly got voted out already, but many of my other homegirls are still alive over there. Now: Lorelai, Brennan, Buffy, & Veronica all have safe buffers at the moment & are sittin' pretty, and Kara's so far behind I'm just gonna let her go (sorry, Starbuck), but Scully. . .as in Dana frakkin' "I AM A MEDICAL DOCTOR & I WILL PWN YOU WITH MY SKEPTICAL EYEBROW" Scully. . .is less than a hundred votes above Dean Winchester. DEAN WINCHESTER, PEOPLE. WHO ALREADY WON LAST YEAR. DON'T MAKE ME PULL A ROSLIN & AIRLOCK ALL OF LIVEJOURNAL, BECAUSE I WILL. SCULLY HAD BETTAH WIN THIS BITCH, SO HELP ME GOD.

And if you need more reasons to vote Scully?

I am here to help )
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For those who haven't seen it already:

The people voting so far must be high because Roslin is not winning in the BSG category & Echo is currently beating out DeWitt. And Topher is beating both of them, which I can tolerate, but Echo?! Beating DeWitt? And anyone beating Roslin? And WTF is up with Anya only having 3% of the vote for Buffy? I realize she hasn't a snowball's chance in Hell of winning, but only 3%? THIS CANNOT STAND.

And for those of you who don't watch BSG and still need a little extra help knowing who to vote for in that category? I AM HERE TO HELP:


Also, remember the "First Time fan-debates" in my picspam earlier? Well, shit's about to get real because I'm ready to announce my verdict on the issue for both XF and BSG.

Fangirl Brawl in 3, 2, 1. . . )

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