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Ugh, worst part about being on my period? Even worse, perhaps, than the uptick in depression, irritability, and anxiety? The increase in my freaking "Good morning! Not! Muahaha" migraines, that's what. I HATE HORMONES.

Anyway, I'm tired of lying down with an icepack, so I'm in one of those "Y'know what, pain? I can't even hear you. La la la"-moods, trying to distract & detach. Ergo, spam for you lot. Enjoy.

First, another meme (P.S. I plan to answer your questions from yesterday's meme soon, promise):

Lyric Meme

Give me a character or a ship and I will give you a lyric (or a few) that reminds me of them.

And now for rambling:

1. Let me get this straight, this guy gets the death penalty amidst all the controversy (eyewitness testimony? Really, people? Do I need to point out the studies indicating how effing unreliable that shit is?), while these cruel bastards get 4-15 yrs? It's certainly not news to me, but it just sucks to be reminded how frakked the justice system in this country really is, not to mention the safety net for mentally ill/homeless people. My schizophrenic uncle's just lucky to have been in halfway homes & on proper medication for so much of his life, including the medication he takes now to deal with all the side effects from the shock therapy he received back in the day.

I like the comment too from the person who was all, "His dad ~let~ him be homeless and now wants to sue the police?" Yes, because A. his son's life ceased to matter after becoming homeless, apparently, and B. it's super easy to control a mentally ill adult, force them to live where you want, force them to stay on the right medication--or even have good access to it--and get them the help they need after most of the old hospitals got shut down & shelters/ERs across the nation became understaffed & overloaded (I still remember talking to ER nurses & listening to them vent about the system while my mom slept there on a gurney for days, waiting for a single bed to open up in the psych ward). I'd like to invite that guy to actually be related to a seriously unstable individual for a decade or two & then get back to me on that. God. Someday I will learn to stop reading Yahoo comments, but apparently that's still a work in progress.

2. I have several ignorant cooking questions to ask. Fortunately, I have you all to answer them (lookin' at you, especially, Jas) )

3. I haven't talked about Parenthood yet, so I should probably rectify that: cut for spoilers )

4. I watched "When We Were Kings" this week. It had a lot of clips I'd already seen (my dad had a vid of the entire Rumble in the Jungle match when I was younger, which included various bits of news footage from those years. I watched it with him once), but there was stuff I'd never seen too, and it was very entertaining overall. I'd listen to Ali talk all day. We're gonna get it on because we don't get along! Haha. Love him.

5. Facebook continues to be the devil. What's worse than obligatory friendships with people who really aren't your friends anymore? Seeing them talk to each other like BFFs & not include you. It's my fault though. For one, this is why I hide them (then occasionally look on their wall anyway, like some kind of masochist. It's like the Yahoo comments thing), and for two, it's not really obligatory to keep them as "friends" at all. It's just hard to defriend. You know people make such a big deal out of it, will probably tell the others, "Oh, you know, Rachael actually defriended me this week" (cue: "What's with her?" bla bla bla gossip), despite the fact that for all intents & purposes they haven't BEEN my friends for a good year now. It's just so annoying.

6. The guy I talked to at unemployment yesterday said his records showed that I called on the 13th, so the form's deadline shouldn't be an issue. Of course he also kept being like, "They'll honor the date of the postmark, don't worry" and was obviously not paying attention to my question. But I broke it down for him AGAIN, and was like, "The form is going to be postmarked LATE. L-a-t-e, late. But it also said I could call, which I did. And you show that, correct? Which means I'm okay?" And he said yes. So…I guess it's okay. I didn't really trust him though. We'll see. Either way, it still leaves the problem open-ended because I don't know if they'll reopen my claim, but I at least don't want it to be denied because of a postmark date of all things.

BTW, I wasn't really that rude to him, heh. But I'm feeling venty today, so just go with it.

7. I have a phone appointment with the SNAP people this Friday to determine my eligibility for food assistance & state health care. Fingers crossed, folks.

8. My first appointment with Luke Dorf is Monday. The intake lady told me that the crisis team already gave me a preliminary diagnosis of major depression, which didn't surprise me (I've been diagnosed with it before + Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Social Anxiety Disorder). It sounds like I'll be getting a full assessment next week though. The one I got with the psychiatrist wasn't one of those "let's diagnose you" deals, more so a medication check up with a short series of questions. The person I'll be seeing is only listed as a QMHP, though, I think, so I don't know what level of experience to expect or how relevant it'll be to my situation. But I hope it works out.

9. As for a RL update on how I'm doing, the last few days have been somewhat hard, emotionally. Not just for the financial stuff, but thoughts & dreams of family, friends, loneliness, etc. But it is helpful to know I'll be talking to someone soon. I did take a walk yesterday as well, for the first time in a while, which was nice. Sometimes it makes me sad now to be in nature, because I used to spend so much time outdoors with my nephew (we'd go for what we called "expeditions" and what-not, make it into a whole big thing, wandering in the forest, looking for bugs & animals, stuff like that), but it's still soothing to me, and brings my spirits up when I pass by toddlers driving their parents crazy with non-stop questions & the like. Heh. "Why is the dog sniffing that?" "Because that's what dogs like to do." "Why do they like to do that? Moo-oom? Why? Why do they like to sniff? Why--" "Because they just do." "Where'd the sky go? Where's the river?" "We can't see it because of the trees. It'll be back." "When?" Seriously, non-stop, this little girl was. I had to fight myself not to laugh.

10. For my Vid of the Day, here's some more purty music:

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1. What a way to spend my last day before starting a new job -- getting my ass thoroughly kicked by an all-day migraine. I guess that's my body's way of showing me who's boss? (And here I thought it was Tony Danza.)

It's not surprising, what with the heat + being at the tail-end of my period, but it's still disconcerting. I had to just acknowledge to myself this afternoon that I'm not fully in control, y'know? I can't just *will* my body to be healthy & functional all the time, even if I try my damnedest to help it along. As much as it would suck, there's a chance I could lose another job due to this, and that'd just be how it goes. I'd simply have to deal with it. Hopefully that DOESN'T happen, but bottom line is that it could. And it's very stressful. As it is, all my plans today were totally thrown off. Nothing got accomplished. No laundry, no walk to the store, nothing. And it's okay, because I can work around that (I mean, I can find something decent to wear tomorrow, I have enough to eat for breakfast & lunch, etc), but I'm still in kind of a lousy mood as a result. I think I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow as well, which doesn't help. Not massively so or anything, at least not in comparison to the panic-attackstravaganzas that I used to go through with new jobs/anything people-related, but enough to be noteworthy. I really want a new start, and, just for once, to have that new start go smoothly.

2. I mentioned yesterday that my niece's birthday is coming up (on the 30th), and I feel like it's probably something I should talk about, and need to talk about, but it's hard. I'll admit that I had a good cry over it yesterday. Beyond that, trying to put my emotions regarding family right now into words (especially, re: my niece & nephew) is like trying to pour an ocean into a tiny paper cup. There's just too much there. Though I suppose saying that is in its own way at least articulating something. But I think you guys know what I mean.

3. I worked on my fic a lot yesterday, and a tiny bit today (when I wasn't bed-bound from pain), but only managed to add the equivalent of a drabble, basically. I'm still gonna pat myself on the back for that, though. Every little bit counts, and I am starting to like (read: accept) what the whole thing is turning into, finally.

4. I finished season 4 of Friday Night Lights this morning. As always, I have thoughts: cut for spoilers )

5. I checked two more docs off the list this week -- "Paris is Burning" and "Bus 174." Both can be watched on YouTube (here and here). Paris is Burning is one of those films that makes you grateful someone turned on the camera when they did, because it captured such an important (yet often overlooked) part of recent American history, especially if you're lgbtq. I'm really glad I didn't miss it.

As for Bus 174, it's one that'll stay with you. Just so sad. But it does a great job of not only telling the story of what happened that day, but also the hijacker's life leading up to that point.

For my Vid of the Day, I've got to swipe a rec from [livejournal.com profile] trust_your_hart. This one (by TheDreamhunter72) is just brill, especially the ending.

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1. I am so grumpy it's almost laughable. Like, the kind of grumpy where you want to start kicking inanimate objects just for existing. Oh, period hormones, what fun. Also: it's warm & stuffy in here, and people/kids keep walking past my open back door, talking & yelling & laughing & letting their stupid cigarette smoke waft into my living room, and I'm like, "YOUR FRIVOLITY IS UNACCEPTABLE. GO AWAY."

Okay, so it's not quite that bad, but I am irritable. I'm just so tired of the heat, ugh. I wish I had air conditioning.

2. On a more positive note, I'm like a bona fide chef now. Check it. )

3. I finished season 3 of FNL yesterday (there were only 13 eps that year) & already have season 4 waiting on hold for me at the library now. Woo & hoo. They're also holding The Shining for me, which I felt inspired to rewatch after mentioning it to one of [livejournal.com profile] ladysophiekitty's flistmates the other day. I haven't seen it in a few years, so that should be fun. It was filmed here in Oregon, too, so it gets extra points there. Heh. (As if it needs extra points. Hello, classic.)

Re: FNL, obviously I'm enjoying it. Eric & Tami are just amazing, and I might be a little in love with both of them, particularly Eric. He is crazy amounts of perfect & adorable. And so is she, for sure, but for once I'm actually crushing harder on the male lead than the female. ~WTF~, I know. Hee. Seriously though, they are the best, and I ship it about as hard as a scurvy-ridden Sea Captain.

Other thoughts: cut for spoilers )

4. I have orientation tomorrow morning, but I think all it involves is filling out some paperwork, so I assume it won't take long. I'm glad my actual first day isn't until Friday. I still have all that laundry I want to do, but honestly, my main objective between now & then is as much sitting around on my ass as possible. Gotta get it while the gettin's good.

5. Rizzoli & Isles tonight, y'all. Yayyy. And speaking of TNT, I've somehow found myself getting into Leverage, which amuses me because it's such a ridiculous show. But it's entertaining. What can ya do. It's especially fun for me because of it being filmed in my city, so the whole time I can play the "hey, what street is that" game with myself. Heh.

And that's it for now. For my Vid of the Day, here's one by bumcrackmosh182 about Eric, Tami, Julie, & Matt:

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1. The Energizer Bunny of Picspams continues. We've got another brand new category AND an update to #46. clicky )

2. I checked another doc off the list this week: Roger & Me (link to watch on YouTube + the trailer). Michael Moore before he was Michael Moore, alll the way back in 1989. I really enjoyed it, especially the editing. The juxtaposition at the end between Roger Smith quoting Charles Dickens and the family in Flint being evicted on Christmas Eve? Genius.

3. I renewed my icon package/paid account a few days ago, & it actually gave me three additional icon spaces for free, which: yay. Hence the adorableness above. I love themmm.

4. Speaking of FNL, I checked out season 3 from the library last night & am already done with the first disc. I'll probably have more to say after I get a bit further in, but for now I'll just reiterate my undying love for Eric & Tami, Landry, Tyra, Matt (and his grandma!), and basically everyone. Though I still sometimes want to smack Lyla & Julie upside the head, but that's okay. Heh.

5. I've made it my mission to do all the laundry sitting on my bedroom floor by next Friday. If possible, I'd like to also go through my wardrobe for items to give/throw away, because seriously. My dresser is full of shit I haven't worn in years. It's ridiculous. Whether I'll actually be successful in this endeavor is another matter, but we'll see.

For my Vid of the Day (this time by narvinek), I have some amazeballs shiznit for y'all. This was recommended by Coda on facebook the other day, so I have her to thank for my not missing it. Definitely one of the best BSG vids I've seen. I seriously cannot stop watching it. THIS is the show I love. Right here. SO intense, so good.

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1. The job is a go, people. I'mma make it rain! (In Portland! Which neverrr happens otherwise. Y'know. Heh.) cut for more boring job stuff )

ETA: Ooh! And I almost forgot, the job includes free cell phone service (not sure if they literally give you a phone, too, or if you pay for that. We'll see). Kind of hilarious because, really? A free cell phone was probably the only possible way to make me willingly own one.[/curmudgeon]

2. Speaking of money, buying a blender is probably one of the best things I've ever done. SO MUCH FUN. Even when I was a kid, we didn't have one; my best friend & I would hand-stir milkshakes, haha. We thought we were brilliant at it though, like we were gonna go out & have a milkshake stand & get filthy rich or something.

3. I put season 3 of Friday Night Lights on request at the library yesterday, so I should be getting that soon (it needs to be moved from another location). Fingers crossed it arrives today. I need some Eric & Tami Taylor in my life.

4. Current has been airing some of the docs from that "50 Documentaries to See Before You Die" series I mentioned the other day, and yesterday they played "One Day in September" (about the 1972 Munich games/attack), which I'd never seen before. I have to say I agree with its placement on the list. Tense, disturbing, & frankly heartbreaking (the Philip Glass music doesn't help, heh. My tear ducts have like a pavlovian response to him). The whole thing is up on YouTube, too (Part One), in case anyone wants to watch. Here's the trailer as well.<--I know, I'm so helpful.

5. My sleep schedule is getting closer to normal--I'm going to bed in the evening, not the morning--but I keep waking up way too early. Like, 2 or 3 in the morning, completely opposite to my normal problem of konking out for 10-16 hours at a time. Cut it out, body!

And that's it. For my Vid of the Day, here's some random funnyness:

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1. Here are my answers for that ship meme )

2. I was on hold with the unemployment agency for three--count them, THREE--hours today. Let me break it down for y'all:

First hour: Waiting, waiting, waiting -- whoops, my cordless phone died. SON OF A.

Second hour: Calling back on old school coiled-cord-having phone (bonus: it magically turns modern hold music into funky victrola jamz (not really)), waiting, waiting, almost falling asleep while waiting, waiting -- whoops, wrong department, ma'am! Let me transfer you…(nooo)

Third hour: Wait, wait, aaaand wait some more -- FINALLY GET SOMEONE ON THE LINE WHO CAN HELP.

I swear to the gods. BUT. Good news is they filed a new claim & did the benefit year fix-y thing, so I'll still get the same amount per week as before. For now, at least. I was so anxious during that call, though, can I just say. I've taken to repeating The Serenity Prayer to myself over the last few days, whenever my anxiety/stress levels start hitting the roof, and I definitely had to remind myself of it a couple times then.

3. I finally walked over to that call center up the street yesterday. The person I needed to talk to wasn't available, but I spoke with another guy who gave me the info I needed to apply online (which I did, once I arrived home). I was wicked nervous while talking to him/handing over my resume (my hand was like a pissed-off faultline), but I'm not really surprised by that. It's gonna be hard for me to suddenly be around a lot of people again (in new situations), but as long as the job itself is something I can do (physically & mentally/psychologically -- i.e. it's not something completely out of my comfort zone that's constantly inducing panic), then I know the rest will ease up some in time. The beginning is always the hardest part for me. I remember when I started at Xerox (and again, anytime I underwent a big change there), I was such an anxious wreck that I'd end up throwing up/getting sick in the restroom more days than not. SO miserable. But I got through it.

The online application process involved a few tests, too, e.g. one for math, one for your personality, etc. I haaaate when employers do the personality ones. Everything feels like a trick question, all, "Sooo, do you like people?" Like, what? Which people? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Sometimes…I guess? Is that okay? I HATE YOU. You're "people". NOW WHAT.

(…I seem to be into capslock today. Don't mind me. This is what happens after three hours on hold & thinking shiny happy shippy thoughts for that meme. Now I'm simultaneously drained & hyper.)

Anyway, I didn't hear back from them yet, and I don't know if that's not a big deal or bad news, or what. We'll see.

4. Since I knew I wasn't going to be on the streets in the near future, I let myself buy some art supplies earlier. Two pads of paper (one for charcoal/pastels & one for wet media), a small set of paintbrushes, and watercolor paints. I'm used to using oils, but that means disposing of paint thinner & all that hassle, so I decided to branch out this time. We'll see how it goes.

5. I was supposed to get together with my friend last night, but for boring reasons I won't bore you guys with, it got pushed back to next week. I told her there'd be a cancellation fee if she does it again. Heh. MY TIME IS MONEY.

Aaand that's it for today. For my VotD, I'll cap off the vidspamming above with a bit more shippy-action (by Very987). This one combines a great episode with great music. Kinda can't go wrong, there.

ETA: Why is Mother Russia LJ making me have to repeatedly refresh the page to get embedded videos to appear? I do not approve!
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So, I kind of felt like taking a small lj hiatus over the last few days, but it turns out that time passes really slowly when you're not working & have next to no social life. Hence, two or three days ends up feeling more like five. Meanwhile other people go weeks without showing up. Whatever though, I want to update now, so I'm going to.

This is gonna be a random one. (When is it not?)

-Hulu has season 2 of Arrested Development up for free right now, and I've slowly but surely been continuing my rewatch. Behold, the cracky results:

I'm gonna forever laugh at this Bones scene, now )

-As planned, I bought season 2 of FNL the other night, along with a smoothie. (mmm, smoothies) On a sidenote, there was a nice sunset while I was walking up there, and it gave me the idea of maybe buying some new paints. I've only been doing pastel & charcoal stuff for a while; it might be good to try some painting again. We'll see though. Oils are a pain in the ass to clean up.

Anyway, season 2 was only 15 eps long (because of the 2008 Writer's Strike), so I finished it in the span of two evenings.[/professional marathon champ] As always, I have some observations )

-I've been playing a lot of online games this week. Text Twist, Addiction Solitaire, and so on. Guess who can type up to 110 wpm with 94-96% accuracy? Oh, yes, that would be me. At least on TyperShark, anyway. Heh. BOOYAH.

-I missed my appointment with the naturopath again. Fail. Now I have to wait until Aug. 9th. Sigh.

-I'm still working on my BSG rewatch recap for the finale, but I decided to split it into more than one entry. That way it's not so picture heavy. As a bonus, that means I'm ready to post the first portion now.

Look at it like an opportunity to join the rewatch…without actually having to rewatch. Heh. Tastes great; less filling!

Daybreak Picspam/Recap: Part One )

And that's it for now! The second half should come relatively soon. Hope y'all enjoyed. I haven't watched SYTYCD yet tonight, so I'll talk about that later.

For my Vid of the Day, here's a fun & sweetly sentimental tribute to the cast & characters of BSG by Sczep84. This one makes me smile. I love these frakkers so much.

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-I'm feeling especially sleepy & lazy right now. What I'd really like to do is plan an evening in front of the TV with pop & snacks, but nooo.

-There's an ACA meeting this afternoon, but there's also one on Monday evenings. I'd have to get ready in a hurry (and pay for a cab) to go to the one today without being late, so I'm kinda tempted to do the Monday one instead. Especially because public transit is more convenient on weekdays.

-I do however want to go somewhere today. I just don't want to rush. I'm thinking I'll make myself a sandwich for lunch, take a shower, and then bus it down to Portland. I can make a pitstop at Forest Park to finish [livejournal.com profile] gina227's photo meme question from way back & then take care of [livejournal.com profile] keenai's by hitting up Voodoo Doughnut. The one downtown is still closed for renovation, but dear God have I been craving their donuts something fierce lately, so I don't even care--I'll go to the NE one. And I can excuse the gluttony by having taken a walk. TADA.

-[livejournal.com profile] teachlikeroslin and [livejournal.com profile] scifi_mel have created their own Hot 25 lists as well, in case some of you missed them & would like to see. You can find them here & here.

-Big-ups to New York, y'all. I'm sure you've all heard the news by now, so I'll just say this: I really needed a big smile this week & they delivered.

-Many of you on my flist are bemoaning the late Fall premiere of Bones this year & wondering how you'll fill your time. Fortunately, you have me, the TV-obsessed oompa loompa who never tires of pimping new shows. May I suggest any of the following? )

-I worked on my fic a bit more last night. It still feels a lot like chipping away at a huge block of granite, but sometimes that's just how it goes. At least there's progress being made, albeit incredibly slowly. I guess on the bright side the longer summer hiatus means less of a hurry for things like this.

-I put a temporary halt to my BSG rewatch after my uncle's death (being at the end of s4, I think most of you will understand why), but I think I'm ready to jump back into it now, once my TV's working again that is. I only have a few eps left. Pretty sure the finale's gonna kill me, but I don't mean that in a bad way. It'll just be emotional because of the subject matter.

Anyway, I'm gonna get going now, before I can convince myself that napping would be a better way to spend the rest of the day.

For my VotD, here's an appropriately themed song:

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The neverending flu rages on. LORD, HELP ME. For serious. Ugh. I'm about ready to start shouting "mea culpa" at the sky.

At least I have TV. Beautiful, wondrous TV. Heh.

I watched last night's So You Think You Can Dance this evening, and damn but does that show make me happy. I love the old dancers rooting in the audience, I love the montages, I love how into it the judges get (I cracked up when Tyce was like, "That pissed me off, it was so good." I've said that exact type of thing so many times in my life. Haha), I love Cat Deeley (to deathhhh), I love the talent, I love the music, I just--gah. Love!

And can I just say, L.A., dude. Way to bring it. Honestly.

Lucky for all of you, I found my favorites from last night on YouTube. come watch before they're taken down )

I watched Friday Night Lights tonight too, and I just want to say: Eric and Tami Taylor, I love youuuuu.

Heh. Like, it doesn't even matter what they're doing. I JUST LOVE THEM. THEY ARE PERFECT.

I love the show's little snippets of wisdom too. They manage to work without feeling after school special-y. The conversation at the stripclub, for instance, with its line about life throwing crap at you? I liked that.

I really need to see the seasons I missed though. I'm so lost on so many things. I don't even know why he's with East Dillon now!

Anyway, that's it for tonight, because I'm exhausted. I'll end this with a purty, purty song as a treat for everyone's ears (note the S-theme continuing. It's like an Energizer Bunny at this point):

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Just so I can get it out of the way, let's start with the things that are annoying me today:

1. My neighbors. They are SO LOUD. Why? WHY?

2. The fact that not only did this happen, but that their neighbors are yakking on TV about how "great" the parents are + outright accusing the kids of somehow making it all up. Yeah, because broken ribs & hypothermia are super duper easy to fake. Every time the story comes on, I freaking RAGE inside. Seriously.

3. Neither K-Mart, Fred Meyer, or the library a block away have the first season of Friday Night Lights in stock right now. I'm sure Borders does, which is also within walking distance, but it's still much farther away, & I am way too crapalicious feeling to drag myself up there. Which brings me to…

4. I FEEL GROSS. My stomach, my head, my everything. And all I want to do is lie down on my couch & get lost in a new TV show or something, but nooooo. Can't have that. *throws tantrum*

5. I need to go to the store so I can at least buy the type of plain food my body could probably handle right now (yesss, I know of the BART diet & which fruits help & bla bla bla.<--preemptive strike against unsolicited advice), but I don't wannnna. WAH.

*edited to add: All right, I went to the store afterall. I am now completely exhausted (heavy grocery bags, oy), but happy because I have an Odwalla fruit smoothie to drink. Mango Tango FTW.

Okay, I'm done whining now. To balance things out, here's a few things that are nice:

1. The weather. It's been mostly in the low 70s this week. Very mild & enjoyable. I can wear my flip-flops again!

2. So You Think You Can Dance starts next week. Yeah, boyeeee.

3. The world didn't end. Hahaha. I love that they actually picked a time. Like, way to be specific. Who knew God & zee end of days go by PST?

4. Parks & Rec's finale this week. It has been so, so funny lately.

5. My BSG rewatch. I'll probably talk more about it later, because right now I'm all icky & thus lazy, but yes. Sine Qua Non/The Hub, Revelations, Sometimes a Great Notion--TOO MUCH GOODNESS. Like, I can't even deal.

Instead of a Vid of the Day this time, I have a music meme for y'all:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[livejournal.com profile] ladysophiekitty gave me the letter S.

Songs that begin with S )
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It's been a couple days since I updated, so I feel like I should, but I'm having one of those issues where I can't think of what to write & everything I CAN think of sounds boring. So I end up just sitting & staring at the computer screen all "BLAH" like a human question mark. "Entry! Why won't you write yourself? Be a team player!" I hate that.

Anyway, I'll just ramble for a minute & we can all pretend it's interesting.

-I had a really bad migraine the night before last, and as a result I've slept more than I've been awake the last two days. I still don't feel quite "over it" yet--my limbs feel heavy, my stomach is frakked, it's hard to read things, when I went to the store yesterday I had difficulty talking (words came out wrong/stilted), etc. Immediately afterward, I felt simultaneously exhausted & yet extremely relaxed/almost good (migraine euphoria, in other words), but then (and now) I just came back to feeling out of it & vaguely depressed yet not. I'm used to all of it, but it's strange, especially because I don't always experience the postdrome phase so severely. It really depends on how bad the migraine itself is, usually (in this case, it was pretty bad). It's good to know there's a reason for all of it though. I find it comforting when I can understand what's going on with my body. It's kind of interesting, almost. The brain is an odd thing.

-During the few hours I was awake yesterday, I watched a couple episodes of some ghost show on cable (I always end up watching the most random crap when sick, I swear). It was your usual fare of sillyness--every ghost in the world apparently wears white dresses circa the Victorian era--but I heard a quote from one of the women that I liked: "God's delay doesn't necessarily mean God's denial." She said her dead father appeared to her & said that, which--whatever, who knows--but I don't think it matters whether it's true or even whether you believe in God. It's still a nice concept.

-Speaking of things I've heard lately that I liked, here's a few more:

"You make your choices and you live with them, and in the end you are those choices."-BSG

"Sometimes we have to leave people behind so that we can go on--so that we can continue to fight."-BSG

"Success is not a goal. It's a byproduct."-Friday Night Lights

"A friend once said, and I found to be true, that everyday people--they lie to God too--so what makes you think that they won't lie to you?"-Lauryn Hill

The last one is a line from a song, and I've of course heard it before, but it had been a while. I've been talking with [livejournal.com profile] jasminelily about some of the things my mom said to me in those emails, and the likelihood that she was lying about what my nephew said, so that lyric resonated with me.

-Parks & Rec this week was freaking hilarious. "I'm gonna make out with him. On his face." HA. Also: everyone drunk. BEST EVER.

-Community doesn't know how to be anything but awesome, I don't think. ABED WAS HAN SOLO, Y'ALL. HE MADE OUT WITH ANNIE & THEN WAS JUST LIKE, "COOL", AND WALKED OFF. Hahaha.

-I continue to enjoy Friday Night Lights. If I had Netflix, I'd stream it from the beginning, but I prefer living in the 20th century so I don't. Okay, so that's a joke, but it's not far off from the truth. Heh. I do want to rent the first season though. I suspect I will over the summer. There's a few other shows I plan to check out, too, most likely. Probably Farscape, Castle, and maybe Dr. Who. Maybe. I've seen a couple episodes & really didn't get sucked in, but I know a lot of people who are into it, so I'm open.

-Lastly, I'm still slowly but surely working on my fic, though this one has been giving me a hard time. I talked about it with [livejournal.com profile] keenai the other day though, which I'll include here, 'cause that's how I roll )

For my Vid of the Day, I'm gonna get my convert-powerz on. It's come to my attention that some of you are still not watching Community. This simply won't do. Hence, I shall provide clips to help make it right. You're welcome.

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