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I'm bored, headachey, and trying to put off doing my taxes (I know, I know. I HAVE TO DO THEM. It'll take like not even an hour--it's not like I have any dependents or anything. I'll get to it later tonight); ergo, how about a meme?

I swiped this one from [livejournal.com profile] icedteainthebag, and it's muy fun:

Songs In My Pants

1. Put your media player of choice on shuffle.
2. List the first fifteen songs that come up and add "in my pants" to the end.
3. Bold the ones that actually made you LOL.

Here's what I got:

1. Everyone's a Little Bit Racist in My Pants
2. Us in My Pants
3. Mr. Brightside in My Pants
4. Heartbeats in My Pants (I don't know why that made me laugh, hee)
5. Hop a Plane in My Pants
6. Here I Come in My Pants (best ever or BEST EVER?)
7. Like a Star in My Pants
8. Nobody Knows Me At All in My Pants (this is kind of my theme song, aw)
9. Soil, Soil in My Pants (um, ew)
10. A Boy Named Sue in My Pants
11. Feeling Good in My Pants
12. Last Goodbye in My Pants (how sad! Ha)
13. No Letting Go in My Pants
14. Rehab (Glee Cast Version) in My Pants (I'm picturing a tiny cast of Glee, singing, in my pants. Lord help me. That is disturbing.)
15. Cathedrals in My Pants.

To add to the fun, let's make this a soundtrack, eh? This will be good for those who might not know all the songs above, plus it gives me an excuse to post a couple fanvids.

Soundtrack en mis pantalones )

For my Vid of the Day (the above vids don't count--I say so), here's a tribute montage to Shirley by VeritasProductions:

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1. I had a dream last night wherein I was both watching & simultaneously present within what *apparently* was supposed to be an episode of Glee (WTF), and all the characters--none of whom of course looked anything like the people on the show--got together to sing Feelings by Floetry to apologize to a girl in their group for hurting her wittle teenaged feelings or some crap. One even broke out with the spoken word poetry, much to my horror, while they all stood there in a cheesy semi-circle, wearing headbands & looking earnest. And in the dream I was all, "NO NO NO! GLEE CANNOT SING FLOETRY! NOT THIS DAY!" Haha. I was so annoyed.

2. Hey, did you guys know it's Thursday? Wanna know something else? IT'S BONES DAY. I cannot WAIT for tonight's episode, oh my God. It looks so good.

3. Sometime either today, tomorrow, or in the next few days, I have to give in & call the unemployment people about requesting an extension for my benefits. I don't want to do it. I have to do it. I DON'T WANT TO DO IT.

4. I'm really into capslock this week. Don't know if you guys have noticed.[/sarcastic] Heh.

5. I had a terrible migraine last night, so I'm already feeling nervous about the "going off Topiramate" thing (i.e. the preventative-migraine meds). I'm down to one pill per day now (I was taking three--I've been tapering off the dose). Then again, it was at the end of my period, and I'd woken up from a long nap + hadn't eaten enough, and yeah. I don't know. I don't really have good choices here. All I can say to myself is that, when I get a job again, I'll find a new doctor & reassess my options. Like I said before, I can always go back on it in the future (if that seems to be the right decision), but in the meantime, I was becoming concerned that the side effects were worsening my eating issues/depression/energy levels. Plus, it's that much more money to spend every month, and the refills will soon be out--hence what started the whole thing.

I guess we'll just see. It's not even that, oh, I can't deal with being in pain, y'know? Clearly, I can. But it's a lot easier when you're unemployed. The problem is that I can't stay unemployed forever and, when you have a job, *that's* when getting the really severe migraines become an Issue<--intentionally capitalized.

But at least over the last year I did make efforts to reduce the stress in my life--if you think about it. That's one of the things my doctor told me to do, when it came to helping the migraines in the long-term. Stepping away from my family IS part of that. If I can get a job, begin sleeping & eating consistently again (i.e. regular/predictable times & amounts), start exercising again, those things will probably also help. And, again, this is something that can be reassessed later. I don't need to ~figure it all out~ right now & obsess, even though that's what my mind always wants to do.

6. On a positive note, I created tags for my Year/Decade in Review posts (I enjoy being organized), and while I was at it I took some time reading excerpts of entries from this month over the years, i.e. March in '02 & March in '03 and so on. It's an interesting way to get perspective on yourself, especially when you're in one of those "I've accomplished nothing & have no chance of getting anywhere!" shame-spirals (truth is, I *have* progressed. I'm better at understanding/acknowledging what it is I'm feeling now; I'm better at standing up for what I need; I'm better at trying new things--like writing fanfic, for instance; it's something I didn't think I'd ever have the nerve to do--etc. I'd say I'm more in touch with myself in general, which is certainly an accomplishment. It's just hard to see sometimes, understandably).

Anyway, I was thinking it'd make for a good meme in case anyone else wanted to swipe it for their lj: take whatever today's date is--in this case, 3/17--and choose an excerpt(s) from an entry posted on that day (or another day that's close, if there's nothing applicable) for each year that you've had your journal. Post the quotes together all in one entry & ~voila~. Instant self-reflection. Here, I'll even go first (possible trigger warning for some of it, as a heads-up) )

7. Speaking of shame-spirals & feeling like a failure, I got to talking with Jen about that yesterday along with the random GLUTEN-hatefest the whole world seems to be in on lately )

8. My BSG rewatch continues. Yesterday, I watched "You Can't Go Home Again," "Litmus," "Six Degrees of Separation," & "Flesh and Bone." Two things: One--"Six Degrees of Separation" cracks me up every single time (No more Mr. Nice Gaius!), and two--"Flesh and Bone" is awesome. AWESOME. "To know the face of God is to know madness." And everything he says to Kara about her childhood? Ahh, so good. The whole thing. Wanna roll around in it.

9. This entry's already pretty long, but I'm sitting on good music & feel like sharing some of it. 3 songs I'm listening to today )

10. And, finally, for my Vid of the Day, here's what I kept thinking of all throughout my rewatch of "You Can't Go Home Again." I still wish Gary the Cylon were a real show, haha. "Get ready to do your stand-up routine in Hell."

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I think it's time for another Random Post of Random. Now with even more wordyness!

1. I ate pizza for lunch & dinner today, which I knew was a horrible idea with my acid reflux, but which I did anyway because I couldn't muster up the motivation to drag my ass to the store. I wish the grocery store delivered. And yes, I know, technically some do, but not same-day. At least not where I live. I really don't know why they don't. They could make a FORTUNE. Hello, people are lazy (and by "people", I mean "me"). Cash in on that guys, sheesh.

2. In case it's not already obvious by my icon: the PMS that was stalking me earlier in the week? Finally grew tired of taunting me and turned into my period today. I feel GREAT. Heh. Except, you know, not. Hence the "I have to walk all the way up to the store?! But it's, like, a quarter of a mile away! Fuck that shit" lazyness. In my defense though, when my period comes along I turn into a headachey, tired, emotional mess. Taking a shower is out of the question, let alone walking to the store. Just be glad I'm eating something, even if it is leftover pizza twice a day.

3. On the plus side though, speaking of food, my appetite has returned. Not so much today obviously, but in general. All this week at work I kept having to eat a mid-morning snack, and same goes for the afternoon, and I was like, "WHAT IS THIS SHIT?" Ha. I'd forgotten what it was like to be hungry (i.e. actually physically hungry, like stomach-rumbling hungry, and not just, "oh shit, I feel lightheaded. That must mean I need to eat"). Keep in mind too, I'd been like that before the Topamax (since around late November, I think). So looking back I think my doctor was right to put me on the prozac in January. Between the stomach problems I was having and the lack of appetite, there was obviously some mild stealth-depression going on. On the downside, this now means I'll have to actually work to keep losing weight. Hee.[/unhealthy thinking] No, I'm kidding. . .mostly. I mean, I DID work for it, and had to make smart & healthy choices about what I was eating, but honestly, the whole loss of appetite? Made it really easy. Now being hungry? Will make it harder again. Heh. It's so much easier to make smart choices when A. your stomach hurts all the time, and B. you don't feel like eating anything anyway.

4. As far as how I'm feeling in general, I'm a bit sad & retrospective today. )

5. Remember the Dark City thing at my work? I found out yesterday it's because all of Wilsonville is doing this whole "use less electricity" challenge this month. They've been doing it every day since that first day I commented on it. It's like Christmas in April. I think when I go for my next eye exam, I'm gonna ask about getting transition lenses for my glasses. Then it can be like Christmas all year 'round! (for real, I think I was a vampire in a past life. . .or possibly an albino)

6. My free-stuff-getting mojo remains alive & well. Remember the bus driver who gave me a free ride last week? Did it again yesterday. Apparently he does it every Friday now for his regular passengers who pay every other day & who don't have a monthly pass, since the pass saves people money but not everyone can afford to buy it. And also because "it starts their Friday off on the right foot." In other words, he's the most awesome bus driver ever. Which is what I told him. Heh.

7. I joined a new meetup group this week (on meetup.com, if anyone's curious where I find these groups. They have groups all around the country), this time for lgbt women between 30-ish (note the "ish", heh. I was like "I'm 28! Close enough!") to 50. It's a really small group so far (it literally just opened up this month), but I liked the ideas the organizer had for events. Hopefully it grows into a big group, and I can attend some events & make some friends. Or, you know, meet someone. But friends would be great too. Heh.

8. Speaking of socializing, I have plans with [livejournal.com profile] 5brokenfingers next weekend to hit up Saturday Market, and then tentative plans to maybe go see the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie with Amy the following weekend, and perhaps another movie with an old coworker I ran into on the bus the other day in the near future, and it's like I have a life or something all of a sudden. I'd nearly forgotten what that felt like.

9. I'm done talking about family stuff for today, but I did want to add one positive thing that's come from all of the drama: Having so much me-time has allowed me to focus for once on things I'd like to do for fun )

10. As if this entry weren't already long enough, how about I finish it off with a little tv-rambling? Here are a few quick thoughts on Glee & Amazing Race this week )

Since I talked about violin stuff in this entry, I figured it'd be appropriate to go with a music-themed Vid of the Day today. Who's in the mood to watch a random kid play Bear McCreary tunes on his violin? No "Shape of Things To Come", sadly, but he does do a lovely version of the Roslin & Adama theme! (which btw would be the first Bear McCreary song I'd learn if I did pick the violin back up, because it'd be super easy. Heh. And, hello: ROSLIN & ADAMA.) Enjoy:

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First off, thanks to everyone for their comments to my whiny flu post. The Vomit Olympics have ceased and I'm now just dealing with the flu's stuffy-headed, ear-achy leftovers. Which are actually hurting kinda bad at the moment, but which are still much, much better than the "Oh hi there, breakfast. Nice to see you again" vomity funtimes.

But hey, at least I felt better enough by last night to work on a couple new icons (one of which I'm using now). This whole icon-creating business is very addictive, I must say. Now if only I had a better photo-software to use, since the one I currently have is super basic. Oh well, though. Still fun!

Moving on, I still have lots of real-life stuff to get into (Thanksgiving, babysitting my nephew/niece, etc), but I'm going to save it for another entry so I can cut the length on this one. In the meantime, I've got a smorgasbord of tv-shows to talk about in this entry--especially since, hi, there's not a whole lot else you can do minus sleeping when you're sick & couch-ridden for six days straight--so let's jump right in without further ado.

Misc. tv-talk, i.e. I'm too lazy to split this cut into multiple categories, but it involves Hoarders, BSG, and my love of the s1 and s3 Bones Xmas eppys. Random? Me? Never. )

Glee )

So You Think You Can Dance )

This week's Bones )

Judy Garland makes everything better )
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Apologies for the lengthy absence, folks. I've been duelling with a fail!body over the last week or so (seriously, body, is the period from hell with the migraines and the stomach-crazyness really necessary? And what's up with the cold? Didn't you just get over a cold? This is some kind of underhanded ploy to make me eat more fruits & veggies, isn't it? ISN'T IT? I'm onto you, immune system!), and that plus not getting enough sleep and trying to get back in the groove of my normal position at work = a tired, non-verbose Rach. That, and I was actually busy the last couple weekends, which is often when I let loose with the wordyness here. But I'm back now, and feeling like strappin' on the ole ramblin' boots, so here we go.

Real life shiznit, how I spent my Halloween, and a little miscellaneous BSG-rambling (of the non-spoilery variety) )

Look who's caught up with Mad Men! )

Glee )
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I think it's about that time for another installment of TV-rambling, don't you? I'll even throw in a tiny bit of real-life blathering, and a TV Halloween Funtimes Poll! (Except not in *actual* poll format, because I'm full o' fail and haven't taken the time to learn how to make lj polls yet. Heh.)

Real life stuff )

Halloween Poll, low-tech style! )

Dollhouse )

Glee )

So You Think You Can Dance )

Mad Men )

The Daily Show )
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You guys know what's cute? My nephew. Who randomly calls me on the phone now, and who happened to call me tonight to tell me he found a new Cattie (Cattie #1 sadly got squished a few days ago. I know, awww. Let's all have a moment of silence for Cattie! Heh). And who--when I asked him what he learned in school today--replied "you don't really learn anything in 1st grade. You just do the same thing everyday! Math!" Heeeee. I was like "Well, are you learning anything new about math that you didn't know before?" And I couldn't hear everything he said to that unfortunately, but I know it included a rant about "counting" and "not having enough hands". Haha. *squishes him*

Also, you guys know how I went over to carve pumpkins with him this weekend, right? So, at one point we had a question about pumpkins that we didn't know the answer to, and I was like "we'll look it up later." And Jayden's reply? "Yeah, pumpkins.com!" Hahaha. I love six year olds!

And in other nephew/niece-related news, Isabella is no longer a shorty (she's apparently considered tall for her age now! And Jayden's tall too. Man, if this keeps up, there'll be no one to carry on the Oompa Loompa family legacy/curse! Unless I have kids that is. Then I'm sure it'll be bound to carry on. Heh. Sorry, theoretical offspring!). She's also talking up a storm, btw. She knows about a million words now, and babbles pretty much non-stop. IT IS ADORABLE.

Ooh, and one extra cute tidbit before I change subjects: I drew a Halloween picture for Jay while I was there, and the entire time I was doing it Isabella kept grabbing oil pastels & crayons out of his box and handing them to me. Like, over and over to the point where they were falling off my sheet of paper. Ha. It was so cute! I love it when babies are in that stage where they're just starting to *get* things, you know? It always comes up in unexpected ways, like "What are you doing? OH. Okay. When did you learn to do that?!"

Moving on, I've got more tv-rambling for you all. Although it's more like micro-rambling really (for me anyway. i.e. it's probably closer to "full-on rambling" for normal people, ha), as the episodes I watched for this entry didn't really bring out Super Verbose Rach to quite the degree you're all probably used to by now.

On today's plate we've got:

Gossip Girl )
Glee )
So You Think You Can Dance )
Dollhouse )
Amazing Race )
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So, my day started out lame because I woke up sick this morning (I actually started feeling yucky over the weekend, so today was the tail-end of it) and had to miss work. I was feeling much better by this evening though, luckily. Hopefully I don't get myself into trouble for missing though. *is nervous* I think I've been better about attendance lately (or at least I've been told so anyway), so fingers crossed this doesn't screw me up.

Anyway though, now that I'm no longer lying on my couch in a curled-up ball cursing my stomach (it's only getting a mild look of reproach now, heh), I can get back to what I do best: wasting time on the ole interwebz. Hallelujah!

And since I have the time I thought I'd post some more of the tv ramblage I promised over the weekend. Most of it was written Friday night actually; I just didn't want to post an insane amount of writing all at once.

Ramblage today will include:

-Gossip Girl
-So You Think You Can Dance
-Parks & Recreation
-How I Met Your Mother

And P.S. I do still plan to write about last week's Dollhouse & Bones, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Even I sometimes fall behind on my tv duties. Stupid real life getting in the way of my obsession with fictional characters! Hee.

Oh tv and internet, how did people waste time before you existed? )
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All right, guys, I've got a mission for this entry. I have exactly one hour before I need to get ready to go shopping with my sister this afternoon, and I'm going to test myself to see if I'm able to finish an entry in that amount of time. I keep writing and deleting what I write lately (hello, perfectionist), causing me to take a million years to finish one silly entry, and it's just gotta stop. So. Today I get one hour, and if this entry has typos or isn't perfect, well then so be it.

Today I'll be delivering the post-Bones squeeage I promised, plus give some quick comments on other shows I watched this week. *sets timer* It's go-time, yo! Hee.

Real quick first though: Have you guys heard that there is going to be a Sweet Valley High movie? I got a little too excited when I heard that, not gonna lie. Ha. I was so into those books as a kid though, like really. Not only did I read the high school ones, I also read the books about them as little kids, and the university series (which I was completely obsessed with, btw). I even watched the short-lived tv show for crying out loud. It was totally Fandom-Crazy Rachael, Version 1.0. And I'd be embarassed by this admission, but I don't have nearly enough shame for that. Heh. Seriously though, who here from their late twenties and older didn't read those books? Everyone I knew as a kid was into them. So yeah, I'm sure the movie will completely suck, but I will totally be at least renting it. Heh. Especially if they set it in the late eighties/early nineties time period it was meant for, so we can all revel in the cheese-tastic Valley Girl drama & fashions. Which they'd better, because I can't imagine my Wakefield twins with cell phones and shit. It just wouldn't be right.

This week in television: Bones, House, Glee, Dollhouse, and Mad Men )
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Ugh, I feel like crappity crap. The cold I've been fighting to resist all week finally took hold today. I do not appreciate this, immune system!

I was going to go shopping today too, man. Stupid swine flu (which I've decided to blame it on, because it sounds more exciting, hee) *grumbles* Oh well, I'll just go shopping next weekend or something. I did get to at least see my sister & nephew/niece briefly though. They came over so I could give my sister a check to pay for a coupon book for his school. And Isabella wandered around my apartment, getting into everything & moving my remotes into mysterious places. Hee. She kept letting out these long rambles of baby gibberish at the things in my apartment too. I think she was having a conversation with my food pantry, no lie. Haha. Also? She understands the word "no" now, and cries when she hears it. Kid learns fast!

Oh, and to add to your daily dose of cute, I give you this moment with Jayden:

Me: Jay, how are you feeling? I heard you had a fever yesterday. Are you all better?
Jayden: Yeah
Me: Aw, I'm sorry you weren't feeling good, though
Jayden: *shrugs* It was just a fever. They don't do anything to you. You just sit around and drink Gatorade.

Hee. I love hearing kids' perspectives on things. You just drink Gatorade! Like, no big.

Anyway, I was going to do another BSG post tonight, but my brain sort of stopped working around halfway through this entry, so I set it aside to come back to later. In the meantime, here's the rest of what I wrote, which includes some quick reactions to other misc. shows (Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, etc) and a work-related tidbit.

And away we go )
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I am so proud of myself for resisting the urge to watch Canadian Bones tonight. I'm not even looking at people's comments to get hints as to whether people like it. Just gonna wait and watch it tomorrow night like the rest of America. It's like I've got willpower or something! Crazy, I know.

Speaking of tv, I've got new episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and Glee waiting for me on my DVR tonight! (and of course my guilty pleasure: America's Next Top Model. I still haven't seen the premiere from last week though. I'm totally letting my crack!show down.)

Also? Dollhouse starts next Friday! And Jamie Bamber's going to be on the very first episode! So much yaaaaaay. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for at least one cheesy meta BSG reference. C'mon Whedon, I know you won't leave us nerds hangin'!

Speaking of tv again (ha, I so need a life. That or a career in television to justify all this), I watched a rerun of How I Met Your Mother last night (I only started watching this summer though, so it was new to me) and could not stop laughing over it all day today at work. "You can't build a murder house, Ted!" That part had me ROLLING, I swear to God. "I like to do my own laundry, and it gets MESSY." Hahaha.

I've gotta say, this summer has been very good for me tv-wise. I started with a little mini-rewatch of X-Files (made it to the abduction arc & then got unfortunately derailed), rewatched most of the first two seasons of Bones, started watching How I Met Your Mother & Big Bang Theory (*hearts Sheldon*), and of course got further sucked into my hot and heavy love affair with Battlestar Galactica. As everyone here knows all too well. Ha. I'm so glad the finale didn't ruin it for me, btw, as I was kind of worried it would (based on the mixed reactions it got from the fans). And I'll get into this a lot more later when I do my actual recap/commentary, but for now I'll just say this: I love being on the positive side of a fandom for once. Heh. I mean, I think I'm actually on the same page as those who were unhappy with the ending--in that parts were fail, and parts were fantastic--but I think the difference for me was that I was so prepared for the faily moments I was able to just brush them off & focus on the parts that were great. Sometimes it actually pays to be spoiled. (That, or I'm somehow getting less crotchety and nitpicky in my old age, but I doubt it.) It probably helped too that some of those great moments were Roslin/Adama related, considering I'm totally in love with them, hee. I'm still riding high on a crazy Roslin/Adama love train even now. Chugga chugga choo choo!

P.S. On the same topic, I rewatched "A Day in the Life" from season 3 tonight, and how did I not remember what a good episode this was? It's such an interesting look into Adama's feelings and past, and also so effing shippy! OMG. Like, seriously, the Roslin/Adama flirting, IT IS TOO MUCH FOR ME. The book! And her dorky smile about going to the gym! And him being all "you're always welcome here"! And their conversation about their snuggly night together on New Caprica! And her cabin! (which, btw, will kill you even more after the finale) UGH, I CANNOT EVEN DEAL WITH THESE TWO. THEIR LOVE, IT IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm off to watch at least one of my DVR recordings before bed. Before I go though, here's your Vid of the Day. This time we're going with an actual vid, as opposed to a fanvid. This is a clip of the song "I just want to dance" from the Jerry Springer Opera (how much do I love that that's an actual thing?). For those paying attention, I posted a remix version of this song a while back, but this is the actual original. It's only a minute or two long, but is seriously a thing of joy. The part about halfway through when she lets loose & starts belting it out with the chorus singing behind her? Oh my God, SO GOOD.

(note: there are a couple swear words in this song, so don't listen to it outloud at work or something)

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I finally have my vacation pics uploaded onto my computer, folks! And only three months after the actual trip. I'm quick like that. There's a kajillion pics here, so plenty to enjoy. There's also the promised "Kevin and I sing to Glee" pics. I would pretend to be embarassed by these, but they're just too funny for me to care. Ha.

I'll probably be updating again in the next day or two to talk about Glee and Mad Men, and BSG as well. I've pretty much totally given up on finishing my BSG commentary by the time Bones starts, by the way. Heh. That was a pipe dream that was never meant to be considering my ramblyness. That and I'm being all over-ambitious and including screencaps in my next entry, heh. (So what if no one else on my flist watches the show? WATCH ME CARE. Hee.)

P.S. Speaking of Bones, three days and counting y'all! *sets timer*

P.S.S. Re: my "current mood," I think I have the swine flu. That or a mild case of the plague. Or, you know, it could just be a mild bug and my period, but swine flu and the plague sound so much more dramatic, you know? Either way though, it needs to go away.

This is what happens when you hand drunk people a camera )
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Guess who finally got her lazy ass online to have her vacation pics from June sent to her? That would be me. Yes, it took me almost three months to do this. In my defense though, my computer kept being slow as all get out everytime I tried to access the site (all the pics were online as Jen uploaded them from her camera for me). Still, though. So very, very lazy. Heh. But hey, at least I finally did it. Hopefully I'll be able to post them here in the next week or two.

In other news, I am full of tv joy. I've got the fall premiere of So You Think You Can Dance season 6 and also Glee waiting on my DVR for me right now. And I don't think I need to remind you all of what starts next week (OMGBOOOOOOOOONES). Seriously y'all, I don't know if I can handle the pure joy of having both Bones and So You Think You Can Dance on at the same time. It's too much happy. I am still nervous over how certain plotlines are going to develop on my ole beloved Bones this coming up season, but that's okay because hello: BOOOOONES. You know what I'm sayin'? Just give me my Booth/Brennan sexytimes, my Brennan and her "anthropologically speaking" and "I don't know what that means" and of course the occasional "stop or I'll kick you in the testicles!", my Cam being all HBIC of the lab and grounding her employees and making me laugh with her hilarious eye rolly expressions, Hodgins ranting about conspiracy theories and dropping frozen turkeys on people's heads, Angela hitting on Clark and teaching Bones what BFF means (or, you know, BBF. Hee. *squishes Brennan*), Booth arguing with Brennan about giving her a gun and getting upset about how Jesus is not a zombie, and Sweets just. . .well, being Sweets. Oh show, I forgive you for your ridiculous finale, just promise you'll keep bringing the happy and I'll keep bringing the flail. (But P.S: Please don't drag the health condition stuff from the finale on too long this season, because I'm not sure I trust you at this point to handle it smartly. *crosses fingers that I'll be wrong*)

Anyway, that's pretty much it for today. I just felt like throwing a little random out there. I'm still going to try to do at least one more BSG entry later this week, as I still have it in my head that I'm going to wrap up my commentary on the season before Bones premieres next Thursday. We'll see if that pans out.

For my Vid of the Day I'm going to pimp a favorite of mine that I haven't talked much about on here before: Veronica Mars. Ms. [livejournal.com profile] dosidella (a.k.a. Jen) is the one who got me into it (as she has like a hundred other shows; she's very good at converting). It's not quite at the "I own every season on DVD" level of favorites, but it's still a show that I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend. I admit, its final season was a bit disappointing (although still suitably entertaining), but season 1 was probably one of the best seasons of any show I've ever watched, and season 2--while not as good--was still pretty great as well. Fair warning though in case any of you reading this are new to the show: there is about a split second of a spoiler in this vid, but it's so fast and out-of-context that I doubt anyone would see the significance of it until after the plotline has already played itself out. Plus I'm pretty sure most of my flist watched this show when it was on air anyway, so the spoiler warning is probably unnecessary. But better safe than sorry I figure.

Anyway, enjoy!

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