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It feels like I haven't done a normal entry in forever, but in reality it's only been since Tuesday. Still. Now I have a bunch of stuff piled up to talk about.

Cue randomness:

-Current is doing a three-part series titled "50 Documentaries To See Before You Die," and I've been enjoying it. I love documentaries, and while I've already seen quite a few on their list, there's some I've never even heard of. I think, if possible, I'd like to make it a goal to watch the rest on the list.

-On a similar note, I watched a couple docs on hulu.com today (Motherland and Children of god), which were both really moving, Motherland in particular. It's about a group of mothers who've lost a child (and one sister who lost a brother), none of whom know each other, making a trip to South Africa together to volunteer amongst those affected by AIDS, poverty, etc. They spend a lot of time with children--some whose parents have already died or are going to--and I spent a lot of time tearing up, ngl. This little girl started crying when one of the mothers pointed at a page of facial expressions & asked which one she felt like, and I was like, "OKAY. TISSUES. GONNA NEED 'EM." I just wanted to hug these kids so badly.

The second doc followed kids living & begging on the streets outside the crematorium in Kathmandu (Nepal). It's mainly centered around a 12 year old boy who plans to be dead by 13, his older brother who's not really around, his very young sister (whom he's basically raising), and his alcoholic/damn near useless mother. I thought it'd be a pretty unique story, because of the element of kids living outside (and relying on -- they eat & make money by scavenging food & coins left in the river for the dead) a crematorium, but between the kids rapping & the universal nature of addiction, it ended up being extremely relatable. I only wish I could find out how the kids were doing later & especially whether the 12 year old ended up all right. That's one of the best things about the series I mentioned above -- the host periodically does interviews with former doc subjects throughout the ep, updating you on where they are now, etc.

-So You Think You Can Dance had its finale this week. After much hand-wringing, I voted for Sasha, though I also think Melanie earned it. More thoughts on the finale, this season overall, and a few leftover fave dances )

-My hayfever allergies have been CRAZY the last few days. I mean, miserable, utterly. So much so that I was like, "Whaaaat is going on? Did the pollen count just explode or something?" And to a degree, yes, it did; weather.com lists the weed pollen count in my zip code as high, which makes sense since it's late summer, and that's when ragweed does its thing. Then I thought about the chamomile supplement my doctor gave me, realized it's also from the ragweed family, and immediately became annoyed because HELLO, why would you give that to me when I'm allergic to it. Damn't. Like, I think I'm usually okay if I take a few sips of chamomile tea or whatever, but taking it in capsule form is something else entirely. ANNOYING.

-I didn't want to be one of Those People, gullibly following whatever they're told without second thought, so I've been trying to learn more about the test they did for my food sensitivities. Especially because the change is stressing me OUT, I'll admit. cut for rambling )

-I cancelled my counseling appointment today, because I felt awful (physically); I straight-up could not stop sneezing/blowing my nose, and it would've been embarassing on the bus. I'm also feeling a little stressed about so much spending, between the $30 for the doctor's appointment & the $40 for the blender & changing my food budget etc, so that played a role too. My rent is going up next month, & I have a follow-up appt with that doctor, and yeah. I just don't want to blow my cash all at once, however good it might be to do. I'll feel less stressed about it if I wait a bit longer & stagger the spending out.

-Remember how I was supposed to get together with that friend a week ago? Yeah, apparently she forgot or IDEK (I'm talking after she forgot & said so, the second time. She was all, "How about next week?",then never got back to me). People are so flaky.

Anyway, I think that's more than enough for one entry. For my Vid of the Day, have some Jeff/Britta action by xbucketx.

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I really thought I'd have heard back from that call center by now. It's definitely starting to get to me. And by "starting" I mean it already has. I could stand a little reassurance/self-esteem boosting, or a lot. Sigh.

Anyway, that's not what I came here to post about, and I kind of need a distraction from life-stuff to be honest. So, what better way to accomplish that than a spamathon of excellent dancing?

For those keeping track, we've reached Season 7, which will be the final one for now. I'm going to format it a little differently than the others, too, for a couple of reasons:

1. While I personally prefer watching embedded vids--I hate opening up multiple links & having to keep track of which one I'm on--my computer starts flipping me the bird when there are too many embedded on one page. Aaand seeing as the talent in Season 7 was pretty much ridiculously good (swept the freakin' Emmys, hello), there are going to be more than a few clips chosen here. So. Links it is.

2. Also, I'm just not even going to bother picking solos/auditions this time. I have to cut myself off somewhere! Heh. As for the rest--there'll be three group routines, and I limited myself to twenty couple dances. Yes, twenty. WHAT. Don't give me that look. You'll thank me later.

Okay, all that said, let's jump in.

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance: Season Seven )
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Well, I haven't heard back yet from the call center, but I'm trying to remind myself that doesn't mean they don't want me. I am, however, feeling less optimistic. And antsy. I just want to know. And I want the news to be good. That, too.

To distract myself, let's get back to the SYTYCD posts, eh? I'm gonna be more picky with this one -- only posting one solo, ten favorite couple dances, and three group numbers. Bear in mind though that I had more difficulty finding clips at all this time, so that played into it as well.

Everyone ready? Let's boogie.

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance: Season Six )
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Some of you have made the mistake of encouraging this little spamathon with comments, so I'm gonna run with that & keep this train a-movin'. On to Season 5! Chugga chugga choo choo…

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance: Season 5 )
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What's that? You want even MORE dancing? At your spammy service, flist.

Fortunately, I had meant to post this before LJ went down (and thus copied the text before hitting post), so I didn't lose it & get forced to retype anything. Of course I'm not sure how much of my flist is even able to access the site right now, but that's okay. Updating is a good way to distract myself from just how steaming muggy hot my apartment is tonight. UGH. Over it.

Anyway, back to the point. I'm pretty fond of this season, so this should be a fun one.

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance: Season Four )

Damn you, FaiLJ, let me post! This has got to be, like, my sixth try.

ETA: Huzzah! It went.
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Oh my goodness, is Livejournal going to actually work for me again? Don't you get my hopes up for nothing, hackers!

I swear, if the site craps out on me again while trying to post this, I'll…well, pretty much just pout, maybe slap my desk or something. But it'll be with gusto!

Anyway, I haven't had access to LJ since Sunday, so don't be surprised if I'm behind on any of your entries. I do plan on continuing my Best of SYTYCD posts too, but first I wanted to catch up on other RL/pop culture things before the site has a chance to go down again or something:

-I sent my resume to a few places online this week, and one of them asked me to come in & fill out an application in person, which I did yesterday. There were several other people there doing the same thing, and I screwed up by not bringing all the info I needed (there were certain questions on the app that I didn't think I'd be asked again, seeing as how they were made redundant by the resume. I *should've* expected that though, considering online applications always make you answer the same shit over & over, but I just wasn't thinking), so I'm not sure how confident I feel that I'll get a call-back for an interview. But the receptionist who spoke with me did say she noticed the revenue I put down for my sales position at Xerox (I made $250k for them in ink sales during the summer of '08 alone), and that it was "impressive", plus I know I'd personally have a hard time believing any of the other women type faster than me, so who knows.

-My current extension for unemployment benefits runs out this week. I think I could probably get another extension, but the whole thing stresses me out to no end.

-The job I applied to was downtown, which is a big part of why I want it. I just like the environment down there, and there are SO many good places to eat. To be real, the food is probably the biggest draw for me. Heh.

-I'm pretty sure I saw the folks from Leverage filming while I was there. Out of curiosity, I watched a few eps of the show recently, too, and it's decently entertaining. Kinda throws me though that all the street shots are Portland, but the skyline isn't. What's up with that?

-Speaking of food, I just ordered some, right? And I was feeling like being a pig, so I got a slice of cheesecake with my sandwich. But when the guy got here, he was all, "We didn't have any plain cheesecake, so we gave you two slices of oreo cheesecake." Score! Also, there was a random bag of chips. Not sure if that was extra, but it was unexpected. They lost points for putting lettuce & tomatoes on my sandwich though, which ALSO was unexpected. And unwanted. Ohh, how I hate lettuce. Let me count the ways.

-Remember how I was talking about the superfied gayness of Rizzoli & Isles recently? Well, [livejournal.com profile] lytab5 was so kind as to provide me with this link: Top Ten How Is This Not A Gay Show Scenes.

On top of that? OH my God, this week's episode. I can't even. )

-Was I the only one who was underwhelmed by SYTYCD last night? It may have been because I was just in a pissy mood though, I'm not sure. I do know Lady Gaga got on my nerrrrrves.

-I've decided I'm okay with the new glasses now. I do this almost every time I get my hair done, too. Change = HARD.

'Kay, that's all for now. If LJ stays up, I may do another Best Of post soon.

For my Vid of the Day, I actually have two. They go together, so it's not cheating (I say so). I'm not sure how many of you have Whole Foods stores in your area, but I do, and this shit cracked me UP. Heh. Shout-out to Odwalla smoothies, y'all!

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Following right on the heels of my Season One post, here's Season Two, a.k.a the best season ever.

No, really.

It has not only awesome dancing, but awesome people & awesome pairings. Genuinely entertaining & funny practice sessions, yo. I'm talkin' Benji, Donyelle, Heidi, Travis, Allison, Ivan. AND it was Cat Deeley's first season. Automatically far superior to season 1 for that fact alone, hello.

It's so awesome, in fact, that a few auditions snuck in as well. You can thank me later.

So, without further ado, here you go:

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance: Season Two FTMFW )
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So, remember how I was saying this isn't my day? Yeah, Borders didn't have the season I wanted. And the sale wasn't large enough to warrant buying other seasons/shows I wanted less. Plus I refuse to buy books there when I can get them cheaper at Powell's, which has a 10 bajillion times better selection anyway (or the library for that matter, which is often how I roll). So I walked out empty-handed. At least I got some exercise from walking home, though, and a smoothie. Which just gave me a brain-freeze, btw. LIFE IS HARD.

Anyway, so now I'm tired & bored & in need of a project to occupy myself with, preferably something that requires little thought. Since a couple of you expressed interest in me posting my faves from SYTYCD tonight, I'll go ahead & get that started.

This first bunch will be small, so I'll probably spoil you guys by following it up with season 2 (which will most definitely not be small -- it's my favorite season) before I go to bed tonight.

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance: Season One )
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This is for Amy Winehouse, who died at only 27 years old. It's for my mother, my father, my uncle Mark, my cousin Ashley, my good friend Kevin, my ex brother-in-law, and last but not least Kim -- my childhood best friend & would-be sister, whose friendship with me was torn apart after more than eight years because of heroin, pretty much right on my 17th birthday.

It's for all of them and many more.

This doesn't mean I'm more sad over one piece of news than another (my thoughts are with Norway today, that's all I can say), but this one hits home for me in a very personal way. I know it does for many of you as well.

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1. I finally talked to my aunt today. )

2. June-uary is officially over. It's supposed to get up into the eighties over the next few days. I'd really like to go buy some new capris or workout pants (my old ones are too big now. I have to fold the waistband down to keep them up) so I'll be more comfortable going for more frequent jaunty woodland walks again, but it'll have to wait after the chunk of dough I just spent on those prescription sunglasses. I mean, I COULD afford it--pants aren't that expensive--but I'd rather stagger out the spendyness. I have other things I can wear in the meantime. Still, it's on my mind. One way or another, I'd like to take advantage of the weather with some tree-huggin', especially now that I'll have sunglasses to protect mi ojos from ~el sol diablo~. Heh.

3. I watched the prosecution's rebuttal case today in the Casey Anthony trial, & can I just say--that is some slam-dunk shit right there. Homegirl is guiltyyy. I do feel bad for her though. She's clearly disturbed (regardless of guilt or innocence), going by her history of lying if nothing else. I don't mean that she's criminally insane--she's been found competent--but no one creates the kind of lies she did, taking them to the extremes that she did, without there being at least a few squirrels jugglin' knives in their head. Know what I'm saying? She's off. If she indeed was abused as a child, that would help explain things, but unfortunately imo that doesn't negate the evidence of her killing her daughter. It's a sad case no matter how you look at it. Utterly fascinating to watch from an objective standpoint though, especially for all the back & forth intensity between the lawyers (Ashton does not fuck around, seriously) & the forensic testimony. The Bones fangirl in me gets excited whenever a forensic anthropologist is called. Heh. I know, I have issues.

4. Let's talk about TV, y/y? As promised, I still plan to talk more in-depth about my BSG rewatch again soon, but for now here's a few other misc. tidbits:

-I know that Community is far too meta to warrant serious shipping, but I can't help it: in my mind, after the series is over? It'll be Britta/Jeff, Annie/Troy, and Abed/Robin (the Secret Service agent, hee. I ♥ them!). Troy & Abed will still be epic BFFs of course. Abed will totally be the cool uncle who teaches their kids about Batman & Kickpuncher. You know I'm right.

-What is up with Nigel & Mary on So You Think You Can Dance? Is it just me or is he being awkwardly flirty with her lately? I'm not just talking about the kiss.

-Kristin Chenoweth is my new fave guest judge, along with Debbie Reynolds. You know how I said recently that I like to imagine Cat & Mary as besties behind the scenes? From this point on I'm gonna create my own fantasy world where Kristin Chenoweth, Debbie Reynolds, & Debbie Allen all get together every Wednesday night & watch the show together while braiding each other's hair & sucking on Ring Pops.

5. Seeing as how effing fab SYTYCD was the other night, I'm gonna share my favorite five dances with you all now from the last two weeks as a VotD. click here for flaily hands )
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I'm kind of exhausted right now, since I woke up from a migraine at like 3 am this morning (it's that time of the month. Cue: hellish pain) & never went back to sleep after, but I don't want to go to bed now & end up with a funky vampire schedule again. So, LJ updatin' it is. Don't be surprised if I'm less than articulate though.

Also, this is probably gonna be random. Fair warning.

-I did my first load of laundry today in I don't even know how long. I'm counting that as an accomplishment.

-This is random (I told you), but it amuses me so I'll share: yesterday, when the technician guy was here, I told him my TV had been on the fritz for a week, and he tried to banter with me, all, "You got grounded." I swear it took me at least a full 30 seconds to respond, because all I could see in my head was a fighter jet or rocket or some shit, literally grounded, and I was like, "WTF?" Haha. Then I got it, of course. But still. Nice combo there of obliviously dense skillz + too much BSG-watching + a childhood of pretty much never being truly "grounded" in that sense (there was one time when I was actually *told* I was, officially, but then I talked my way out of it within minutes, soooo, yeah).

-I wish the world would stop trying to talk to me about Kirstie Allie's weight. I DON'T EFFING CARE, OMG. SHUT UP.

-After procrastinating it forever, I finally went in for an eye exam this afternoon. My prescription had apparently changed by only about a quarter, but it was still enough for me to notice some eye strain (thus providing the motivation). Plus I'd been meaning to go in & update my old pair of prescription sunglasses for YEARS, so I figured it was worth going no matter what. Considering how pricey that stuff is though, and bearing in mind how slight the change in prescription was, I decided to just replace the sunglasses for now & get new lenses for my everyday glasses at a later date. The sunglasses will however have transition lenses, so I can wear them indoors if I want. My old pair of sunglasses were transitions as well, and I used to even wear them at work sometimes (fluorescent lighting = my arch nemesis, basically), but those ones were made back when transition lenses still retained a semi-colored tint even at their lightest, so I didn't use them all the time. From what I understand, these newer ones should be able to go from dark grey/black to completely clear. If so, I may make them my new everyday pair, though I haven't decided yet whether I like the style enough for that. But it'd be nice to have that option.

Either way, point being: SUNGLASSES. Ones I can wear without blurry-eyed squinting again! So much yay. Ooh, AND! Remember my free-stuff-gettin'-mojo? Still in effect. $100 coupon, babuh ba-by. And what.

On a crazy note, the same lady who helped me try out five kajillion different pairs of contacts three years ago was there today, and she remembered me by name. Was all, "Oh, hey, Rachael! How are you?" Meanwhile she wasn't the one working with me--she was helping someone else, i.e. not at the front desk--so it's not like she had my name in front of her when she spotted me. I was sort of blown away by that, honestly.

-I picked up my BSG rewatch again this morning, while I was all couch-bound & headthrobby. Made it through "No Exit" (ugh) & "Deadlock" (meh), then got rewarded with the lovely "Someone To Watch Over Me" (woo. I love that ep). I took notes & plan to write about my thoughts in greater depth later; for now I'm too sleepy to do it justice. I will at least share two quotes that particularly stood out to me this time though:

1. Kara (discussing one of the songs her father played): "There was this one, it made me happy and sad all at the same time."

Mystery!Piano Man: "The best ones do."

2. Mystery!Not!Kara's Dad!Piano Man (seriously, I don't even care what you say, RDM. In my mind? That is totes her dead dad): "Listen. It may feel like Hell, but sometimes lost is where you need to be. Just because you don't know your direction doesn't mean you don't have one."

I, just! BSG! What am I gonna do with you.

-I have some serious-toned stuff on my mind, but I'd rather get into it when I'm not so overtired. Just a heads-up though that a longer flocked entry may be coming soonish.

'Kay, I'll end this here. I'm gonna watch So You Think You Can Dance now & then go pass out in my bed like a boss.

For my Vid of the Day, allow me to deliver some Community-filled goodtimes, courtesy of TimanFanVids:

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-I'm feeling especially sleepy & lazy right now. What I'd really like to do is plan an evening in front of the TV with pop & snacks, but nooo.

-There's an ACA meeting this afternoon, but there's also one on Monday evenings. I'd have to get ready in a hurry (and pay for a cab) to go to the one today without being late, so I'm kinda tempted to do the Monday one instead. Especially because public transit is more convenient on weekdays.

-I do however want to go somewhere today. I just don't want to rush. I'm thinking I'll make myself a sandwich for lunch, take a shower, and then bus it down to Portland. I can make a pitstop at Forest Park to finish [livejournal.com profile] gina227's photo meme question from way back & then take care of [livejournal.com profile] keenai's by hitting up Voodoo Doughnut. The one downtown is still closed for renovation, but dear God have I been craving their donuts something fierce lately, so I don't even care--I'll go to the NE one. And I can excuse the gluttony by having taken a walk. TADA.

-[livejournal.com profile] teachlikeroslin and [livejournal.com profile] scifi_mel have created their own Hot 25 lists as well, in case some of you missed them & would like to see. You can find them here & here.

-Big-ups to New York, y'all. I'm sure you've all heard the news by now, so I'll just say this: I really needed a big smile this week & they delivered.

-Many of you on my flist are bemoaning the late Fall premiere of Bones this year & wondering how you'll fill your time. Fortunately, you have me, the TV-obsessed oompa loompa who never tires of pimping new shows. May I suggest any of the following? )

-I worked on my fic a bit more last night. It still feels a lot like chipping away at a huge block of granite, but sometimes that's just how it goes. At least there's progress being made, albeit incredibly slowly. I guess on the bright side the longer summer hiatus means less of a hurry for things like this.

-I put a temporary halt to my BSG rewatch after my uncle's death (being at the end of s4, I think most of you will understand why), but I think I'm ready to jump back into it now, once my TV's working again that is. I only have a few eps left. Pretty sure the finale's gonna kill me, but I don't mean that in a bad way. It'll just be emotional because of the subject matter.

Anyway, I'm gonna get going now, before I can convince myself that napping would be a better way to spend the rest of the day.

For my VotD, here's an appropriately themed song:

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I have a special spammy treat for you guys tonight. My friend [livejournal.com profile] lytab5 has been doing her own Hot 25 list (based on afterellen.com's annual Hot 100), and seeing as there are few things I love more than staring at pretty pictures of pretty women, I decided to be a copycat & make one too. Since I also enjoy being difficult, however, I'm making it a Hot 26--for one, because it's my favorite number (what? Hee), and two, because I'm a cheating cheater. I may or may not have also squeezed in two or three women in the place of one for a couple of the numbers. WHAT. They're connected!

I could've done a bigger list, too, but even I hold myself to limits here SOMETIMES. Heh.

…that being said, my limits are kinda weak when faced with OMGGORGEOUSWOMEN, so I'm totes providing two pictures for each hottie. Aaand I'm posting all 26(-ish, haha) winnahs right now, all in one go. It'll be a ~smorgasbord of sexy~.

P.S. Some of these pics approach NSFW, as a heads-up. God bless photographers.

rachg82's Hot 26…ish )

Hope you guys enjoyed! If you want to make your own Hot 25 (or 26, hee) list, please do. It'd be fun to see everyone's picks.

For my Vid of the Day, let's do an Arrested Development one (by saxmankk) since I'm rewatching season 1 right now on teh interwebz (blessed Hulu) & thus spent most of last night giggling like a fool. Then I checked to see if there was any news about a possible movie & watched recent interviews on YouTube with the creator/cast confirming everyone's on board now & A SCRIPT IS CURRENTLY BEING WRITTEN. I don't want to get too excited before it's actually green-lit, BUT: STEVE HOLT!

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So, I go to turn on So You Think You Can Dance, right? And I do so roughly 30 minutes into the program, that way my DVR will be ahead, thus allowing me to skip commercials. Very wise, I know.

EXCEPT. For some reason my DVR decided to only start recording twenty minutes after the show started. Not cool, yo!

This means I'll have to watch the parts I missed tomorrow on OnDemand or Hulu or something. Annoying. In the meantime, I'm gonna rock it like keenai and liveblog this ish. )

I need to walk to the store again now, and I don't want to. Wah.


I've been eating a lot of Activia lately, so let's do a Vid of the Day to go with that. "I'm gonna shit my pants!" Hahaha.

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It's amazing how little it takes for me to feel productive these days. But, really, chatting with a couple friends, making a sandwich for dinner here instead of going out to get one (much healthier option), replying to a couple emails, sending my resume to the HR chick my friend told me about*, and calling & talking with both my stepmom AND dad--that's a lot for me.


Plus, I took out trash & walked to the store last night. So, that's good too. Now, if I could just do some laundry--maybe tomorrow--I think that'd make me feel even better. It's definitely not the last of what I need to get done, but it'd put a big dent in my mental procrastination list.

Anyway, this is boring, so on to what we all really care about: television. (heh)

-I rewatched a bunch of Parks & Rec eps last night from the 3rd season. "The Fight" still makes me laugh so hard. I think it might be my favorite. "You're stupid & you're drunk & you're stupid!" Hahaha. The one after that too, though, where Chris changes everyone's jobs around? Also cracks me up. "I'm down to one word a minute & that word is persknickapflop." HEE. I'm actually giggling again right now, just thinking of it.

-I was a little sadface for Natalia not making it into the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance, but not too much. I do think her sister is better, technique wise, so it was a fair pick. It's just too bad she wasn't slightly better; it would've been nice to have another larger-than-average dancer on there again. I miss Donyelle! It was great to see her get so far though, especially considering what she said it meant to her. I bet she'll come back next year after practicing more, which would probably be ideal for her anyway because then she'd have had some time to learn about managing her diabetes.

I'm happy with the top 20 though--especially with the girls (I really wanted Sasha to get in, along with her sister, so I'm happy she's there at least. I also have been rooting for Ashley since the auditions). Last night's performances were great, and I'm psyched about the format this year. Getting the top 20 format back to start AND having the All Stars for the top 10 is an awesome best of both worlds scenario.

-And finally, because I'm lazy, I'm just gonna copy some chat action here since I already talked about RL stuff and So You Think You Can Dance *and* Bones with [livejournal.com profile] keenai and [livejournal.com profile] huh920 today. Two birds with one stone, whoo. clicky (spoilers for the Bones finale & this week's SYTYCD) )

I still have a couple of those 5 questions memes to do too ([livejournal.com profile] xmaidelx, you owe me questions, missy), along with the rest of the photo meme requests, but don't worry--they'll come. (…that's what she said) I'll probably do a voice post later tonight to answer the first set, assuming I can answer the questions in the time allotted. If not, I'll write 'em out, but I think it's fun to do some of them via the phone. Keep a bit of variety up in this ish.

Lastly, for my Vid of the Day, how about a montage full of great dancing? Oh, SYTYCD, I love you so:

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The neverending flu rages on. LORD, HELP ME. For serious. Ugh. I'm about ready to start shouting "mea culpa" at the sky.

At least I have TV. Beautiful, wondrous TV. Heh.

I watched last night's So You Think You Can Dance this evening, and damn but does that show make me happy. I love the old dancers rooting in the audience, I love the montages, I love how into it the judges get (I cracked up when Tyce was like, "That pissed me off, it was so good." I've said that exact type of thing so many times in my life. Haha), I love Cat Deeley (to deathhhh), I love the talent, I love the music, I just--gah. Love!

And can I just say, L.A., dude. Way to bring it. Honestly.

Lucky for all of you, I found my favorites from last night on YouTube. come watch before they're taken down )

I watched Friday Night Lights tonight too, and I just want to say: Eric and Tami Taylor, I love youuuuu.

Heh. Like, it doesn't even matter what they're doing. I JUST LOVE THEM. THEY ARE PERFECT.

I love the show's little snippets of wisdom too. They manage to work without feeling after school special-y. The conversation at the stripclub, for instance, with its line about life throwing crap at you? I liked that.

I really need to see the seasons I missed though. I'm so lost on so many things. I don't even know why he's with East Dillon now!

Anyway, that's it for tonight, because I'm exhausted. I'll end this with a purty, purty song as a treat for everyone's ears (note the S-theme continuing. It's like an Energizer Bunny at this point):

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Just so I can get it out of the way, let's start with the things that are annoying me today:

1. My neighbors. They are SO LOUD. Why? WHY?

2. The fact that not only did this happen, but that their neighbors are yakking on TV about how "great" the parents are + outright accusing the kids of somehow making it all up. Yeah, because broken ribs & hypothermia are super duper easy to fake. Every time the story comes on, I freaking RAGE inside. Seriously.

3. Neither K-Mart, Fred Meyer, or the library a block away have the first season of Friday Night Lights in stock right now. I'm sure Borders does, which is also within walking distance, but it's still much farther away, & I am way too crapalicious feeling to drag myself up there. Which brings me to…

4. I FEEL GROSS. My stomach, my head, my everything. And all I want to do is lie down on my couch & get lost in a new TV show or something, but nooooo. Can't have that. *throws tantrum*

5. I need to go to the store so I can at least buy the type of plain food my body could probably handle right now (yesss, I know of the BART diet & which fruits help & bla bla bla.<--preemptive strike against unsolicited advice), but I don't wannnna. WAH.

*edited to add: All right, I went to the store afterall. I am now completely exhausted (heavy grocery bags, oy), but happy because I have an Odwalla fruit smoothie to drink. Mango Tango FTW.

Okay, I'm done whining now. To balance things out, here's a few things that are nice:

1. The weather. It's been mostly in the low 70s this week. Very mild & enjoyable. I can wear my flip-flops again!

2. So You Think You Can Dance starts next week. Yeah, boyeeee.

3. The world didn't end. Hahaha. I love that they actually picked a time. Like, way to be specific. Who knew God & zee end of days go by PST?

4. Parks & Rec's finale this week. It has been so, so funny lately.

5. My BSG rewatch. I'll probably talk more about it later, because right now I'm all icky & thus lazy, but yes. Sine Qua Non/The Hub, Revelations, Sometimes a Great Notion--TOO MUCH GOODNESS. Like, I can't even deal.

Instead of a Vid of the Day this time, I have a music meme for y'all:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[livejournal.com profile] ladysophiekitty gave me the letter S.

Songs that begin with S )
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1. The first section of my fic finally feels polished & complete, allowing me to move on to the next part. It's at about 1,620 words right now, and I could--if I wanted--probably get away with posting it as its own ficlet. I don't want to though, because I want to cover more stuff, and I'm not a fan of doing things in chapters as a WIP (for my own stories, I mean). But I'm glad to at least feel like I'm making more progress now. This one has really been tedious & slow-going, mostly probably because it's really important to me that I get it right.

2. I had a dream last night that St. Vincent (as in the singer) was my girlfriend. IF ONLY. Of course I was also apparently dating Booth (and there were two of him, might I add. I was only with one, however. The other was douchey. Ha. CLONES TODAY, I tells ya).

3. Speaking of fictional boyfriends )

4. I got my ACA book in the mail the other day. See, I knew it wouldn't take 4-6 weeks. Now to start reading it.

5. One of my meetup groups is going to a free classical concert event next week, and I signed up to go. So far there's only one other person going though, heh. But there's another meetup group (for music) that we'll be meeting up with there, so I'm assuming there'll be at least a handful of people attending. Hopefully it's a good performance.

That's pretty much it for now. There's other things I could talk about too, but they're even more boring.

For my Vid of the Day, how about three random ones? )
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This is me right now, waiting for tonight's Bones to finally arrive:


There are entirely too many damn hours sitting between me & this episode, people. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

What to do, I ask, other than distract myself some more? Fortunately, you all get to reap the benefits of my boredom. Me + too much time on my hands = YouTube. Lots of it. (who needs cleaning, laundry, or applying to jobs? Pshhh)

5 vids o' timewastey goodness )

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