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So, remember how I was saying this isn't my day? Yeah, Borders didn't have the season I wanted. And the sale wasn't large enough to warrant buying other seasons/shows I wanted less. Plus I refuse to buy books there when I can get them cheaper at Powell's, which has a 10 bajillion times better selection anyway (or the library for that matter, which is often how I roll). So I walked out empty-handed. At least I got some exercise from walking home, though, and a smoothie. Which just gave me a brain-freeze, btw. LIFE IS HARD.

Anyway, so now I'm tired & bored & in need of a project to occupy myself with, preferably something that requires little thought. Since a couple of you expressed interest in me posting my faves from SYTYCD tonight, I'll go ahead & get that started.

This first bunch will be small, so I'll probably spoil you guys by following it up with season 2 (which will most definitely not be small -- it's my favorite season) before I go to bed tonight.

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance: Season One )
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1. I finally talked to my aunt today. )

2. June-uary is officially over. It's supposed to get up into the eighties over the next few days. I'd really like to go buy some new capris or workout pants (my old ones are too big now. I have to fold the waistband down to keep them up) so I'll be more comfortable going for more frequent jaunty woodland walks again, but it'll have to wait after the chunk of dough I just spent on those prescription sunglasses. I mean, I COULD afford it--pants aren't that expensive--but I'd rather stagger out the spendyness. I have other things I can wear in the meantime. Still, it's on my mind. One way or another, I'd like to take advantage of the weather with some tree-huggin', especially now that I'll have sunglasses to protect mi ojos from ~el sol diablo~. Heh.

3. I watched the prosecution's rebuttal case today in the Casey Anthony trial, & can I just say--that is some slam-dunk shit right there. Homegirl is guiltyyy. I do feel bad for her though. She's clearly disturbed (regardless of guilt or innocence), going by her history of lying if nothing else. I don't mean that she's criminally insane--she's been found competent--but no one creates the kind of lies she did, taking them to the extremes that she did, without there being at least a few squirrels jugglin' knives in their head. Know what I'm saying? She's off. If she indeed was abused as a child, that would help explain things, but unfortunately imo that doesn't negate the evidence of her killing her daughter. It's a sad case no matter how you look at it. Utterly fascinating to watch from an objective standpoint though, especially for all the back & forth intensity between the lawyers (Ashton does not fuck around, seriously) & the forensic testimony. The Bones fangirl in me gets excited whenever a forensic anthropologist is called. Heh. I know, I have issues.

4. Let's talk about TV, y/y? As promised, I still plan to talk more in-depth about my BSG rewatch again soon, but for now here's a few other misc. tidbits:

-I know that Community is far too meta to warrant serious shipping, but I can't help it: in my mind, after the series is over? It'll be Britta/Jeff, Annie/Troy, and Abed/Robin (the Secret Service agent, hee. I ♥ them!). Troy & Abed will still be epic BFFs of course. Abed will totally be the cool uncle who teaches their kids about Batman & Kickpuncher. You know I'm right.

-What is up with Nigel & Mary on So You Think You Can Dance? Is it just me or is he being awkwardly flirty with her lately? I'm not just talking about the kiss.

-Kristin Chenoweth is my new fave guest judge, along with Debbie Reynolds. You know how I said recently that I like to imagine Cat & Mary as besties behind the scenes? From this point on I'm gonna create my own fantasy world where Kristin Chenoweth, Debbie Reynolds, & Debbie Allen all get together every Wednesday night & watch the show together while braiding each other's hair & sucking on Ring Pops.

5. Seeing as how effing fab SYTYCD was the other night, I'm gonna share my favorite five dances with you all now from the last two weeks as a VotD. click here for flaily hands )
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It's amazing how little it takes for me to feel productive these days. But, really, chatting with a couple friends, making a sandwich for dinner here instead of going out to get one (much healthier option), replying to a couple emails, sending my resume to the HR chick my friend told me about*, and calling & talking with both my stepmom AND dad--that's a lot for me.


Plus, I took out trash & walked to the store last night. So, that's good too. Now, if I could just do some laundry--maybe tomorrow--I think that'd make me feel even better. It's definitely not the last of what I need to get done, but it'd put a big dent in my mental procrastination list.

Anyway, this is boring, so on to what we all really care about: television. (heh)

-I rewatched a bunch of Parks & Rec eps last night from the 3rd season. "The Fight" still makes me laugh so hard. I think it might be my favorite. "You're stupid & you're drunk & you're stupid!" Hahaha. The one after that too, though, where Chris changes everyone's jobs around? Also cracks me up. "I'm down to one word a minute & that word is persknickapflop." HEE. I'm actually giggling again right now, just thinking of it.

-I was a little sadface for Natalia not making it into the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance, but not too much. I do think her sister is better, technique wise, so it was a fair pick. It's just too bad she wasn't slightly better; it would've been nice to have another larger-than-average dancer on there again. I miss Donyelle! It was great to see her get so far though, especially considering what she said it meant to her. I bet she'll come back next year after practicing more, which would probably be ideal for her anyway because then she'd have had some time to learn about managing her diabetes.

I'm happy with the top 20 though--especially with the girls (I really wanted Sasha to get in, along with her sister, so I'm happy she's there at least. I also have been rooting for Ashley since the auditions). Last night's performances were great, and I'm psyched about the format this year. Getting the top 20 format back to start AND having the All Stars for the top 10 is an awesome best of both worlds scenario.

-And finally, because I'm lazy, I'm just gonna copy some chat action here since I already talked about RL stuff and So You Think You Can Dance *and* Bones with [livejournal.com profile] keenai and [livejournal.com profile] huh920 today. Two birds with one stone, whoo. clicky (spoilers for the Bones finale & this week's SYTYCD) )

I still have a couple of those 5 questions memes to do too ([livejournal.com profile] xmaidelx, you owe me questions, missy), along with the rest of the photo meme requests, but don't worry--they'll come. (…that's what she said) I'll probably do a voice post later tonight to answer the first set, assuming I can answer the questions in the time allotted. If not, I'll write 'em out, but I think it's fun to do some of them via the phone. Keep a bit of variety up in this ish.

Lastly, for my Vid of the Day, how about a montage full of great dancing? Oh, SYTYCD, I love you so:

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The neverending flu rages on. LORD, HELP ME. For serious. Ugh. I'm about ready to start shouting "mea culpa" at the sky.

At least I have TV. Beautiful, wondrous TV. Heh.

I watched last night's So You Think You Can Dance this evening, and damn but does that show make me happy. I love the old dancers rooting in the audience, I love the montages, I love how into it the judges get (I cracked up when Tyce was like, "That pissed me off, it was so good." I've said that exact type of thing so many times in my life. Haha), I love Cat Deeley (to deathhhh), I love the talent, I love the music, I just--gah. Love!

And can I just say, L.A., dude. Way to bring it. Honestly.

Lucky for all of you, I found my favorites from last night on YouTube. come watch before they're taken down )

I watched Friday Night Lights tonight too, and I just want to say: Eric and Tami Taylor, I love youuuuu.

Heh. Like, it doesn't even matter what they're doing. I JUST LOVE THEM. THEY ARE PERFECT.

I love the show's little snippets of wisdom too. They manage to work without feeling after school special-y. The conversation at the stripclub, for instance, with its line about life throwing crap at you? I liked that.

I really need to see the seasons I missed though. I'm so lost on so many things. I don't even know why he's with East Dillon now!

Anyway, that's it for tonight, because I'm exhausted. I'll end this with a purty, purty song as a treat for everyone's ears (note the S-theme continuing. It's like an Energizer Bunny at this point):

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Ahem, if I may have all of your attention:

[livejournal.com profile] nomnivore is one of my oldest & dearest online friends--I've known her since before this LJ even existed--and today is her birthday. She deserves a real gift basket, but alas, this virtual version will have to do.

Psst, hey, bb--remember when your name here and at meta was eternaltimtams, & I thought you were a guy named Tim because I'd never actually heard of Tim Tams? Ahh, memories.

In other news:

-This is my 999th post on livejournal. I'm thinking I'll have to do something sentimental & memory lane-ish for the 1,000th. OVER EIGHT AND A HALF YEARS, PEOPLE. If this journal were a human, it'd be learning long division & playing foursquare by now.

-My writer's block is easing up (the subject heading is a sneak peek, check it). I've changed around a few words & I no longer hate the beginning, though I'm still not totally satisfied with it either. But I don't feel like banging my head into a wall while looking at it now, so I feel like that's progress. I'd really like to finish this before the finale. I have no idea what the length will be like as I'm still just working on the first 1,000 pages & have a lot of ideas (some of which may be tossed/saved for a future story), but whatever. I'm just trying to go with it.

Since I'm into wasting time/distracting myself from RL concerns at the moment, I thought I'd share some randomness. cut to save space on your flists )

-[livejournal.com profile] torigates did this as a meme, and I thought it looked fun: ask me to take a picture of something, and I'll post it here. This is your chance to be nosy about my belongings or force my hermit ass to walk somewhere, whatever. Have at it.

-I dreamt last night about the following things: Abed serving me tea (I need to stop watching so much Community), a talking dog, & riding the Night Fury dragon from "How To Train Your Dragon" over an ocean. Oh, and I eventually turned into the giant boss dragon at the end & was all breathing fire at the cartoon Vikings. The best part, meanwhile? I was like (in my head), "Aw, I feel bad lighting this guy on fire! Buuuuut that's kinda my role here. What's a dragon gonna do?"

Finishing this off with a Vid of the Day, I realized tonight that I somehow missed So You Think You Can Dance performing to one of St. Vincent's songs last summer (I could've started my obsession then!), so let's share a clip of that, eh?

Also? While I'm on the subject, I'd love it if someone were to make a fanvid to that song (i.e. the one in the vid below--Paris is Burning) for either Angel (seasons 4/5 & the finale, in particular) or BSG.

Also, also? I'd love to see a Bones fanvid set to Marry Me or Marrow. Doooo itttt.

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This entry has no purpose other than simply thanking everyone for putting up with my incredibly long, emotional posts lately. I know I've been going through a lot, and I really appreciate having friends here who not only actively support me, but tacitly tolerate my verbosity. It means a lot.

As for my mood, it's stable right now. On the side of okay/good. I feel loved & validated, and that helps immeasurably.

One day at a time.

It also helps that I wrote a little bit more of my fic tonight. Only a tiny bit (literally, we're talking a few lines), but it cheered me up. I was waking up from a nap, thought of the words, & jumped out of bed to go type them.

Now, I'm gonna go back to writing & listening to music. And speaking of music (because music = danceyness), that's my other point for this entry. Feeling all the pain that comes up is necessary & cathartic, but I'm making a point of remembering what ACA said too about joy. And what's one thing that gives Rachael joy? Other than the prospect of a front row seat at the Booth & Bones SexyTimes Variety Hour, of course? Or, say, orgasmically good string solos with a side of donuts? Why, dancing boys & dancing girls, that's what. (which, P.S. I trust you all have seen this by now, right? I've linked to it here enough times. Then again, I've made a few new friends recently, so y'know, JUST IN CASE. Heh. Like, I have to look out for you all.[/exaggeration]. P.P.S. For those wondering if that song can possibly get any gayer? Yes, it can. Also, WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN TO DINAH SHORE WEEKEND YET?. So unjust. I swear, between the girls one week & the guys the next, Palm Springs must be bursting with fruit flavor by the end of spring, haha. Like a big bag of skittles. Taste the rainbow, California!)

And, watching this, can I just say. . .oh, God, So You Think You Can Dance, how I need you in my LIFE right now. Summer, why must you be so far away?! (Must. resist. urge. to spend. rest. of evening. watching. dancing vids. But seriously. Would you look at all the amazingness. It goes on FOREVER. Nghhh. I could still keep going, seriously!)

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First off, thanks to everyone for their comments to my whiny flu post. The Vomit Olympics have ceased and I'm now just dealing with the flu's stuffy-headed, ear-achy leftovers. Which are actually hurting kinda bad at the moment, but which are still much, much better than the "Oh hi there, breakfast. Nice to see you again" vomity funtimes.

But hey, at least I felt better enough by last night to work on a couple new icons (one of which I'm using now). This whole icon-creating business is very addictive, I must say. Now if only I had a better photo-software to use, since the one I currently have is super basic. Oh well, though. Still fun!

Moving on, I still have lots of real-life stuff to get into (Thanksgiving, babysitting my nephew/niece, etc), but I'm going to save it for another entry so I can cut the length on this one. In the meantime, I've got a smorgasbord of tv-shows to talk about in this entry--especially since, hi, there's not a whole lot else you can do minus sleeping when you're sick & couch-ridden for six days straight--so let's jump right in without further ado.

Misc. tv-talk, i.e. I'm too lazy to split this cut into multiple categories, but it involves Hoarders, BSG, and my love of the s1 and s3 Bones Xmas eppys. Random? Me? Never. )

Glee )

So You Think You Can Dance )

This week's Bones )

Judy Garland makes everything better )
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Dudes, I am so proud of myself. Check the iconage. Yes, it's extremely simple & not super creative or anything. But! It is the result of the following two things:

1. Finding & downloading a free photo-editing software online (I lost the basic program that came with Windows due to virus-related good times). Why didn't I think of this sooner? I kept assuming I'd have to purchase something.

2. Finally using the smart part of my brain & figuring out why every icon I'd previously tried to upload was all wonky dimension-wise. (Hello, self! The pic just needs to be 100x100. I = slow). It is seriously sad how glee-faced I was when I figured that out and finally got it right. Not to mention when I was trying to make the image a perfect square and was like "oh yes, hold the shift button when you select it & then crop it! Yay!" SO EFFING SLOW. Ha.

So yes, I feel very self-sufficient now! Heh. Plus, even though I've technically uploaded an icon of my own before, this is the first time I've done one that actually involved adding text & being even vaguely creative. Obviously not extremely creative because it's not all fancy-schmancy like a lot of the other icons out there, but it's at least a start. And I kind of actually like the simplicity of it anyway. It fits the mood of the scene, which already carries so much emotion you don't really need to dress it up. And it completely sums up how I feel about that moment too, so there you go.

Anyway though. Heh. Enough rambling about icons. I've got lots on my plate for this entry, so let's get right to it. I'm majorly behind on all my tv-rambling right now and thus have several weeks of episodes to talk about in this entry. So sit back & get comfy. Heh. You might want to plan for bathroom breaks, trufax.

Fandom-Collisions )

So You Think You Can Dance )

Bones )
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You guys know what's cute? My nephew. Who randomly calls me on the phone now, and who happened to call me tonight to tell me he found a new Cattie (Cattie #1 sadly got squished a few days ago. I know, awww. Let's all have a moment of silence for Cattie! Heh). And who--when I asked him what he learned in school today--replied "you don't really learn anything in 1st grade. You just do the same thing everyday! Math!" Heeeee. I was like "Well, are you learning anything new about math that you didn't know before?" And I couldn't hear everything he said to that unfortunately, but I know it included a rant about "counting" and "not having enough hands". Haha. *squishes him*

Also, you guys know how I went over to carve pumpkins with him this weekend, right? So, at one point we had a question about pumpkins that we didn't know the answer to, and I was like "we'll look it up later." And Jayden's reply? "Yeah, pumpkins.com!" Hahaha. I love six year olds!

And in other nephew/niece-related news, Isabella is no longer a shorty (she's apparently considered tall for her age now! And Jayden's tall too. Man, if this keeps up, there'll be no one to carry on the Oompa Loompa family legacy/curse! Unless I have kids that is. Then I'm sure it'll be bound to carry on. Heh. Sorry, theoretical offspring!). She's also talking up a storm, btw. She knows about a million words now, and babbles pretty much non-stop. IT IS ADORABLE.

Ooh, and one extra cute tidbit before I change subjects: I drew a Halloween picture for Jay while I was there, and the entire time I was doing it Isabella kept grabbing oil pastels & crayons out of his box and handing them to me. Like, over and over to the point where they were falling off my sheet of paper. Ha. It was so cute! I love it when babies are in that stage where they're just starting to *get* things, you know? It always comes up in unexpected ways, like "What are you doing? OH. Okay. When did you learn to do that?!"

Moving on, I've got more tv-rambling for you all. Although it's more like micro-rambling really (for me anyway. i.e. it's probably closer to "full-on rambling" for normal people, ha), as the episodes I watched for this entry didn't really bring out Super Verbose Rach to quite the degree you're all probably used to by now.

On today's plate we've got:

Gossip Girl )
Glee )
So You Think You Can Dance )
Dollhouse )
Amazing Race )
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So, remember how I said in my last entry that I was going to also update about babysitting last weekend and then my thoughts on So You Think You Can Dance this season? Right, so here's where I do at least half of that. And also comment on the next couple episodes of BSG season 4 that I watched last night ("He That Believeth In Me," and "Six of One").

That is if I can pool my thoughts together enough to write, of course. It's so freaking hot in this apartment right now, it's like my brain is melting. The temp is finally dipping below the '90s now, but seriously? With the lack of AC in here? It's still too effing hot. I think I'm going to need about a week straight of good ol' fashioned Portland rain to regain higher brain functions, for reals.

Anyway, so onto the entry. For your convenience, here are the topics for today (so you can decide if you don't care to read, heh. But YOU SHOULD CARE because I'm eternally interesting like that):

1. My goodbye to Melissa and Ade on So You Think You Can Dance and my vote for who I now want to win, complete with video clips (because I loves me some YouTube). Check 'em out quick before Dickhole Dick Clark productions removes them from the site for copyright infringement (Which, God, so annoying! Like, hello, the only nerds looking up these vids on YouTube are the ones who also watch the show on tv ---> a.k.a obsessed fans. You're still going to get money from us, don't worry!)

Aaaaaand this topic comes complete with a bonus round: A couple links to X-Files vidders, because I'm all about the random.

2. My thoughts on the first two episodes of Battlestar-muthafuckinawesome-Galactica, season 4, including me officially signing on as a Roslin/Adama shipper.

(also: thoughts on my imaginary polygamous relationship with BSG, XF, and Bones. What, Brennan wouldn't judge me!)

As for babysitting, that will have to wait for next time, because this entry is hella full by itself. I will at least take the time though to say how my 11 month old niece started trying to walk around the living room this week, and now gets mad everytime she can't do it. Hee.

Oooh, and before I get into everything else? One random work-related tidbit for you all. Yesterday I made a sale of over 5 grand. Bear in mind an average sale there is around $400. Apparently it was the 14th biggest sale the department ever had (which means in the last 10 years). I RULE. Haha. Too bad it was an out of nowhere sale that totally fell into my lap though. But the customer did call me directly, because they remembered me from a previous incident. So! Not totally random. But I was still like "you wanna buy HOW many boxes of ink? I love you."

I just wanna dance! )

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