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Title: Abandon
Fandom: Bones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rachg82
Rating: A squeaky-clean PG
Characters/Pairings: Booth + Papa Booth (not to be confused with Papa Smurf or Papa Doc)
Word Count: 718
Spoilers: Nada (unless you count "The Blackout in the Blizzard," which: c'mon, that was last season.)
Disclaimer: I don't own this show, nor do I own Booth & his daddy issues.
Summary: Game Six of the World Series -- one perfect day in the eyes of a man who never truly got to be a child.

P.S. I knocked this ficlet out over the last couple days, as usual without a beta, so I apologize in advance for any possible craptasticness.

Let him be happy from time to time, and leap over abysses )
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As y'all know, I finally finished the fic of doom, a.k.a. the eternal story that would not die (okay, so it didn't really take THAT long, but shh), which can only mean one thing: time for a soundtrack. Heyyo.

I decided not to include any repeats here from previous fic playlists, despite the fact that I did listen to some of the same stuff while writing it, but even so this bad boy still consists of no less than forty songs. Some clearly influenced the story, while others merely played in the background & assisted with mojo. That being said, you don't need to have read it or even be into the show to enjoy the music (hopefully).

Since there are so many tracks, and since LJ gets wonky loading YouTube vids these days, I won't embed them -- just gonna share the links. I will share quotes & thoughts on some of the choices, too, but not every single one.

Music, music, get your music here )
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Title: Leaves Got Up in a Coil and Hissed
Fandom: Bones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rachg82
Rating: A light R, if even
Characters/Pairings: Brennan, Booth, Angela, Max, Russ…just about everyone (but not together -- it's not that kind of fic, pervs)
Word Count: About 7,000
Spoilers: Up through the end of the 6th season + a bit of speculation regarding stuff that's come out for season 7.
Disclaimer: This show still isn't mine, though I like to pretend otherwise.
Summary: This fic began eight months ago as a single image in my mind that just wouldn't leave: fifteen-year-old Brennan in an empty house, standing by the door. It slowly evolved from there, delving further into things I'd briefly touched on in previous fics, & ultimately becoming a short series of less-than-linear snapshots. A verbal panorama, if you will.

Note: First, there are a couple mild mentions of self-injury in this fic, so please be aware of that going in. Second, y'all know how I roll, so there are a handful of obvious quotes strewn throughout -- those will be cited at the end. We good? Good.

What was your question? Love is the answer. )
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Title: Bend Down and Whisper
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Author: rachg82
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: A/R
Word Count: 337
Spoilers: Daybreak, Parts I and II
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, which is a pity. Roslin would've worn that nightie again if I did.
Warnings: See above, re: spoilers. The tissues are complimentary!
Summary: "He'll build a home for her here, and then he'll say goodbye."

P.S. This is my first bit of writing for the BSG fandom, and it kind of came out of nowhere, honestly. That being said, I'm hoping it turned out okay. *crosses fingers*

It's time that we began to laugh and cry )
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1. Oh my God, self. Way to sleep in until 5 o'clock in the evening. GO TEAM. So much for taking a Jaunty Woodland Walk today! It is going to be so hard to rearrange this whole owl-like schedule I've fallen into, I swear.

FIVE O'CLOCK. It's not like I've never done it before, but sheesh. That is just ri-donkey kong-ulous.

2. At least I finished my PWP ficlet last night/this morning (whatever, "time". With your "AM/PM" nonsense! I MAKE MY OWN ROTATIONAL AXIS, EARTH. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Um…or something) Yay.

I do by the way consider it a fic, not a poem, although I'm okay with others calling it that if they want (which some have). cut for some writerly pondering )

3. There are legit snowflakes mixed in outside with the rain right now. It's almost March, yo. This is Oregon. That is simply NOT how we Montell Jordan 'round these parts. (haha, [livejournal.com profile] dosidella, I told you I'd make that a thing)

4. My ficlet wasn't large enough to warrant a full-fledged ginormous soundtrack this time, but I will at least share ten a small army of songs which may or may not have assisted in the writing process. Mini-Fanfic-Soundtrack: You Must Be This Short To Ride. (P.S. that's what she said) )

5. I'm about thisclose to calling Southland the BSG of cop shows. It's getting there. I can feel it. It's not *quite* there yet (Sammy held back! If he'd gone for it--and by "it", you know what I'm talking about--I would've given it that title. I was partially convinced he was about to turn the gun on himself), but it's on its way. The lighting, the gritty realism, the "We're gonna make you watch this scene with one hand over your mouth, because you KNOW WE AIN'T AFRAID TO BRING IT & we might be about to throw down, son"-shit, the acting, the *human* drama & comedy, the directing, allll of ittttt. I love it, love it, love it. I'm not at all cool with there being only a couple more eps left this season. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Ooh, and? I have a new theme song for John Cooper. Trick love da kids!. Hahahaha. Seriously though, I love what a freakin' SOFTIE he is every time anything comes up with foster kids. He just loses his shit. Screamin' at case workers, prowling the town, you name it. Then he slowly walks up to the kid like a gentle Mama Bear (or perhaps like a lion with a thorn in its paw--so many similes, so little time), and it's like, "I'm sorry. Who are you, again? Aren't you usually the hard ass?" Hee. I LOVE HIM. He's my favorite, after Lydia.

Come to think of it, oh my God, he's kind of an Adama. I wonder if he furiously brushes his teeth in the morning with a Care Bear Glare Stare & flails paint around when he cries?

6. Parenthood last night was am-aaaaa-zing, as usual. That show really, really gets the dynamic between siblings when it comes to having an addicted/shitty parent. Everything that went down in that storyline was just A++++. Also? Ha HA! at that scene with Syd and her grandparents. I've told you guys before about the time I was a kid & my stepmom ordered me to stay at the table until I ate her taco salad, right? Yeah, I stayed there until bedtime & didn't eat a bite. I WILL NOT EAT YOUR LETTUCE, WOMAN. I TOLD YOU & YOU DIDN'T LISTEN.

The clip with Max and the TV brought back some memories for me too, I have to admit. I'd like to think of myself as having been a good kid (and I really was, considering everything I had to deal with around me), but honestly? I raised some hell at times. Only rarely to that type of degree (that I remember), but when it did happen, it would be triggered by similar things--something not being done the same way as before/as planned/feeling out of control, etc. Like, you'll notice that whole argument for him started by him being upset that she didn't start the homework at the same time that Abby (his behavioral aid) did. He expected to still be allowed to watch TV, because she hadn't followed the rules properly herself; ergo, it was irrational of her in his opinion to expect him to. In my case, the particular memory that it inspired was different, but I just remember screaming at the top of my lungs at my stepmom because she wasn't washing my hair "right" in the bathtub (obviously I was still relatively young at the time), and how she told me years later she'd end up leaving the bathroom in tears sometimes because she didn't know what to do with me. I'd freak if she didn't bend my ears down ~just right~ (so no water would go in), I'd freak if she'd use the "wrong" type of glass for rinsing out the shampoo, et cetera. It was a whole big thing. And when I say "screamed at the top of my lungs"? I mean high-pitched, full-bodied *screamed*. Sitting there shaking & bawling, having a complete breakdown. "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! THAT'S NOT HOW YOU DO IT! I WANT MY MOTHER! YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER! I TOLD YOU TO DO IT LIKE *THIS*! YOU'RE STUPID!" My dad would have to walk in & try to intervene, bla bla bla. It ended with me "teaching" her the proper methods of bath giving, and eventually she just didn't give me baths while I was there (I'd just wait to wash my hair until I got home since I couldn't rinse it myself "the right way", at least until I was older & started showering, which wasn't until I was at least eleven or so--I was intimidated/scared of the shower & remember feeling like I didn't know "how" to do it). Yeah. Er, SORRY ABOUT ALL THAT, MARY. Heh. God.

I'm really looking forward to next week's episode, by the way. Max learning about his ASD will make that plotline contain so much more depth than it already does, which is saying a lot. I will be really bummed if Abby stays away though. I liked her. (Jasmine bugs me, too. Ugh. I still want her on the show, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure if she & Crosby are right together.)

7. I can't believe we have to wait two more weeks for Bones. What kind of shenanigans is this?

8. I really want ice cream right now. I choose to blame [livejournal.com profile] keenai for this.

9. I also feel like rewatching a BSG ep right now. Which one should I choose? (I'm leaning towards "33" since I was talking about it with Jen the other day, but I'm open to recommendations)

10. My Vid of the Day today comes from thay2504. I randomly came across it on YouTube last night, and omg the flaily hands it gave me. FLAILY HANDS. That ending! Brennannnnnnnn. You are my homegiiiiiiirrrrrrl.

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Title: The Candle in His Hand
Fandom: Bones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rachg82
Rating: A mild R, give or take.
Characters/Pairings: B/B
Word Count: 912
Spoilers: This baby is set post-"The Bikini in the Soup." Anything prior to that is fair game.
Disclaimer: Bla bla I don't own this show bla bla I don't own these characters bla bla I FIND IT HILARIOUS THAT WE'RE STILL WRITING THESE DISCLAIMERS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Hee.[/X-Phile from ye olde '90s fandom days of yore]
Summary: This one's for [livejournal.com profile] fourth_rose, who somehow managed to convince me that writing a PWP fic based on my porny sleep-deprived comments to her episode review the other day would be a ~great idea~. Somewhere along the line, it decided against being just a PWP fic--damn my pensive ways--but let's face it, this is still a dorky fangirl writing about Booth gettin' down to business. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

When lovers moan, they're telling our story )
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Take a look at your clocks--do you know what time it is? No, not Hammer Time. It's MUSIC TIME. Oh, baby.

*sounds trumpets*

Fanfic Soundtrack and whaaaaaat.

I will even take pity on your poor souls & merely link to the songs this time, rather than embed the vids. I thought including them within the actual post was better, because I personally hate having to open a new window/tab every second (so tedious), but then I found out doing so made people's browsers all "WHY DO YOU HATE ME?", so…yeah. Not so much.

Also, unrelated, but: am I the only one who hates using ALT+0133 to create an ellipsis vs. simply typing out the three dots? I hate how close together it makes the periods look; however, I know it's correct.

Moving on.

Just like last time, this soundtrack will be comprised of many things:

-songs that influenced the story.
-songs that played in the background & had absolutely nothing to do with the story.
-songs that reminded me of the story as I was writing it. Like a songfic in reverse! Hee.
-songs that remind me of the characters.
-songs that remind me of season 6.
-songs. Haha.[/obvious sarcasm]

Hot diggity dog. "That sounds like a lot of songs!", you might be saying to yourself. Well, you'd be right. Obviously, no one's going to sit & listen to all of these in one stretch. I'd suggest keeping it open in a separate window & coming back to it/letting it play while you do your thing elsewhere on zee interwebz.

Or ignore it. Whichever floats your boat. Either way, I'll still be able to come back to this playlist later & remember the experience. That's pretty much my main objective for doing these things.

Fanfic Soundtrack Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo )

*eta: Oh yes, and I was going to follow up on my fic here & add a few post-writey things (i.e. there was definitely a cathartic element to some of what got included. Now that it won't be a spoiler, I feel free to talk about it), but I'm tired now (so much linking!), so I'll come back to that later if I still want to. And obviously there'll be no Vid of the Day this time, because--seriously. Come on now.
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Title: Sunlight on a Broken Column
Fandom: Bones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rachg82
Rating: PG-13? R? Meh?
Characters/Pairings: Booth, Bones, Cam, Hannah…stuff & fluff…(no Pooh Bear, though. Oh, bother.)
Word Count: 7,455
Spoilers: I started this fic post-"The Doctor in the Photo" and just finished it today, so anything up to "The Bullet in the Brain" is fair game.
Disclaimer: This show is not mine, the characters are not mine, and the quotes I snuck in like a crazy reference-makin' ninja in the night aren't mine either. I'll cite them at the end, don't worry.
Summary: Booth, Brennan, life, friendship, love, perfection, cycles, regret, healing, and the universe. That about covers it, I think. (heh)
Personal Note: This one means a lot to me. As my flist knows, it's only my second fic ever, and it got me through a particularly difficult month (after an incredibly challenging year). It gave me a reason to keep going. There is so much personal meaning to some of my words here that it's almost more so a tribute than anything else. I love & relate to these characters so, so much. I hope I was able to convey that well.

But what I do know is to us the world is different )
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I actually wrote a whole big thing tonight jam-packed with lots & lots of family-related verbosity, but I'm just gonna save it as a private entry for now & may or may not post it in the future. Don't worry, nothing new has happened; it's just some memory-stuff, but y'know, heads-up. I should just write a memoir & get it over with. It'd probably end up rivalling the Mahabharata in length, though.

For now, since I have a migraine & need something to distract me (I slept in wayyyy late today, so I'm nowhere near tired yet), I thought it would be fun to get all music-y with you guys. I love when people rec me stuff (P.S. [livejournal.com profile] 5brokenfingers, I do plan on listening to those songs we talked about over the next couple days & will report back. *salutes*), so I can only assume at least a few of you might appreciate the same thing. Always fun to hear new music, right?

In this case, the playlist will be especially quirky, as it'll be comprised of the songs that either inspired or accompanied the writing of my fanfic. Good times, yes? I'll also be including the poem I quoted in the story (in case anyone didn't know it, though I doubt that's probable) + an excerpt of my writing from when I was 19 which kinda showed up as well + the random XF reference I threw in which may or may not have gone unnoticed. I LIKE TO BE RANDOM. Heh.

Playlist Powers: Activate! )

Whew. Now, I know no one could possibly have time to listen to all of those songs in one sitting, but I hope it gave you guys some good options for the future & that you enjoyed any you did listen to (or at the very least found my commentary interesting. Hey, you never know). Peace out, homebizzles.

*edited to add: P.S. I'm super behind on my friends-list, so don't me surprised if you guys start getting a bunch of random comments from me on old entries over the next few days, 'kay?
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Title: One Eye Pointed Upwards
Fandom: Bones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rachg82
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Brennan, Booth/Brennan, the whole Scooby gang
Word Count: About 7,800
Spoilers: Season 6, but nothing for "The Doctor in the Photo." I have yet to watch the episode & have been working like a mad woman all day to finish it.
Disclaimer: I don't own the show. Does this surprise you? Oh, if I only did. Also, as an additional disclaimer: I am giving a trigger warning for this story, only because there is language used in the beginning that could very well carry painful associations for some (i.e. words I would not normally throw around). I felt it was important to not hold back, however, in the interest of being honest.
Summary: This story is almost my love letter to Brennan in a way. Not only that, though, it's also my love letter to Booth, and Cam, and Angela, and the show in general. It's the first fic I've ever written--after fifteen years of reading fic--and only the second fictional story I've written in my entire life. The experience has been a very cathartic one for me, particularly because of how deeply I relate to Brennan as a character. This story is my attempt to show her in all her complexities & depth--her past, her present, and (hopefully) where she's going.

P.S. I wrote this without a beta, by the way. So: comments are love, but please be kind. Heh. Did I mention this is my first-ever fic? And that I put my heart & soul into it?[/is scared]

One breath at a time is an acceptable plan, she tells herself )

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