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1. We'll just get it out of the way first: I didn't go to work yesterday. My stomach was hurting most of the night, along with that morning, and it was just too much for me. My cousin called me last night to check in, and I think he sounded disappointed in me when I told him. Maybe not though. It's hard to tell. It may have been him feeling bad for me/worrying. Who knows. He was like, "They can't fire you if it's for medical reasons." And I was like, "Oh, yes, they can." Wouldn't it be nice if they couldn't, though? He kept trying to tell me I should look into FMLA, even after I told him it was only for employees who'd worked a certain amount of hours already, like, "Well, at least look into it!" I didn't have the heart to be like, "No, dude. You're wrong. I'm right. I'm sorry." Sometimes people just want to feel like they're helping, I guess, even when they're totally not (especially guys, it seems). So I just told him I would. And obviously confirmed what I already knew once I did. So, yeah. It was nice that he called though.

I do feel a bit down about it (and worried. I hope I can just pick back up on unemployment easily. I think I can, but don't know for sure yet), but I'm also trying to be reasonable about it. As [livejournal.com profile] sumpta said, I only have one body, but there are lots of jobs. My health takes precedent. And as [livejournal.com profile] keenai said, I should stop thinking so much of what I *should* do, and do what I want to do (within reason, obvs. Heh), meaning if I'd rather be going to school full-time than working full-time, I should try to make that happen. Or at least work part-time if necessary, while attending classes. I don't know yet. But I do know I want to look into it. Finally. And it's not like getting sick repeatedly doesn't cause issues with classes/schoolwork, but it's just different. And at least then I'd feel like my efforts are going into something that has meaning. The lack of meaning in the work I've been doing over the last few years has honestly been getting to me a lot.

2. On a positive note, I finished another section of my fic & am up to 3,000+ words now. Slowest fic ever, I know. But it's coming together. I have no idea if others will like it, but again, who's always right? [livejournal.com profile] keenai, that's who. (Well, and Jasmine. They sort of go together. Heh. Twinsies!) And so I'm not doing it for others. I'm doing it for me. That being said, if others do like it, that'd be a bonus.

3. Question for y'all: when, if ever, will it stop being hot? Listen up, fall, you need to be here now, aiight? No, not later. Now. I'm tired of sweating.

4. I rewatched "Bowling For Columbine" last week & also checked off a couple new docs from the list: "The Kid Stays in the Picture" and "King of Kong." I got so into the second one, ha. I was like, "HE HAD BETTER WIN THE WORLD RECORD OR I WILL BE PISSED." It kind of cracked me up how extremely-obviously aspie so many of the gamers were, too. JUST SAYING. Not surprising. (Bear in mind my dad's nickname for me over the years was "The Video Game Queen." Sooo, yeah. 'Nuff said.)

As for "The Kid Stays in the Picture," that was actually really entertaining & interesting. Robert Evans is a great storyteller, and he's lived an amazing life. Watch it.

5. The Energizer Bunny of Picspams lives on. I have three new categories. )

6. Speaking of BSG, it does my heart proud to see all the ads on BBC America. Hopefully lots of new people are joining the fandom because of it.

7. How gay was Rizzoli & Isles this week? I swear, every episode, it just gets gayer. cut for spoilers )

8. I watched "Saved" on Logo the other night, and I could've sworn I'd seen it before. But that could've just been because there were so many clips of it floating around a few years back. It was good times though. I am FILLED with Christ's love!. Haha.

9. I feel like I should come up with more things to say, because I like doing listy posts of 3, 5, or 10, but whatever.

10. See, I can just make my Vid of the Day my 10th point. So smart.

This one's by sandhyni:

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1. Two hours cleaning = I iz tired nao. No mas, por favor. Still need to do laundry though, ugh.

2. New icon, check it. I bet you feel gayer already. (Feel free to swipe as long as you give me credit.)

3. Speaking of R&I, I rewatched this week's ep last night and couldn't resist jotting down some of my favorite lines & moments this time: cut for spoilers )

4. I told y'all this tag of picspams would never end. Three new categories, ahoy )

5. Current finished its "50 Documentaries To See Before You Die" series last week, and the complete list can now be viewed here. I watched "Trouble the Water" and "An Inconvenient Truth" yesterday, both of which are on the list. Most everyone's seen An Inconvenient Truth, so I'll skip talking about it in detail, but I will say that I enjoyed it. As for Trouble the Water, it was really, really good. Great timing for seeing it, too, what with the six year anniversary of Katrina this week.

For my VotD this time, let's go with a Bones pick. This one's by BONESgeek & contains spoilers through season 6:

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1. The Energizer Bunny of Picspams continues. We've got another brand new category AND an update to #46. clicky )

2. I checked another doc off the list this week: Roger & Me (link to watch on YouTube + the trailer). Michael Moore before he was Michael Moore, alll the way back in 1989. I really enjoyed it, especially the editing. The juxtaposition at the end between Roger Smith quoting Charles Dickens and the family in Flint being evicted on Christmas Eve? Genius.

3. I renewed my icon package/paid account a few days ago, & it actually gave me three additional icon spaces for free, which: yay. Hence the adorableness above. I love themmm.

4. Speaking of FNL, I checked out season 3 from the library last night & am already done with the first disc. I'll probably have more to say after I get a bit further in, but for now I'll just reiterate my undying love for Eric & Tami, Landry, Tyra, Matt (and his grandma!), and basically everyone. Though I still sometimes want to smack Lyla & Julie upside the head, but that's okay. Heh.

5. I've made it my mission to do all the laundry sitting on my bedroom floor by next Friday. If possible, I'd like to also go through my wardrobe for items to give/throw away, because seriously. My dresser is full of shit I haven't worn in years. It's ridiculous. Whether I'll actually be successful in this endeavor is another matter, but we'll see.

For my Vid of the Day (this time by narvinek), I have some amazeballs shiznit for y'all. This was recommended by Coda on facebook the other day, so I have her to thank for my not missing it. Definitely one of the best BSG vids I've seen. I seriously cannot stop watching it. THIS is the show I love. Right here. SO intense, so good.

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Hey, y'all. So, it's my turn now for the [livejournal.com profile] bones_ga Love Month, and if there's anything I love doing, it's spamming people with a giant entry. Combine that with my love of lulzy moments & whattya get? Why, a picspam, of course. This picspam, to be precise.

The set-up for this one is pretty simple: 31 days in August + shamelessly large picspam = 31 random Bones moments that make me laugh. With commentary! Ooh la la.

Disclaimer: These are in no particular order of preference, except for #1, and this list is in no way exclusive. I definitely could've come up with more moments, and I encourage folks to add their own favorites in the comments. Let's amp up the spam levels, yo!

This-a-way for time-wasting goodtimes )
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So, I kind of felt like taking a small lj hiatus over the last few days, but it turns out that time passes really slowly when you're not working & have next to no social life. Hence, two or three days ends up feeling more like five. Meanwhile other people go weeks without showing up. Whatever though, I want to update now, so I'm going to.

This is gonna be a random one. (When is it not?)

-Hulu has season 2 of Arrested Development up for free right now, and I've slowly but surely been continuing my rewatch. Behold, the cracky results:

I'm gonna forever laugh at this Bones scene, now )

-As planned, I bought season 2 of FNL the other night, along with a smoothie. (mmm, smoothies) On a sidenote, there was a nice sunset while I was walking up there, and it gave me the idea of maybe buying some new paints. I've only been doing pastel & charcoal stuff for a while; it might be good to try some painting again. We'll see though. Oils are a pain in the ass to clean up.

Anyway, season 2 was only 15 eps long (because of the 2008 Writer's Strike), so I finished it in the span of two evenings.[/professional marathon champ] As always, I have some observations )

-I've been playing a lot of online games this week. Text Twist, Addiction Solitaire, and so on. Guess who can type up to 110 wpm with 94-96% accuracy? Oh, yes, that would be me. At least on TyperShark, anyway. Heh. BOOYAH.

-I missed my appointment with the naturopath again. Fail. Now I have to wait until Aug. 9th. Sigh.

-I'm still working on my BSG rewatch recap for the finale, but I decided to split it into more than one entry. That way it's not so picture heavy. As a bonus, that means I'm ready to post the first portion now.

Look at it like an opportunity to join the rewatch…without actually having to rewatch. Heh. Tastes great; less filling!

Daybreak Picspam/Recap: Part One )

And that's it for now! The second half should come relatively soon. Hope y'all enjoyed. I haven't watched SYTYCD yet tonight, so I'll talk about that later.

For my Vid of the Day, here's a fun & sweetly sentimental tribute to the cast & characters of BSG by Sczep84. This one makes me smile. I love these frakkers so much.

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I have a special spammy treat for you guys tonight. My friend [livejournal.com profile] lytab5 has been doing her own Hot 25 list (based on afterellen.com's annual Hot 100), and seeing as there are few things I love more than staring at pretty pictures of pretty women, I decided to be a copycat & make one too. Since I also enjoy being difficult, however, I'm making it a Hot 26--for one, because it's my favorite number (what? Hee), and two, because I'm a cheating cheater. I may or may not have also squeezed in two or three women in the place of one for a couple of the numbers. WHAT. They're connected!

I could've done a bigger list, too, but even I hold myself to limits here SOMETIMES. Heh.

…that being said, my limits are kinda weak when faced with OMGGORGEOUSWOMEN, so I'm totes providing two pictures for each hottie. Aaand I'm posting all 26(-ish, haha) winnahs right now, all in one go. It'll be a ~smorgasbord of sexy~.

P.S. Some of these pics approach NSFW, as a heads-up. God bless photographers.

rachg82's Hot 26…ish )

Hope you guys enjoyed! If you want to make your own Hot 25 (or 26, hee) list, please do. It'd be fun to see everyone's picks.

For my Vid of the Day, let's do an Arrested Development one (by saxmankk) since I'm rewatching season 1 right now on teh interwebz (blessed Hulu) & thus spent most of last night giggling like a fool. Then I checked to see if there was any news about a possible movie & watched recent interviews on YouTube with the creator/cast confirming everyone's on board now & A SCRIPT IS CURRENTLY BEING WRITTEN. I don't want to get too excited before it's actually green-lit, BUT: STEVE HOLT!

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LJ, are you quite done with your failathon yet? Don't make me turn this car around.

Anyway, that's not why I'm here. I come bearing festive greetings:

Congrats on the whole being born thing!

In other news: this week sucks. Other than people's birthdays, of course. Those are of the good. Everything else is less good. I'm having a hard time, honestly. Not sure what to say about it--or not sure I can get myself to say anything about it, whichever--but there you go.

I wanted to drop in to share bday wishes though, so--voila. ♥ you guys.

Going with the party theme above, I'll let Gary the Cylon send us off for our Vid of the Day:

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My head hurts, my period is starting, and FMM is getting cranky. Not in the faux-smacktalky way that I expected (i.e. the way that I like, where people are still having fun & laughing/messing *with* one another, not yelling *at* one another), but in an actually semi-personal, wanky/mean/angry, haterade-sippin', fun-killing sorta way. Where people are using capslock because they're all ~pissed off~ at other fans? (it makes me think of the South Park rabble-rabble crowds) Where they start their comments with, "UH." (you know what I'm talking about! With the condescending shit)

Time to booooouuuunce.

I think I got spoiled last year, with the Donna/Dana lovefest. Y'all were like my brothas from another motha'. I already knew it was nicer than normal (by what people said), but now I can really appreciate it. I was given false hopes.

Hey, at least we'll always have Paris.

So, yes. I'm outta there/done with the whole thing. The spirit of it has been flat-out ruined for me. It only took a few things (amidst many great posts/comments, to be fair), but it was enough. I would like to trade in this song for this one. See the difference?

I'm gonna go back to building a virtual bunker to hide in over at [livejournal.com profile] bones_ga, I think. It's nice over there. I need easy fun right now & kind words. Anything too harsh is straying into dangerous territory for me at the moment (I've got too much on my mind as it is--it doesn't take much). Oh, well. Live & learn.

On a positive note, look what I came across today. Number one, hilarious. Number two, it lets me once again (I need to just create a specific tag for this thing, though I guess the "my fandoms have random shit in common" one works too) add to my 51 Things Bones, X-Files, Buffy, Dollhouse, BSG, & Angel Have in Common Picspam, like so:

(note: the pic/macro of Scully below comes from the first link above & is credited to [livejournal.com profile] blackholevalley)

Haha, I couldn't resist. Once I saw it, I was just like, "OMG, COOKIE TIME."

Cheered me up a bit, anyway (which I needed). Hopefully you guys found it entertaining as well.

Since I'm awake & spamming everyone, I'll end this with a Vid of the Day before I go. This one is by racho14luvser and is a tribute to Parenthood--a lovely little show that makes me smile & cry & flail on a weekly basis. It's like a big bowl of mmm-mmm-good every Tuesday night.

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I'm so excited. Not only does Southland finally, FINALLY return this week on TNT (alieahoihoiheaigh), but Parenthood does as well. Jump onboard, folks. You won't be sorry. (For realio--we're talkin' a mini Bones/Zack, here. I want to cuddle him forever & ever. Not to mention Lauren Graham. What more do you need? Aaaand if that doesn't work for you, Southland has Regina King. With a shotgun. Bam.)

P.S. for those who want to catch up? ON DEMAND. Check it.

It's also possible I may be giving The Closer a chance, simply because Mary McDonnell's character & Kyra clearly need to make sweet, sweet sapphic love down by the fire. Bow chica chica *oonst oonst*. . .


In other news: I've been considering my next fanfic and it may or may not involve alcohol & a cracky costume party (take my idea & I'll pull a Stabby McKnifey on ya[/impotent & endearingly non-threatening affect]). We shall see. I was chatting all evening with [livejournal.com profile] keenai on New Years Eve, and told her I'd been planning for Brennan to dress up like either Margaret Mead or some tribal type and she was like "SNOOKIE!" and I died laughing. NO PROMISES though.

I'd also like to do something where she & Cam become besties. I have many ideas. Too many, frankly. CUT IT OUT, BRAIN.

I think I'm going to take a long jaunty woodland walk tomorrow so they can all simmer.

In other, other fannish news: remember the 51 Things Picspam I did last year, comparing what X-Files, Bones, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, & Battlestar Galactica all had in common? And how I kept adding to the tag as time went on? Right, well, time to add to it again )

While I'm jumping headfirst into my newfound River love too, I had to share a few more reasons for those of you who haven't watched Firefly yet to give it a chance. Summer Glau + space = win. Simple equation. )

In non-fannish news: My sister emailed me to say thank you for the gift I sent my nephew & niece, but managed to still be all mindfucky about it (not a surprise). Doesn't know why I deleted her off facebook. Really, Corinne? Really? After everything? After the tantrum, the abusive insults, the betrayal of trust? Ugh. And of course no mention of having the kids call me/etc, despite the fact that my gift invited them to contact me directly. Nope, of course it's about her wanting to talk to me & that's it, and how it's a "shame" I won't do that. Sorry, that's not happening right now. Go away. Talking to you equals a predictable cycle of drama & fuckery & I'm just so, so over it. Not to mention how over your games I am and how you keep your kids away from me when I don't let you have your way. Go screw yourself.

Ahhh, that felt good.

Needless to say, I didn't bother responding. I'm just in no mood to engage her right now. She needs to get a grip if she's going to ever re-enter my life. I thought when I began talking to her again in August that we could try having a relationship even though she was still wrapped up in my family's drama & hadn't gotten herself help, but it didn't work. I think it's kind of like when you're a recovering addict, they tell you to step away from friends who are still drinking/using/etc. I can't move on if I'm still constantly being pulled down by people who are drowning & have no intention of reaching for a lifevest, especially when they want to push me under as well. Which is exactly what my sister does, and then she blames me for caring afterward. It's just not okay.

I've just got to allow myself a clean break. Move on. And have faith that someday, one way or another, I will see my nephew & niece again. I don't know what will happen in the meantime, but I'm going to try--for once in my freaking life--not to overthink it. I need to focus on me. I NEED TO. I've got to take care of me, which I haven't been doing that great a job of for quite some time now. Whatever happens, I need to have faith Jayden will know I always loved him. That's what matters to me the most, honestly.

Wrapping this up, let's go with an Angel Vid of the Day (by iBadFred) to round out the "strangely literal & abrupt women" love affair above. This vid is like an HBIC wet dream of ass-kickin' goodness & is seriously making me question my own judgment as to why I don't own season 5 of this show on DVD yet. What the Hell, self.

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1. Choosing my icon today, it made me think of the BSG Kobol arc, and I seriously just couldn't help but laugh. Oh, Roslin. You're just so frakking bad-ass. "Oh, what's that? You won't return to Caprica? No problem. I'll just turn your surrogate daughter against you & have her go. Suck on that, homes. Wait, what's this now? You think you're gonna throw me in the brig & start a coup? HA. I wish you would! P.S. Send in your son when you leave, 'kay?"

Moral of the story, boys & girls? Don't make Mommy & Daddy mad. Haha. PEOPLE DIE.

2. Why must we wait until January 20th for new Bones? Not cool. You know what else isn't cool? The non-stop migraine I've had for almost a week now. Which, considering my head hurts every day anyway, isn't that strange. But this one is extra joyful & it WON'T GO AWAY FOR EVEN A MINUTE. Someone, please, stab me in my left eye with a fork. It would feel better, I assure you.

God, I hate hormones. (yes, I just wrapped up that time of the month. There's a reason for the exacerbated funtimes.<--and I do apologize for the bitching, btw. I have a very high pain tolerance, but sometimes I still need to whine. I am human after all. It fucking hurts, UGH. I feel pukey.)

3. Remember the Year in Review picture collage I mentioned? Well, I did it. I even finally got around to downloading GIMP & everything (I haven't had any photo editing software since the virus. I've just been using photobucket for icons if you can believe it<---and a mother cries in the ghettooooo[/sings] Ha). Unfortunately, I still had to use photobucket when it came to uploading the file, and the collage ended up too big for their size limits. So I had to cut it into three sections first, which annoyed me to no end (I didn't plan it that way & now it looks funny! Grr, argh.) Oh well. I'll share it anyway. It's still pretty! Also, it was uber fun to put together, as I included not only photos but also icons & random macros/etc from picspams & what-not. I totally recommend doing the same if you guys have time.

2010: Year in Pictures )

4. I did more job-hunting last night and this is all I have to say: *ties imaginary noose around head* YEAH. Seriously. As if it's not enough fun forcing oneself to apply for jobs you KNOW you'll hate, but then to also be forced to fill out tedious/headdesk-inducing applications despite having already provided your resume on top of that? Whyyyyyyy.

Afterward, I admit I was left feeling vaguely pointlessly stressed & I still haven't totally kicked the feeling. You know that sort of aimless anxiety/sadness that comes around & just *hangs*? And it's like, look, depression, I'm doing my best here. Can you just eff off? There's no 'i' in team! It gets worse for me too, because I stress when I don't know WHY I'm stressed (like an ouroboros of neuroses), all "Must fix! What do I doooooo", and I'll just sit there & try to figure out my whole life in five minutes like that's somehow gonna happen. Which of course it never does. Oh, Rachael.

5. [livejournal.com profile] keenai recommended a song to me yesterday, saying it made her think of me, and it made me feel all fuzzy & loved inside so I figured I'd share. Aww, Mary J. Blige, I wuv you )

My Vid of the Day comes from ChemAttraction and is all about Kara & Leoben. Automatically, you know that means it's going to be some intense & dark shiznit. Neckstabby goodtimes FTW! Aw yeah.

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Praise the Lord-ah, I do believe we have a miracle on our hands here, folks: I've finally written another BSG recap! And only nine months since my last one (and two months since my last tv recap in general). Heh. Way to be a slacker, self. But hey, better late than never, right? Plus, to make up for my slacker ways, this one's gonna be a doozy. As in, GET COMFY. I'm bustin' out some epic picspammy ramblin'!

I already have notes for my next Bones and XF Rewatch recaps too, so hopefully knocking this one out will motivate me to make some progress there as well.

Before I jump into my review though, I'll talk about my weekend for a sec first )

Now, in an effort to keep going with the normal business of life (and heh, I like how rambling for a hundred years about tv is my "normal business of life"), I do believe it's way past time to get back to my BSG recaps.

Blood on the Scales picspam/review. Prepare for head-smackin', eyeteeth-baring badassery )

So there you have it. In a nutshell: INTENSE. I swear, when this show brings it, it brings it *hard*.

Wrapping this up with a Vid of the Day, we're gonna go with this one by Sczep84 (one of my favorite vidders). You can't understand the mutiny without understanding the journey these people have been on already, and so much of that revolves around their search for Earth. Knowing that, and knowing what happens in "Revelations" and "Sometimes a Great Notion", it's not surprising shit went ballistic soon after:

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So, some of you may be asking yourselves, "Self, what's the best form of distraction when your life both sucks & blows?" Well, I have the answer for you. Picspams, baby. Pervy, pervy picspams.

(and yes, I did just fit the words "sucks," "blows," & "pervy" all into one paragraph. *takes a bow*)

Now, it's just a small picspam, mind you. Probably doesn't even deserve the name. But I'm going to call it a picspam anyway because I can. Rebel without a cause over here, yo.

So without further delay, I hereby give you:

Ten Pervtastic Reasons To Watch Battlestar Galactica (bow chica bow wow) )

As for why I needed a distraction tonight, that would be because I never heard back from my sister. cut for introspective rambling )

For the rest of the weekend, my plans are to attend an Al-Anon meeting tomorrow night, and go to a street fair with a friend tomorrow afternoon. I think getting out & being around people will do me a world of good.

But enough rambling and let's wrap this bad boy up with a Vid of the Day, shall we? To continue the "cheer up, Emo McEmoface" theme above, here's an awesome vid that [livejournal.com profile] bibliodragon shared with me the other day when I was sad. There are about 20+ of these in the series and they are all fucking HILARIOUS. I stayed up for hours last night watching them plus the vidder's Star Wars parodies just effing *dying*. I wish this guy (or girl) had their own show, seriously. Even this morning I woke up & randomly thought of a few of the videos & started laughing all over again. ~Dear Gary the Cylon, plz be my BFF 4eva.~

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All right, we're getting back in the swing of things here. Two posts in one week. Progress, yes? Soon hopefully I'll start getting better at commenting regularly on your posts too (I've been reading all of them, but my commenting has been spotty and I hate that), as well as my recaps. I'm so behiiiiind, gah. Good thing summer's coming.

Speaking of tv & summer though, I have two exciting things to say about shows coming back:

-VANGUARD. Yessssss. I love this show so hard. Like, you don't understand. When I saw a commercial for its return on Current, I literally squealed outloud. My neighbors might've heard. Yes, I'm a nerd. DON'T JUDGE.

-So You Think You Can Dance. YEAH, BABY. And not only is it coming back, but it's some kind of wacky All Stars deal. Woooo! Bring on the season 2 peeps!

But anyway, enough of that. On with the entry. . .

1. So who watched Bones this week? aheolaighoeaighoigh, RIGHT? Cut for finale spoilers, some random-ass BSG comparisons, and wild theorizing about next season )

2. Changing topics, it turns out I'm getting old. Here's how I know: it's time for my 10-year high school reunion. )

That's it for now, as I rambled far longer about those things than I planned to. I thought I could make room to talk about other things too from the last couple weeks (Al-Anon, my last couple counseling visits, some funny work stories & the switcharoo of desks that happened there--Meerkat Manor got split up! Well, sort of--and the email I received from my stepdad yesterday morning that unfortunately ruined my entire day before I was able to pick myself up again and enjoy my evening), but that's okay. I can always write about that stuff later, and it was a bit of a nice break to talk about easy stuff again. The rest can wait for now.

For my Vid of the Day, I'm gonna recycle a vid I've posted before (by doracaprica), but with an excuse. My reason? Because I want someone to make a vid to this song for Booth & Brennan now. This is totes a song I associate with Roslin & Adama, but as I was listening to it the other day, I realized it could also work now for Booth & Bones as well. And I want someone to make a vid for them set to it SO BAD. If I knew how to make vids, I'd do it myself, but I don't. So for the love of God, someone make it, and please, when it gets to the "letters I've written" part? You'd better have Brennan writing her book in the season 4 finale & the "nights in white satin" stuff better be set to them in bed together. Because COME ON NOW.

P.S. I'd also really like someone to redo a vid for Roslin & Adama to this song with the complete version--not the truncated one--and with clips from all four seasons. Can someone get on that shit for me, please? But nonetheless, I love this vid even so. It's dark and aching & graceful & simple, just like the song & just like them.

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Just a heads-up to those of you awaiting replies to comments and emails from me right now: my yahoo email account has its panties in a twist over something and keeps freezing & acting ridiculously slow on me everytime I try to use it lately, so I'm giving it the silent treatment this weekend in the hopes it'll get its act together to woo me back (totally rational, right?). At least I can still reply to the comments that I remember to go back to directly from lj though, except of course when lj decides to act up like it did the other day (WTF was up with that, anyway?), but still. Sorry for the late replies though, but I promise I'll try to catch up on them next week a little at a time.

Anyway though. Who's in the mood for some TV Ramblin'? I hope you guys are because I've got some XF Rewatch-y goodtimes for ya, including the introduction of my brand new X-Files Drinking Game (get ready to get SHITFACED, whoooo).

P.S. I also wrote up my notes for the 100th ep Bones recap I'll be doing, but I don't want to overwhelm you guys with too much rambly flail in one entry, hee. So I'll be doing that tomorrow or Tuesday, once I finish my taxes (which I sort of haven't done yet. *hides*)

Before I jump into the TV-Ramblin' though, I also had some real-life stuff to cover too:

Apparently a memo went out to my family members to try to contact me this week. )

Anyway though, enough real-life blathering. Onto the stuff that really matters: television!

XF Rewatch flaily flail: Deep Throat )

All right, y'all, there goes another one! Next up: "Squeeze." Oh hells muthafuckin' yes. WHAT UP, TOOMS. WITH YOUR FREAKY ASS. GO AHEAD & TRY TO COME EAT THIS LIVER. I WISH YOU WOULD.

For our Vid of the Day today, I feel like goin' with a random one I came across tonight. This one takes one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite musicals, edits it to the characters from Sesame Street (which makes sense considering the musical the song is from is Avenue Q), and the result is awesome awesomeness. My favorite lyrics, in case you're curious?

"Why are you all so happy?"
"'Cause our lives suck!"


"You win!"
"I feel better now!"
"It sucks to be yooooooou!"

Hahaha. (((Avenue Q)))

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So, I've got a few things I wanted to update about tonight. We'll just go through 'em one at a time:

1. I meant to post about this yesterday, but forgot because of my fail brain this week. Frak. Well, better late than never, right?

I hope you had a great one, sweetie! I'm assuming it was full of much Adama/Roslin & Mulder/Scully shipping. You are quickly turning into a mini-me (except probably taller). Ha. :-)

2. Speaking of BSG, I had the most ridic idea ever tonight and knew you guys would appreciate it. Try & tell me this wouldn't be hilariously brilliant: a BSG crack!vid set to the theme song of ~Gilligan's Island~. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT. Three hour tour, bitches! *lulz forever* Please someone make this happen.

3. So I'm sure you all remember the giant picspam I did a while back for the 51 things BSG, XF, Buffy, Angel, Bones, & Dollhouse had in common, right? Well, I thought of another thing I can add to the list tonight. Here's number 52: I'm on a boat, bitch! )

4. How many of you guys are watching Amazing Race this season? I have a few words I'd like to share with the stupid bitchass homophobe Miss California if you all don't mind:

Dear "the Iraq & such as",

I know you don't understand why "those lesbians" are "so mean" to you, and make fun of you for your tiara. Here's the deal. Maybe, just maybe, it could be because of your ASSHOLE comments about same-sex marriage. JUST A THOUGHT. Kindly fuck off & die.

P.S. I laughed & laughed when you guys forgot your coconut & had to go back. Please keep making mistakes like that. IT GIVES ME SUCH JOY IN LIFE.


(also: GO COWBOYS!)

5. From what [livejournal.com profile] bsg_stardust told me, it looks like we're all set to go for the XF rewatch and should be starting it with the first two episodes ("Pilot" and "Deep Throat"<---*twelve-year-old snicker*) around the end of this week. Most likely I'll do a post to include a few of my thoughts as well as hers, and then you crazy lot can jump in and comment & we'll have us a gay ole time of XF shenanigans. From that point on we'll do our best to maintain a schedule of about 1 to 2 eps a week, but we'll have to play it by ear obviously based on our schedules. Get ready for super random flail, people, because I rewatched a few s1 episodes the other night in preparation (y'know, to get in the mood, heh), and had forgotten the type of shit that gets me goin' when it comes to XF. "Mulder's hands are so pretty!" "Lulz, early '90s ATMs, haha!" "WTF IS UP WITH THOSE TIGHTS, NOOOOO SCULLY." "Oh, Mulder, YOU JUST GOT SERVED BY THE MUTHAFUCKIN' EYEBROW, WHAT UP!" And so on. Hee. So uh yeah, just brace yourselves now.

6. Speaking of TV flail, I feel so bad that I never finished my Dollhouse or BSG season 4.5 recapping during the tv hiatus like I'd planned. In my defense though, my real life sort of blew up in my face as you guys know all too well, so I'm kind of just glad I managed to stay even remotely in one piece during all of it. Still, I definitely plan to get back to the BSG recapping eventually (that's a for sure thing), so I wanted to make that clear. I'm not sure if I will end up recapping the last few eps of Dollhouse though. That one we'll just have to see about. But if you guys care about me finishing up the Dollhouse stuff, let me know and I'll make sure I get back to it too. Otherwise I'll just put it on a "maybe" list & get to it if I feel like it & have time later on. Most likely the BSG recaps will just come periodically over the next few months, in between the XF rewatch posts & Bones posts and so on. And if no one cares that's cool too, hee. But I still care, so I'm going to get back to them regardless. I just felt like giving a status update about it because I'm nerdy like that. And for those who might care, trust that the next BSG recap will totes be picspammy because it'll be for "Blood on the Scales." Which is partly why I feel so guilty for having gone so long not getting to it. Because seriously, WTF has caused me to wait so long to picspam the fuckin' "I AM COMING FOR ALL OF YOU" scene?! WHO AM I?

7. Remember my recent money-savin' mojo? Happy to say it's still in effect. I got my imitrex refilled last night & managed to convince them to match Costco's price again, even though I found out they're only supposed to do that if the pharmacy is within 5 miles (which they're not). That saved me over $150. Yeah, baby! *high-fives universe*

8. Except the universe unfortunately gets followed up with a *bitchslap* after its high-five, because my sister and I haven't talked since Sunday, which is just pissing me the hell off. I TOLD HER months ago I didn't want to talk to her about her problems with him anymore, and she said she was okay with that. Why is she all of a sudden not accepting it now and making me the bad guy for it? This is really not something I need to be dealing with right now at all.

9. In other news, I did return to work on Monday and talked to my boss. )

10. Lastly, I thought I'd let you guys know how the Topamax is working so far. )

For my Vid of the Day today, I figured I'd run with the "I'm on a ship boat, bitch!" theme I set above and post this vid by alltimemcfly. *Oh Trekkies, ILU.* (P.S. For the record, this vid is also what made me think of the Gilligan's Island idea, hee. It came to mind for me when I was on the hunt to see if someone had done a BSG vid for T-Payne's "I'm on a Boat," which I'm shocked & appalled to find has not been made yet either. What the hell, yo!)

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Soooo, here's the thing. When throwing your fangirl dogtags in the ring for a fight, you probably shouldn't publicly announce first that you don't think Adama & Roslin made with the sexytimes on New Caprica. I'm kinda thinking that didn't help sway votes in my favor as it's sort of a minority opinion. Haha. Still, SO MUCH FUN though. And hey, I think I still held my own over there pretty dang well, considering! *shadowboxes*

In other news:

1. I started the Topamax last night and I feel. . .weird. Okay, but weird. )


(P.S. For those of you who are too young to get the reference, do yourself a favor in the interest of hilarity and watch this clip. Just say no, kids!)

3. I'm finally done gathering pictures for my Roslin picspam (I now just need to put them together), and I hope you all appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this! Ha. Okay, so there hasn't really been any blood or sweat. But there have been tears. I mean, hello, I had to go through the finale, guys. I started tearing up on, like, page ONE. Heh. But I actually did have a point here, and that's that I noticed something while looking throught the screencaps for Adama's final scene that I hadn't ever noticed before, and it sorta killed me dead, so I had to see if you guys had noticed it too )

4. While I'm on the subject of television, I caught up on some last night courtesy of my BFF, a.k.a. the DVR. And while I don't have anything real spoilery to say right now, I do want to add a few things:

-Re: Caprica. I'm still two weeks behind, so don't spoil me please, but raise your hand if you're shipping Amanda Graystone & Sister Clarice at all. 'CAUSE YOU BEST BELIEVE I AM RIGHT NOW.

-Re: The Amazing Race. Raise your hand if you experience a moment of pure schadenfreude bliss everytime Miss California "the Iraq and such as" does or says something stupid. When she didn't know who Joan of Arc was the other night? I laughed & laughed. And then was like, "of course you don't."

-Re: Parks & Recreation. Raise your hand if you adore this show, but want to irrationally reach into the tv screen & hug Jerry every other second. STOP BEING SO MEAN TO HIM, SHOW. (((Jerry)))

5. And, lastly, since my sister knew I'd been told to take the rest of the week off (so I had no choice as to whether to return to work today) and she desperately needed someone to watch the kids while she went to the dentist, I babysat briefly for her this morning. And it wasn't for long at all, so I don't have a bunch of cute stories this time, but I do have two things to share )

For our Vid of the Day, we're gonna continue the crack theme I've had going all week and let pennyfeline answer the age-old question, "What happens when you combine 'Married With Children' with BSG?" One word: "Grumblepadama." Hee.

rachg82: (XF fangirl)

Your vote is needed.

As we all know, Roslin sadly got voted out already, but many of my other homegirls are still alive over there. Now: Lorelai, Brennan, Buffy, & Veronica all have safe buffers at the moment & are sittin' pretty, and Kara's so far behind I'm just gonna let her go (sorry, Starbuck), but Scully. . .as in Dana frakkin' "I AM A MEDICAL DOCTOR & I WILL PWN YOU WITH MY SKEPTICAL EYEBROW" Scully. . .is less than a hundred votes above Dean Winchester. DEAN WINCHESTER, PEOPLE. WHO ALREADY WON LAST YEAR. DON'T MAKE ME PULL A ROSLIN & AIRLOCK ALL OF LIVEJOURNAL, BECAUSE I WILL. SCULLY HAD BETTAH WIN THIS BITCH, SO HELP ME GOD.

And if you need more reasons to vote Scully?

I am here to help )
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For those who haven't seen it already:

The people voting so far must be high because Roslin is not winning in the BSG category & Echo is currently beating out DeWitt. And Topher is beating both of them, which I can tolerate, but Echo?! Beating DeWitt? And anyone beating Roslin? And WTF is up with Anya only having 3% of the vote for Buffy? I realize she hasn't a snowball's chance in Hell of winning, but only 3%? THIS CANNOT STAND.

And for those of you who don't watch BSG and still need a little extra help knowing who to vote for in that category? I AM HERE TO HELP:


Also, remember the "First Time fan-debates" in my picspam earlier? Well, shit's about to get real because I'm ready to announce my verdict on the issue for both XF and BSG.

Fangirl Brawl in 3, 2, 1. . . )
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All right peoples, remember that epic picspam I told you about? Well. . .*drumroll*. . .I finally finished it! And I'm a major uber dork, because I'm actually kind of proud of it, so if you like it please let me know, and then I'll have something to validate all this massive time-wasting obsessive fangirling.

And once again, credit for at least part of the inspiration behind this goes to [livejournal.com profile] nnaylime for her recent picspam comparing BSG to Buffy.

Now, without further ado, on with the picspam!

(P.S. Obvious spoiler warning is obvious.<---probably not even needed, but just in case!)

Click here for picspammy funtimes )
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Ah, the joys of having an addict parent. Let's say you go to the doctor for migraines, right? And let's also say you are given a prescription for pain pills to treat said migraines when they get severe. Within two days, you are 100% guaranteed to get a call from your mother asking you to give her some. And when you refuse? She will hang up on you. Good times![/sarcastic]

It's fine though, because while I'm annoyed about it (hence the current mood status), I'm not particularly surprised or upset. It's just irritating is all, so I felt the need to share. Sharing is caring, y'all. Heh.

Moving on, I'm feeling random tonight and think it's about time for one of my Random Posts of Random:

Random Point #1: I finally watched the Dollhouse finale this week and I have one question for all of you:


For serious, people, I may have to go into some kind of DeWitt Rehab Center to deal with the withdrawals (hey, Mom, you have your addiction, I have mine). And. . .clearly I have been single for far too long. Haha. But I need my Adellllllllllle, yo. *is sad*

Cut for more Dollhouse ramblage & spoilers )

Random Point #2: I think the whole world is watching Lost right now. Except for me that is. At work yesterday, one of my neighbors (the same one who kept wishing me a Happy Birthday last week and who also fyi said it to me again yesterday, hee) mentioned that he had to make dinner for his room-mates that night and wanted to know what we considered a "Lost-y" meal in honor of the premiere. Hahaha. You have to admire that kind of batshit fan-devotion. I mean really. Not that it's enough to make me watch the show necessarily, but the fangirl in me appreciates the nuttery nonetheless.

Random Point #3: As noted above, I went to the doctor's this week. I don't think I feel like going into all the details right now (I might at some point in the next few days though, we'll see), but I talked with her about my migraines & stomach problems and the general game-plan consists of the following three things: 1. A low-dose anti-depressant because apparently my issues with stress/tension/anxiety are not totally of the past (or so she believes at least, which to be fair I can understand. Despite how much better I do these days, I have had problems with generalized anxiety my whole life & my life has been especially stressful lately. Jury's still out on whether I completely agree that I need it right now--and how I feel about taking one again in general--but I'm willing to give it a try because my body is just unrelenting fail lately & if anxiety etc is exacerbating that, I need to do something about it), 2. possibly taking Topomax in a month once we know how I react to the anti-depressant (Topomax is a drug that used to be meant for preventing seizures, but is now frequently prescribed to prevent chronic migraines), and 3. Stopping the excedrin for at least 7 days to eliminate rebound headaches from the mix, which should be fun in that impossible & hellish kind of way. I'm going to wait a few days to start that though, just so I can see what effects the anti-depressant does or doesn't have first. And somewhere in that timeframe I'm also going to see if there's some insurance I can afford that would cover prescriptions like Imitrex & Topomax, because I'm not really in the mood to go bankrupt and both of those drugs are mothereffing ridiculously expensive. So yes. On the bright side though, guess who lost seven pounds since she last saw her doctor in November? THAT WOULD BE ME. GO TEAM.

Sidenote: I'm also thinking of going on a gluten-free diet (for health reasons, not to lose weight. Although the losing weight would be a bonus), but I haven't decided on that yet as I need to do more research first. I just felt like mentioning it because one of my other coworkers and I were talking about it today, and it's always been something I've wanted to try. If any of you know anything about it or have actually done it, feel free to chime in with advice/information/etc.

Random Point #4: And finally, because I'm feeling extra random today, who's in the mood for a Roslin/Adama picspam o' cuteness? )

Vid of the Day: History Nerd Edition )

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