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1. Just made a rice protein smoothie with those blueberries I bought at the Farmers Market, plus added rasberries, bananas, honey, & a combo of rice & almond milk. It was pretty much the biggity biggity bomb. Just so y'all know.

2. It's about time for an icon meme, methinks. Taken from [livejournal.com profile] torigates:

my answers )

3. Since tomorrow is Labor Day, I won't be working. As for today, I worked 6 am - 1 pm instead of the normal 6:35 am - 5:05 pm Sunday shift I would've had. It's amazing how short a seven-hour day feels when you're getting used to ten. Unfortunately, I won't get holiday pay since I don't qualify yet, but I'll be working a full day on Tuesday & a half-day on Wednesday to make up for it. I'll even get something like two hours of overtime pay, technically. I'll probably exhaust myself in the process, but whatevs. I really need money. Currently, I have something like thirty-odd dollars to last me the next two weeks. GOOD TIMES.

4. Speaking of work, behold my favorite customer quote of the day (re: the increasing absence of pay phones on the streets due to everyone getting cell phones): "I mean, where's Superman gonna change his clothes?"

Also, gotta love the 90 year old woman I helped get signed up today, who, when asked if she had an email address, was like, "What's that?" Cue me answering, "Email? You know, on the internet?" And her shouting (they always shout, haha), "Internet?! What?" And me again, like: "Um, internet…like on a computer?" And then her final response of, "OH, I DON'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE. I'M LUCKY IF I CAN FIGURE OUT MY TV, HONEY." Hee!

FYI: I heard yesterday that the oldest customer we have is 106. Apparently he's pretty with it, too. *106* (it bears repeating). I can't even. He would've been three when the Model T came out. And he has a cell phone before I do. Haha.

5. A lot of my flist has been doing this, most recently [livejournal.com profile] keenai, so I'll jump on the bandwagon. Here's my Fall/Winter TV Schedule )

That's all for tonight. For my Vid of the Day, let's celebrate the upcoming return of Community this month (not to mention season 2 coming out on DVD) with some awesome Abed quotes, edited together by tvgirl17:

ETA: I can't resist:

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-I'm feeling especially sleepy & lazy right now. What I'd really like to do is plan an evening in front of the TV with pop & snacks, but nooo.

-There's an ACA meeting this afternoon, but there's also one on Monday evenings. I'd have to get ready in a hurry (and pay for a cab) to go to the one today without being late, so I'm kinda tempted to do the Monday one instead. Especially because public transit is more convenient on weekdays.

-I do however want to go somewhere today. I just don't want to rush. I'm thinking I'll make myself a sandwich for lunch, take a shower, and then bus it down to Portland. I can make a pitstop at Forest Park to finish [livejournal.com profile] gina227's photo meme question from way back & then take care of [livejournal.com profile] keenai's by hitting up Voodoo Doughnut. The one downtown is still closed for renovation, but dear God have I been craving their donuts something fierce lately, so I don't even care--I'll go to the NE one. And I can excuse the gluttony by having taken a walk. TADA.

-[livejournal.com profile] teachlikeroslin and [livejournal.com profile] scifi_mel have created their own Hot 25 lists as well, in case some of you missed them & would like to see. You can find them here & here.

-Big-ups to New York, y'all. I'm sure you've all heard the news by now, so I'll just say this: I really needed a big smile this week & they delivered.

-Many of you on my flist are bemoaning the late Fall premiere of Bones this year & wondering how you'll fill your time. Fortunately, you have me, the TV-obsessed oompa loompa who never tires of pimping new shows. May I suggest any of the following? )

-I worked on my fic a bit more last night. It still feels a lot like chipping away at a huge block of granite, but sometimes that's just how it goes. At least there's progress being made, albeit incredibly slowly. I guess on the bright side the longer summer hiatus means less of a hurry for things like this.

-I put a temporary halt to my BSG rewatch after my uncle's death (being at the end of s4, I think most of you will understand why), but I think I'm ready to jump back into it now, once my TV's working again that is. I only have a few eps left. Pretty sure the finale's gonna kill me, but I don't mean that in a bad way. It'll just be emotional because of the subject matter.

Anyway, I'm gonna get going now, before I can convince myself that napping would be a better way to spend the rest of the day.

For my VotD, here's an appropriately themed song:

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I have a special spammy treat for you guys tonight. My friend [livejournal.com profile] lytab5 has been doing her own Hot 25 list (based on afterellen.com's annual Hot 100), and seeing as there are few things I love more than staring at pretty pictures of pretty women, I decided to be a copycat & make one too. Since I also enjoy being difficult, however, I'm making it a Hot 26--for one, because it's my favorite number (what? Hee), and two, because I'm a cheating cheater. I may or may not have also squeezed in two or three women in the place of one for a couple of the numbers. WHAT. They're connected!

I could've done a bigger list, too, but even I hold myself to limits here SOMETIMES. Heh.

…that being said, my limits are kinda weak when faced with OMGGORGEOUSWOMEN, so I'm totes providing two pictures for each hottie. Aaand I'm posting all 26(-ish, haha) winnahs right now, all in one go. It'll be a ~smorgasbord of sexy~.

P.S. Some of these pics approach NSFW, as a heads-up. God bless photographers.

rachg82's Hot 26…ish )

Hope you guys enjoyed! If you want to make your own Hot 25 (or 26, hee) list, please do. It'd be fun to see everyone's picks.

For my Vid of the Day, let's do an Arrested Development one (by saxmankk) since I'm rewatching season 1 right now on teh interwebz (blessed Hulu) & thus spent most of last night giggling like a fool. Then I checked to see if there was any news about a possible movie & watched recent interviews on YouTube with the creator/cast confirming everyone's on board now & A SCRIPT IS CURRENTLY BEING WRITTEN. I don't want to get too excited before it's actually green-lit, BUT: STEVE HOLT!


May. 20th, 2011 12:29 am
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Bones reactions ahoy!

(spoilers for the finale, obvs)

P.S. For my Vid of the Day, allow me to show a little love to Julie Goldman (i.e. the Julie I mentioned above):

ETA: Ughhh, the slightly sick feeling I had when I left this voice post? Has now (at five in the morning) turned into a barfatorium/cha cha cha two-for-one-special situation. Aaand my nose is running. I DO NOT APPROVE, IMMUNE SYSTEM. PICK ONE TYPE OF SICKNESS, YOU A-HOLE. YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR CAKE & EAT IT TOO.

(Psst, [livejournal.com profile] dosidella, if you're reading this: I bet this is due to all that GLUTEN![/loves beating a dead horse])
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1. The first section of my fic finally feels polished & complete, allowing me to move on to the next part. It's at about 1,620 words right now, and I could--if I wanted--probably get away with posting it as its own ficlet. I don't want to though, because I want to cover more stuff, and I'm not a fan of doing things in chapters as a WIP (for my own stories, I mean). But I'm glad to at least feel like I'm making more progress now. This one has really been tedious & slow-going, mostly probably because it's really important to me that I get it right.

2. I had a dream last night that St. Vincent (as in the singer) was my girlfriend. IF ONLY. Of course I was also apparently dating Booth (and there were two of him, might I add. I was only with one, however. The other was douchey. Ha. CLONES TODAY, I tells ya).

3. Speaking of fictional boyfriends )

4. I got my ACA book in the mail the other day. See, I knew it wouldn't take 4-6 weeks. Now to start reading it.

5. One of my meetup groups is going to a free classical concert event next week, and I signed up to go. So far there's only one other person going though, heh. But there's another meetup group (for music) that we'll be meeting up with there, so I'm assuming there'll be at least a handful of people attending. Hopefully it's a good performance.

That's pretty much it for now. There's other things I could talk about too, but they're even more boring.

For my Vid of the Day, how about three random ones? )
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You know this shiznit is going behind a spoiler cut:

Booooooooooones )

I'll end this with a song. I'm gonna go watch that ep again. And again. And then again again again. Heh. Also, Community + Parks & Rec. I'll talk about those next time.

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1. I was talking about peanut butter cups with [livejournal.com profile] keenai yesterday, and I told her I'd post the recipe I use for peanut butter cup cookies in my next entry. Behold: deliciousness )

2. Since I enjoy tedious, time-consuming projects, I've been going back through old entries & tagging any that included IM convos. I've made it to March, 2003! Heh. This will take forever. It's fun though. I used to post them on my LJ much more often than I do now. They're funny to reread years later.

While sifting through stuff, I've come across a LOT of surveys & memes, too (my favorite survey response? "What's your orientation?"/"I'm straight. So far." Ha HA. Way to leave yourself an out--pun intended--there, in denial!previous self). I thought it'd be fun to redo one now & see how different (or similar) the responses I get are. Considering four of the eight people who commented to it then are still regular commenters now (more than eight years later--I think that's sort of amazing), it should be interesting.

I _____ Rach.
Rach is _____.
If I were alone in a room with Rach, I would _____.
Rach needs _____.
I want to _____ Rach.
______ is my first memory of Rach.
Every time I see/hear ______, I am reminded of Rach.
I'd give _______ to Rach, if I had the chance.

Fill it out, amigas!

3. I haven't done this in a while, so 3 songs I'm listening to today )

4. Who else saw the Parenthood finale last night? Let's talk about it )

5. For my Vid of the Day, here's some funny snark:

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I feel very productive at the moment. Not only did I take out all my trash, but I also did the dishes (finally--OMG, it was so gross. I had to cover my mouth), swept, cleaned the counters, & took a shower.

Also? I ate two meals yesterday. First time I've done that since probably January (that resolution worked not so well. It's funny because the cliched normal resolution would be to eat LESS. Le sigh). Of course then I got a gnarly migraine around bedtime & ended up throwing up everything I've *ever* eaten, but it's the thought that counts. I haven't vomited from a headache like that I don't think since the last time I went off the topamax; once again, I just don't know how to weigh the pros & cons here. Whether I should go back on it later (remember my refills would've ended in July anyway & I owe that doctor money--it's already gone to collections, so it's past the point of simply paying her back & seeing her again. I'd have to find another doctor once I'm at my new job & either have some type of insurance or can afford the cost of a visit out-of-pocket). I wish I could find another preventative med similar to it that didn't cause so many side effects (i.e. the appetite suppression--which I obviously don't need; plus possibly adding to tiredness, depression, & eye pain/light sensitivity--all of which I already have normally. Etc…). Argh.

Really, my main concern is just that I don't want to screw up another job opportunity because of health issues, y'know? There's only so much you can do to predict/ward off migraines. Sometimes they just show up out of nowhere, like a REALLY undesirable house guest. "HAI THERE, FRIEND! MIND IF I CRASH?" Um, yes. Yes, I do. *glares at body*

I also don't want to take something that makes climbing out of this funk any harder than it has to be, though. So, you can see my predicament. I wish I could just have some kind of magic brain surgery or something. OY.

Anyway though. This is interesting only to me, so I'll move on.

In other positive news: I also worked on my fic a little yesterday. I've been feeling very blocked on it, mostly because I think I just put too much pressure on myself ("THIS ALL SUCKS! I'M DONE! NO ONE WILL LIKE IT! I DON'T EVEN LIKE IT! WAH! I CAN'T EVEN THINK! THERE'S TOO MANY WORDS!"), but also because I've had so much of the sit-and-stare action going on. Where you just stare at nothing & feel utterly *frozen*, if that makes sense. I freaking hate that. But this time I put on my headphones--to minimize outside sound; I wasn't in the mood for music--and forced myself to stay put until I wrote SOMETHING. Then I forced myself to keep writing, even if I had to delete/rewrite my words every other second. Not much progress was made, but after a while I did start to feel like I was getting somewhere. Back in the zone, in other words. I plan to try again today, hopefully.

In weird news: I dreamt about a bear, dogs, & TONS of candy/cookies/pastries last night. According to my subconscious, here's what you should do if a wild bear ever appears in your room: hide under the covers, run into a bathroom, or stay perfectly still & let it stand on its hind legs in front of you like it wants to dance. You know, as one does. What the hell, brain.

In TV news:

-Why was there no Community or Parks & Rec last night? Does anyone know how long they'll be on hiatus?
-Parenthood this week was good, as usual. I like that Amber didn't get into any colleges. She's smart & she works hard, and it's realistic to show that sometimes things still don't work out. I'm looking forward to them mainstreaming Max next year, too. I loved the scene where he was answering all the questions on Cash Cab, like "I can't believe they didn't get that!" Haha. That's so me every time people don't know things on a game show that I know. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT? YOU FAIL, SIR! FAIL!" Hee. I'm also starting to warm to Jasmine more & same goes for Crosby. Their current storyline is very relatable. The best part of the ep, though (imo) was the final scene with Julia & her husband, talking about their troubles getting pregnant. That was sad & very well-acted. I think they'll go the adoption route, personally. (P.S. I still have the hots for both of them, in case anyone's curious. Heh. Tell me I'm not alone in this! They are a damn good looking couple)
-After rewatching the pilot for Southland, this is all I have to say: 1. WANT IT BACK, 2. Naaaaaaaate, and 3. John Cooper FTW.
-Lastly, an update on the BSG rewatch: I'm done with seasons 2.0/2.5. "Scar" surprised me, because it made me frakking WEEP this time. Like, having to hold it in-type weeping. Something about Kara's "I've got nothing to lose" in the viper (especially in light of what happens later in "Maelstrom". I mean, you've got Kat yelling, "You're committing suicide, Starbuck!" So, yeah) + the pictures on the memorial wall + her standing up & listing all the names of the dead pilots at the end & Helo telling her she has "something to live for now". GAH. It just really got to me. After "Epiphanies"--and up to the finale--2.5 is mostly pretty meh to me, though. At least in comparison to how good seasons 2.0/the end of the Pegasus arc in 2.5 was & everything after it in season 3 anyway. I do love Caprica Six having a Head Baltar, though. Hee. That never gets old. And of course I enjoy the finale. Duh. Giggly!Roslin, "Why don't you go frak yourself", Cavil messing with Tyrol's head, and--above all else--that epic shot of Baltar at his desk. Boom, ONE YEAR LATER. Cylons marching, Adama & his frakstache, Roslin as a teacher, Kara with long!hair, Festively Plump Leemo (hee), the whole thing. Bring it on, New Caprica!

P.S. Every time I watch that "one year later" bit now, I think of the Bones season 5 finale and this macro/entry. Heh. Baltar as a fic writer for Bones would be cracky hilarity. Come to think of it--SOMEONE SHOULD WRITE THAT. Like, write the story from his POV. Hahaha. Metaaaaa. I can so see him watching the show: "Why don't they just bloody frak already? For frak's sake!"

For my Vid of the Day, I've got one of those "I enjoy this for the music as much as the vid itself" dealios. This song has been stuck in my head all afternoon, for real. (and for those who like to know these things, this is by freelancerxo02)

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Random Music Spamming Time--everyone gather 'round.


1. Throwback song I've been listening to all day without knowing why: Uh Oohhhh. *clap clap cla-clap-cla-clap-clap-cla-clap* (don't act like you don't do that too) What the eff. Random.

2. From my pervy brain to yours--a song to prompt/inspire the smut writers out there: Awww yeah.

Also, this lovely song fits nicely for B/B. Not necessarily for a vid (probably too slow), but stuff like this helps me when I'm writing. It puts me in the right mood.

3. Speaking of, here's one of the songs I'm listening to as I prepare to start the next section of my own fic (I've posted it here before, but TOO BAD. Watch me care. Heh): Nothing Can Be Explained.

4. A request for the BSG/Caprica and/or Dollhouse vidders out there. Please to be making one to this song for me. Thank you kindly.

5. I'll never stop campaigning for this one. Since no one has picked up the torch yet--i.e. made me the Brennan vid I asked for--I'll up the ante. You can also use this song as a Tribute to the Women of #46 on this picspam that I created (including River from Firefly if you want, whom I later added here).

This song was freakin' made for them and you know it.

6. One of my favorite songs (just overall) that I was thinking today could work as a Bones vid, specifically dealing with the events at the end of the 3rd, 4th, & 5th seasons: Going For the Gold. Feel free to let me know if you guys have no idea why I chose this one. Ha.

7. A song for our era & the epitome of the American spirit: Center of Attention. It could TOTALLY work as a Booth/Brennan vid too (not just their relationship, but both of them as individuals. While listening to it, I kept seeing them trying to be first through doorways/reaching for things, Booth adjusting his belt buckle, Brennan & her guns, etc). Hahaha.

On a similar note, Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better. It's a fairly standard, cliched choice (been there, done that), but it's perfect. If you're a vidder & you're reading this, take it & run with it.

8. An appropriately POC-tribute-y song for a possible Cam-centric vid: Because there should be more vids for her out there in general. Also, because she's hot. And my Whitey McCrackerson ass likes this song. Just go with it.

9. I first heard this song in an X-Files vid many years ago (like, before YouTube existed-manyyearsago), and it'd be great for B/B as well: Crazy Beautiful.

10. Someone needs to make a scifi vid about any show set in space (don't care which) for Whitey on the Moon. BECAUSE, COME ON. Really. It'd be hilarious.

And I'm done. For now.

*edited to add: No, I'm not. One more: [livejournal.com profile] ima_tv_junkie, if you're still in a Johnny Cash/Booth kinda mood, this one's for you.

-Moving on, I'm supposed to finally go to coffee/tea with my friend tomorrow. My sleep schedule is SO off. Getting up early & managing to both shower & do laundry before meeting her should prove interesting.

I can't even remember the last time I washed my hair. Ehhh.

-In other news, though I'm still not observing the comments at FMM anymore (best for my peace of mind to stay away right now), I did at least decide to keep voting. I want Troy to win the whole thing so badly I can taste it.[/exaggerating]

Okay, so I'm just kidding. But he is fantastic.

-Does anyone know when new episodes of Parenthood start up again? I know its finale is in April, but I can't find info anywhere on how many more new eps we'll get before that. This week was a rerun & next week is supposed to be as well. I DON'T APPRECIATE THESE TYPES OF SHENANIGANS, NBC.

-Lastly, when does Southland come back? Because--honestly? I KINDA NEED IT BACK IN MY LIFE SORTA TOUT DE SUITE. Like, chop chop. Not really down with this whole "hiatus" business.

And for those of you who missed the finale, plz take a moment to observe the promo:


Let's talk about it, shall we? )

My Vid of the Day today comes from [livejournal.com profile] ima_tv_junkie. A good deal of you have probably already watched this (over at [livejournal.com profile] bones_ga), but this is just in case some of you missed it. It is Johnny Cash-TASTIC & Booth-angstalicious, just like I wanted.

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Today's a YouTube kinda day. Sit back & get comfy. I feel like sharing the entertainment.

1. I would really love it if someone would make me a B/B fanvid to either this song or this song. Also, I currently find myself addicted to this song all over again, so if anyone feels inspired to make it into a vid (regardless of the fandom), I'd REALLY love you.

*edited to add: Thanks to my first Vid of the Day below, I'm also going to say someone should definitely, DEFINITELY use that song for a Booth fanvid. Because seriously now. So perfect.

2. On a non-YouTube related note, with circumstances the way they are, I've decided to stop taking the topiramate )

3. On another non-YouTube related note (I'll get to the vids, don't worry!), chai tea/coffee with my friend today got all screwed up. cut for cantankerous rambling )

4. It's been brought to my attention that some of you are still not watching Southland. This is simply unacceptable, do you hear me? Unacceptable! (aside from the few of you who hate being converted to new shows, that is. Y'all just ignore this part. Hee)

So, in light of this horror of horrors, I've decided to take action. I hereby give you:

12 Reasons to Start Watching TNT's Southland

1. They do this every day.

2. They're snarky.

3. It will shock you & make you cry. (I wept for probably about five minutes after that episode ended, ngl. I still get chills. Did not expect that AT ALL.)

4. They have an epic gay male lead. I LOVE THAT MAN SO MUCH. JOHN COOPER FTMFW. (this doesn't even touch on how complex his character is, btw. His pain pill addiction, his implied history in the foster system, his father in jail, etc. Every character on this show has depth.)

5. Lydia Adams. She doesn't like the skirts you wear.

6. Complimentary Passes to Ass-Kicking Conventions. Favorite character on the show and whaaaaaaaat.

7. Los Angeles. It randomly brings the funny.

8. They care about grammar. When I die, regardless of the method, I can only hope the professionals dealing with my remains might also care about grammar. It'd just seem right, wouldn't it? Hee.[/morbid humor]

9. Did I mention Lydia Adams? DO NOT MESS WITH HER.

10. Once again with the funny.

And, for 11 & 12, these will be my Vids of the Day (they can also count as my #5 point for the entry overall, thus satisfying my obsessive brain's need to be consistent. Yay). The first is by maexallie & the second is by viggan92. Just watch them & enjoy.

In summation: TUESDAY. TNT. SEASON FINALE. BE THERE. You know you want to.

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1. For once I'm actually awake before noon after going to bed (okay, technically, I started writing this entry at 7:30 am. I finished it at 11:30 am. I did, however, take breaks to do other things, but still. Why did I feel the need to clarify? GOD, I AM ANAL). Of course I only slept for a few hours, but still--mad props. I'd like to try to stay awake now so I can get my sleep schedule to conform again with the whole "daylight" thing (I've heard of it, I think. Puffy clouds, lunchtime, bipedal creatures bein' all ambulatory…it's a whole big thing), but that'll depend on my ability to avoid napping. My eyes, they are already tired. Plus my head hurts. That is the reason I went to bed early in the first place, you see.

At least the migraine--a result of the construction crew funtimes yesterday, for those who might be wondering; it was like the Energizer Bunny. The pain kept going & going & going & going--had some amusing results though. At some time between 1:30 & 2 am or so, I lay down on the couch in the dark so I could rest my eyes, turned on Tchaikovsky, and fell asleep. Then, because I'm me, Tchaikovsky being played while I was awake triggered me to dream that I was singing Organs on the Kitchen Floor over the phone to friends (weird) in my apartment & that Booth could somehow hear me (weirder!). Specifically, he could hear the line, "and then there's that saying that if you love something, you have got to set it free, but if it comes back then you are just as broke as can be. So, don't leave your organs on the kitchen floor & don't forget to close the door."

WTF. I mean, really. My brain is weird.

That song is so going on my next fanfic soundtrack now for Brennan though. Haha. It can apply to both of them in a way! After I woke up, I was all, "I NEED TO GO LISTEN TO THAT SONG NOW," and then I did & was all, "WHAT UP, BRAIN. THANKS FOR THE SNEAKY INSPIRATION."

On an unrelated note, the "don't forget to close the door" line also reminds me of this song. Fun with associative thinking! Heh.

2. Oh dear God, the construction crew is back. Help me. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THEM TO FINISH WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS THEY'RE DOING UP THERE? I hate them. I mean, like, I really hope one of them accidentally hammers a thumb or something.[/schadenfreude]

3. ANYWAY. Back to music. This song is totes going on my next fic soundtrack too, I've decided.

I ♥ Annie Lennox.

4. I love how I didn't even know there was a new version of Hawaii Five-0 until a few days ago & now I get to stare at pictures of Boomer/Athena/Sharon/Number Eight (haha, BSG, ILU) in a bikini, all thanks to March Madness. I very much approve. Especially because of the comments I saw suggesting people watch the show as a BSG AU 'verse where Boomer gets to hang out & surf. Hahahaha. Now every comment campaigning for Kono will amuse me ten thousand times more. OH, FANDOM.

5. I finished Miranda this morning. I'm very pleased that a third series is in the works. It's an adorable show & definitely one of those programs that's good for when you're feeling low & in need of an easy laugh/some simple entertainment. It got better as it went along, too. I think my favorite episode was probably Before I Die (which I rewatched in the middle of writing this, btw). Just totally cracked me up.

6. Southland's season finale is next Tuesday. I am both psyched & bummed out. SO not ready for a hiatus. Wah.

7. I'm feeling…something. I don't know what it is. Stressed, sad, unhappy, depressed, eh? Whatever. It's just sort of there, being tolerated & pushed to the side. It's not like it's new, but sometimes it gains more of a ~hanging~ sort of dreadful presence, you know? Like it's on the tip of your tongue, & you feel like you should locate it & identify everything that's missing or about to fall apart & fix it in one go. But you know there's, like, TEN THOUSAND THINGS that need fixing anyway. So, yeah, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. (as an alternative? You could also run off & hide in your bed. The "many mini-deaths" approach.)

On a positive note, I realized something the other night that I think is good. When I reread my old BSG recaps recently, I saw that--in the aftermath of what happened with my mom & Joe last year--I referred to TV flailing (and things of that nature) as "getting back to the normal business of life." It made me notice that lately I've begun separating that from "my actual life" when it comes to how I word things here, often quite literally. It implies that any joy I get from TV somehow doesn't count or that things having to do with TV don't count as being part of a "real" life. And the thing is, I KNOW where that judgement comes from, now that I think about it. It comes from two things: Amy & my sister. All the bullshit I got from them about my love for TV last year after reuniting with them, and my interests in general, and the way I live my LIFE in general. But you know what? They're full of shit. It IS part of my life. It's not just ~something to get me by~ until my "real life" comes along (though, yes, I DO want to improve my life in certain ways, but this life is STILL a life in the meantime, even if it's different than theirs). It will *always* be something I love. It always has been. I'm not going to apologize for that, nor should I.

8. The old coworker/friend I was supposed to go for a walk with several weeks back (she kept putting it off for various reasons) emailed me yesterday to ask if I wanted to go for coffee today instead, THEN wrote back to cancel that as she had to drive her sister to the doctor's (like we couldn't do coffee before/after? I know her reason would probably be some longwinded thing about the baby & nap schedules & cranky times & feeding & bla bla bla though & that's when I'd tune out. Ugh. I know I'm being a bitch, but God. And people say that I'm the one who makes things complicated! I hate talking about a plan forever. It's like, "Okay, already. Choose a place. I'll be there. Whatever!"). Seriously. So annoying. She asked me if I was free next week, and I fought back the urge to reply back with, "I AM UNEMPLOYED & FREE OF CHILDREN, PETS, CELLPHONES, ROOMMATES, A SIGNIFICANT OTHER, FRIENDS WHO ASK TO SEE ME MORE THAN ONCE EVERY FIVE MONTHS, & THE ADEQUATE AMOUNT OF PATIENCE FOR THIS; ERGO, I AM ALWAYS FREE. PICK A FUCKING DAY & THEN SHOW UP. YOU ARE AGITATING ME."

Fortunately, I learned the hard way long ago *not* to react to friends that way after plans get repeatedly rescheduled (hee), so instead I just told her I'm free, but that I do like to plan things out ahead of time (understatement of the century) & asked her to choose a day/time. And then? She still responded back, like, "Monday will probably work." What's this "probably" shit? Lord give me strength. It's coffee! Not D-Day! Very simple to plan! (though, interestingly enough, knowing me--once planned, I might come close to prioritizing it like D-Day. Ha[/hyperbole]) I don't even drink coffee, which makes it doubly funny that she was all, "Do you have a favorite coffee place in Tualatin?" YOU KNOW I DON'T DRINK COFFEE. Hence why it *really* doesn't matter to me when/where/what time we meet. Like, come on, girl! I know you're trying to be nice right now, but sheesh. Haha. I can get chai tea anywhere. There's a Starbucks on every corner. There's one up the road. ENOUGH CHITCHAT. We've been saying we're going to get together for weeks. CAN WE JUST DO IT NOW? Knock on my door & I'll open it! Then we'll go somewhere. ~Tada~

I am happy she actually wants to see me though. Despite what a giant d-bag I'm being about it. Haha.

9. Getting back to television, I watched another episode (an old one that had been saved on my DVR) of Lie to Me last night. I like Cal; he's a butthead. Always following people around & intentionally weirding them out. In the last one I saw, he got in the elevator with the suspect & just stood there, facing the opposite direction. HA. When I took a Social Psychology class back in the day, one of the extra credit assignments involved that exact behavior--standing in an elevator with a group of strangers & facing the back wall as they all face forward, observing their reactions to you breaking the norm.

10. For my Vid of the Day, I have a lovely piece of angst for y'all (by freelancerxo02) about Kara & Lee. The vidder pretty much sums it up: "they could never stay together and they could never stay apart. A beautiful friendship, a tragic relationship." Yep, & that's why I love 'em. (hey, I've got Roslin & Adama for my Perfect OTP of 'Til Death Do Us Part-itude<--which, *sob*. I know. Kara & Lee are my Boxing Ring OTP. Ha. Baltar & Six, meanwhile, are my Personal Jesus Genocidal Robot Operahouse Crazy Sex Hallucinations Angel Funtimes OTP. That should go on a T-shirt)

rachg82: (bsg i salute you)

Ahem. Sorry about that.

What I meant to say was: remember back in 2009/2010, when I did my BSG recaps for The Oath & Blood on the Scales, & I decided that the arc kicked so much ass it should basically be referred to as an "ass-kicking convention"?

(Let me repeat. ASS. KICKING. CONVENTION. Take a moment to picture that in your mind. Ninjas in nametags, folks. They ain't there to make nice.)

Right, well, tonight's Southland? Was clearly given an invite & made sure to RSVP.

cut for spoilers & flailing )

In other TV-related news, Parenthood was also fantabulous tonight. Not that anyone should be surprised by this either, but hey. Let's talk about it. Thanks for making me cry, show (in a good way) )

For my Vid of the Day, we're gonna rock some BSG up in this ish. This one is by freelancerxo02 (P.S. I wanted to do a two-for-one special & include this in-yo'-face-with-the-darknesssss vid as well, but the embedding was disabled. Frak it all) & focuses on the ass-kicking convention eps I mentioned above. It is AWESOME. Like, crazy awesome. Probably the best vid about these eps I've seen yet. My only complaint is that it doesn't include Roslin's "I AM COMING FOR ALL OF YOU" tirade. Come on. Every bomb, every bullet. *Eyeteeth* That's not the type of thing to leave out.

rachg82: (roslin coming for you)


Things are already getting heated up inside Rachael's brain, folks. Hee. HOW IS ABED NOT WINNING THE COMMUNITY BRACKET? (I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Troy and all--straight-up adore him, actually--but, but, ABED!)

No, you know what? That's cool. He doesn't even care. He's busy with other things:

HE MAKES YOUR HOLIDAYS BETTER. FOR YOU. HE DOES IT ALL FOR YOU, MULDER. And he hasn't even eaten since 6 o'clock this morning, and all that was was half a cream cheese bagel, and it wasn't even real cream cheese--it was LITE cream cheese.

Don't you think he deserves your vote?

P.S. HAPPY SOUTHLAND/PARENTHOOD DAY! Woot woot. Hee. (I'll probably be back later for a non-crazy entry to talk about the episodes)

I love March Madness.

*edited to add: P.P.S. I totally voted for Donna Noble in the Dr. Who category, despite having only seen maybe two episodes or so of that show, and that was TOTALLY for my homies from the Dana/Donna round last year. ONE LOVE. Haha. Just so y'all know? I'm sad she's not winning right now. I want a rematch!
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1. Oh my God, self. Way to sleep in until 5 o'clock in the evening. GO TEAM. So much for taking a Jaunty Woodland Walk today! It is going to be so hard to rearrange this whole owl-like schedule I've fallen into, I swear.

FIVE O'CLOCK. It's not like I've never done it before, but sheesh. That is just ri-donkey kong-ulous.

2. At least I finished my PWP ficlet last night/this morning (whatever, "time". With your "AM/PM" nonsense! I MAKE MY OWN ROTATIONAL AXIS, EARTH. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Um…or something) Yay.

I do by the way consider it a fic, not a poem, although I'm okay with others calling it that if they want (which some have). cut for some writerly pondering )

3. There are legit snowflakes mixed in outside with the rain right now. It's almost March, yo. This is Oregon. That is simply NOT how we Montell Jordan 'round these parts. (haha, [livejournal.com profile] dosidella, I told you I'd make that a thing)

4. My ficlet wasn't large enough to warrant a full-fledged ginormous soundtrack this time, but I will at least share ten a small army of songs which may or may not have assisted in the writing process. Mini-Fanfic-Soundtrack: You Must Be This Short To Ride. (P.S. that's what she said) )

5. I'm about thisclose to calling Southland the BSG of cop shows. It's getting there. I can feel it. It's not *quite* there yet (Sammy held back! If he'd gone for it--and by "it", you know what I'm talking about--I would've given it that title. I was partially convinced he was about to turn the gun on himself), but it's on its way. The lighting, the gritty realism, the "We're gonna make you watch this scene with one hand over your mouth, because you KNOW WE AIN'T AFRAID TO BRING IT & we might be about to throw down, son"-shit, the acting, the *human* drama & comedy, the directing, allll of ittttt. I love it, love it, love it. I'm not at all cool with there being only a couple more eps left this season. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Ooh, and? I have a new theme song for John Cooper. Trick love da kids!. Hahahaha. Seriously though, I love what a freakin' SOFTIE he is every time anything comes up with foster kids. He just loses his shit. Screamin' at case workers, prowling the town, you name it. Then he slowly walks up to the kid like a gentle Mama Bear (or perhaps like a lion with a thorn in its paw--so many similes, so little time), and it's like, "I'm sorry. Who are you, again? Aren't you usually the hard ass?" Hee. I LOVE HIM. He's my favorite, after Lydia.

Come to think of it, oh my God, he's kind of an Adama. I wonder if he furiously brushes his teeth in the morning with a Care Bear Glare Stare & flails paint around when he cries?

6. Parenthood last night was am-aaaaa-zing, as usual. That show really, really gets the dynamic between siblings when it comes to having an addicted/shitty parent. Everything that went down in that storyline was just A++++. Also? Ha HA! at that scene with Syd and her grandparents. I've told you guys before about the time I was a kid & my stepmom ordered me to stay at the table until I ate her taco salad, right? Yeah, I stayed there until bedtime & didn't eat a bite. I WILL NOT EAT YOUR LETTUCE, WOMAN. I TOLD YOU & YOU DIDN'T LISTEN.

The clip with Max and the TV brought back some memories for me too, I have to admit. I'd like to think of myself as having been a good kid (and I really was, considering everything I had to deal with around me), but honestly? I raised some hell at times. Only rarely to that type of degree (that I remember), but when it did happen, it would be triggered by similar things--something not being done the same way as before/as planned/feeling out of control, etc. Like, you'll notice that whole argument for him started by him being upset that she didn't start the homework at the same time that Abby (his behavioral aid) did. He expected to still be allowed to watch TV, because she hadn't followed the rules properly herself; ergo, it was irrational of her in his opinion to expect him to. In my case, the particular memory that it inspired was different, but I just remember screaming at the top of my lungs at my stepmom because she wasn't washing my hair "right" in the bathtub (obviously I was still relatively young at the time), and how she told me years later she'd end up leaving the bathroom in tears sometimes because she didn't know what to do with me. I'd freak if she didn't bend my ears down ~just right~ (so no water would go in), I'd freak if she'd use the "wrong" type of glass for rinsing out the shampoo, et cetera. It was a whole big thing. And when I say "screamed at the top of my lungs"? I mean high-pitched, full-bodied *screamed*. Sitting there shaking & bawling, having a complete breakdown. "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! THAT'S NOT HOW YOU DO IT! I WANT MY MOTHER! YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER! I TOLD YOU TO DO IT LIKE *THIS*! YOU'RE STUPID!" My dad would have to walk in & try to intervene, bla bla bla. It ended with me "teaching" her the proper methods of bath giving, and eventually she just didn't give me baths while I was there (I'd just wait to wash my hair until I got home since I couldn't rinse it myself "the right way", at least until I was older & started showering, which wasn't until I was at least eleven or so--I was intimidated/scared of the shower & remember feeling like I didn't know "how" to do it). Yeah. Er, SORRY ABOUT ALL THAT, MARY. Heh. God.

I'm really looking forward to next week's episode, by the way. Max learning about his ASD will make that plotline contain so much more depth than it already does, which is saying a lot. I will be really bummed if Abby stays away though. I liked her. (Jasmine bugs me, too. Ugh. I still want her on the show, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure if she & Crosby are right together.)

7. I can't believe we have to wait two more weeks for Bones. What kind of shenanigans is this?

8. I really want ice cream right now. I choose to blame [livejournal.com profile] keenai for this.

9. I also feel like rewatching a BSG ep right now. Which one should I choose? (I'm leaning towards "33" since I was talking about it with Jen the other day, but I'm open to recommendations)

10. My Vid of the Day today comes from thay2504. I randomly came across it on YouTube last night, and omg the flaily hands it gave me. FLAILY HANDS. That ending! Brennannnnnnnn. You are my homegiiiiiiirrrrrrl.

rachg82: (Brennan I love music)
1. I'm still enjoying this whole drowning-everyone-in-music/tidal wave o' recs concept, so--check it: three songs I'm listening to today )

2. While I'm sharing links, I had to shine a light on this MTV True Life episode on ASDs. Jeremy typing out his feelings after fifteen years of silence & Jonathan wanting to be a "normal teenager"? I WEPT.

3. Speaking of ASDs, who saw Parenthood this week? THE BUG PARTY. Hahahahaha. "Just cheese!" I was dying. Not to mention, "one perfect kid"? C'mon! My heart can only take so much. With his happy little face? Interrupting Amazing Andy every 2.5 seconds? Maaaaaaax. I love you forever & ever. (it helps too that the rest of the episode was fantabulous as well. Seriously, THIS SHOW. I just love it. Julia's ass! Making love to dough! Heeeee.)

Btw, for those who'd like to watch it now & haven't yet? I'm here for you.

4. Dear Southland, keep kickin' ass. It suits you. Love, me. (there's really nothing else to be said. IT JUST KICKS ASS.)

5. Is there a petition I can sign somewhere requesting that Ron's ex-wife return more often on Parks & Rec? Good God, I love her. And, while I'm on the subject of Thursday night comedies, the fact that Pierce saw a little man while high on pain killers? I believe it. I remember once my mom told me she'd hallucinated a tiny man on my sister's shoulder talking to her, so…yeah. 'NUFF SAID. (P.S. I heart Troy so hard for turning down that hot librarian after she called Abed "weird". I basically ship Troy/Abed at this point, ngl.)

6. I suppose I should try to talk about me too, huh? If it's not obvious already, I'm kind of trying to NOT think about me. I'm a bit exhausted by it all. I just want to be okay, and if I'm not, I want to ignore it. You know? I'll force myself to talk anyway though. I know if I don't, I'll reach a melting point. )

I'm gonna be wild & crazy and end this list on a #6 for once (I usually do lists of five or ten items), which I could explain away to my obsessive brain as something I'm doing due to six being one of my favorite numbers, but which instead I'll do as a way of forcing myself to be spontaneous for once. WELCOME TO MY BRAIN. IT'S WEIRD.

(note: I would not be able to put my Vid of the Day as #7 though, because I hate the number seven. Ha. Seriously. It gives me uncomfortable feelings. Much like the idea of touching a wild mushroom or adult feet.)


For my Vid of the Day, I can't embed the video (DAMN YOU, YOUTUBE), but I highly recommend clicking the link anyway. For anyone who wanted to know what it was like to hang out in person with me during one of my '80s movie nights with Amy last year? This is what it was like.<---i.e. non-stop mocking/over-analyzing/occasional singing. Heh. That being said--this vidder turns it into an artform. "Mullet with headliggghhhts!" HA.
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It's been way too long since I got listy up in here. Let's fix that:

1. The Bjork renaissance is still going strong. I cannot stop listening to this song (or this one). Ahhhhhh. CAN'T STOP.

2. I randomly rewatched the first four episodes of Gilmore Girls yesterday. Oh, how I still love you, Lorelai. Promise you'll never leave me.

3. Who else thinks Josie on Southland has a bit of a thing for Lydia? Tell me it's not just me. 'Cause, honestly. That last ep? With Russ? "I don't like you." HA. Jealoussss.

P.S. For those of you who still don't watch Southland? Let me provide two examples of why you should, just for this woman alone: Boo and yah, muthafuckas. Regina King, y'all. Doin' the damn thing.

And if that's not enough? Check the trailer. For real, just watch it already. You know you want to.

4. Can someone please tell 123greetings.com to stop emailing me reminders about my mom's mindfucky birthday card "waiting for me" at their site? How many reminders do they think I need? I don't want the card! It's really starting to piss me off.

5. Speaking of things pissing me off, I'm hormonal. Today's one of those Sneaky Hate Spiral-sorta days. Technically, with the whole bleeding-from-the-cha-cha-situation, it's bound to last a few more days before things calm down. Heh. (and even then, I tend to relate all too well to the parts of that post that have to do with noise/lights/etc. Oy vey. My fridge does that high-pitched crap sometimes too & it makes me POSTAL) So, just a heads-up.

6. I took out trash today! And cleaned the fridge a little! Definitely worth exclamation points, I think. It's progress, right? It seems I keep progressing & then falling & then progressing & then falling, but oh well. Better than nothing. Better than being dead. No progress at all in that case.

7. I think this is how you officially know you're being irrational when it comes to weight issues: cut per potentially triggery subject matter )

8. Welcome to new friends! I seem to have made quite a few lately, since I've been getting more actively involved in fandom. I suppose it makes sense. I've been on LJ since 2002 though, and I actually take this whole thing pretty seriously. I'm not just here for Bones, or TV, or fanfic. Having this emotional outlet & medium of communication has been incredibly important to me over the last nine years, and my friends on here are equally important to me. TV's important to me too. I tend to personally relate to my favorite characters, and their stories often make me feel less alone.

In the interest of introducing myself to some of you who are brand-spankin' new to this journal, here are a few links of significance )

9. I still have chocolate left (from [livejournal.com profile] sumpta), and yes, I actually have been eating it. I choose to believe this means Belgium pwns & is somehow magical.

10. I'm going to pull a [livejournal.com profile] keenai & make #10 my Vid of the Day, because I don't actually have a 10th point that's separate from the VotD, but you guys know how I am about even numbers & lists. Just go with it.

Today's vid is by midwifeonboard & is all about the lovely & eternally flail-worthy Adama & Roslin. I've been neglecting them lately, which is simply not acceptable. MY HEART, PEOPLE. MY HEART. THEY SQUISH IT UNCONTROLLABLY.

rachg82: (XF fangirl)
I am in the mood for distractions. I still have over an hour until Southland & Parenthood come on, no one's updating their LJs, I don't feel like cleaning or looking for work, and wah wah blah MEH. Hmph.

Therefore, I turn to YouTube. Music is not going to cut it right now. I need stand-up. For those of you who don't know me well yet, comedy is one of my oldest loves. It wouldn't be a stretch to say it was an obsessive interest during my teenage years/early twenties. I don't keep up with new comics that way anymore--probably because I have too many dang fandoms & such (also because Comedy Central simply doesn't focus on comedians as heavily anymore)--but I still adore the medium. When I'm down, it's something I know I can always turn to.

I thought it'd be nice to share a few of the clips I watched tonight with you all. Maybe others could use the pick-me-up as well? Laughter is physically & emotionally beneficial after all (don't make me bust out the science).

P.S. I fucking love India.

Laughter is the best medicine )
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I am finally, FINALLY done with my fic. Holla!. (P.S. That's totally my theme song for the last episode of Bones, because it made me so happy. Haha.) Okay, so this one only took me two weeks, compared to a month last time--though I was working then (so it actually makes sense, if you think about it. They're both about the same length)--but it felt like it took forever. Maybe that's just because I kept saying "I'm almost done!", though. Hee.

ANYWAY. God, I ramble. Go read it. Otherwise it means you don't love me.[/peer pressure]

It's still peer pressure if there's only one person pressuring you, right? I am sort of a peer. I suppose now this means I have to try to convince everyone to join gangs & pull Helen Hunt Window Shenanigans too, eh? (CRANK IS STANK, HELEN HUNT. WHY WON'T YOU LEARN! Hahahaha.)

That's pretty much all I had to post about tonight though, heh. Except that my sister is now harassing my friends too--there's also that. Yay! Except NOT yay. Poor [livejournal.com profile] dosidella got a message on Facebook. Jesus fuck, go awayyyyy. I don't really feel like killing my good mood by getting into it though, so we'll leave that for later.

*eta: What am I talking about--of course it's not the only thing to post about tonight. Resolution to live until 1/31/11? (Remember how I extended it for a month after New Years?) No SI? Passed with flying colors, mofos. I find it extremely meaningful that I finished this fic on the 1st of February. Cheesy, I know. Don't care.

This time, let's go for two months. 3/31/11. We'll take it from there.

Now, since I *am* in a good mood right now, and since I'd like to go chill with my DVR for a bit (Southland & Parenthood, woot woot!), I'll end this with a "good mood"-song Vid of the Day. Hit it, Jill!

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Sometimes I really, really love my crazy ass little city.

Last night was so much fun. I have much in the way of story-telling, pictures, and vids to share. As a bonus, I'll also share a few clips from the new IFC show Portlandia, which pokes fucking brilliant fun at my home town, oh my God. I watched these tonight & was just dying.

The dream of the '90s is not alive in Gallagher )

In other news, I wanted to talk about Bones & Southland tonight too. WAY TO KICK ASS, BOTH OF YOU. In fact, I think I shall call the pair of them Brothers Badass McGee this week )

I suppose I don't really need a Vid of the Day this time, what with all the other vids, but hey. Why not? For all my Bones peeps, here's one by fairykiss27.

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I think I have the flu. Or got cursed by a witch doctor. One or the other. Either way, I feel pukey--which makes sense, considering I actually was, not too long ago.

(sorry for the tmi)

I really, really don't feel good. And I can't sleep. NOT COOL, BODY.

Why I feel the need to complain about it here, I don't know. Probably because of the aforementioned inability to sleep, boredom, and the annoying acidy stomach pain (and head/ear pain! Whyyy) that's turning me into a whiny 4 year old. ARGH. I need distractions. And someone to come rub my tummy & sing "Soft Kitty" to me.

That's the name of the song, right?

And here I thought I only felt lightheaded & pukey earlier because I hadn't eaten. Believe me: eating *backfired*. Or, y'know, not eating enough to begin with backfired, and now my immune system's pissed. Hard to tell. Whatever. Aunt Flo's visiting too, so this whole thing could just be a clusterfuck.

All right, I'm done whining now. Except I will add that the song on Parenthood last night made me cry (really touching), Lydia on Southland still kicks ass ("I'll show you a bitch, bitch!"), and ONE MORE WEEK 'TIL BONES, Y'ALL.<--definitely warrants caps

And as for how I'm feeling emotionally, "distant" & "descending" would probably be the words I'd use to describe the negative aspects--like everything is far away & I'm quietly sinking--all while holding onto a rope, unwilling to just let myself go. I still make conversation with the people standing nearby (we're being metaphorical here), still think of ideas & plans for the future--like eventually I'll climb out of the mud--and get angry at myself for not pulling my weight up harder. But my arms are tired; my body is tired. I just want a break. From feeling, from thinking, from traffic, from noise, from crowds, from obligations, from food, from money, from jobs, from unemployment, from being awake, from decisions, from thoughts of SI, from everything. I know I need to start small, but when everything feels so big, where do you even begin? I can't even afford therapy right now. When I go outside, I just want to go right back in. It's making it harder to motivate myself to go to the store right now. I feel like I need someone to just, like, slap me, and then--like in the movies--I'll suddenly regain my senses. Tada.

Ughhhh. Whatever. This is just a worse/different version of things I've been through before. I will slap myself if I have to. In the meantime, here's a Vid of the Day (by Tabitha78onLJ) to distract & cheer myself up. Hopefully it'll entertain you guys too.

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